X4 Labs Review: Is it The Best Way to Straighten Your Penis?

If you’re looking for the best solution to an curved penis or an effective Peyronie’s disease treatment, look no further than this X4 Labs review.

X4 Labs is our top recommended solution for correcting your bent penis because:

  • Has been proven to straighten penis curvature Fast and Easy
  • Ideal for Left-Right and Up-Down wards penis curvature straightening
  • The only product to correct a curved penis to the side
  • The perfect fit to any penis size and shape
  • Risk Free Solution covered by 180 Day Money Back Guarantee

X4 Labs Peyronies Professional Edition
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x4 labs review


Other methods of penis curvature correction are costly, cumbersome and lackluster in their results.

X4 Labs’ patented type 1 medical device is an innovative solution to an age-old problem that eliminates all three of these concerns from curvature and Peyronie’s treatment. If you’re tired of your unsightly or painful bend, you owe it to yourself to give this product a try.

In this in-depth X4 Labs review we’ll cover:

In short: X4 Labs is a discreet, simple solution to improving both penis length and curvature problems.

The X4 Labs device is easy to conceal under clothing and comfortable during the correction process. It’s so comfortable and discreet, in fact, that you may engage in almost any activity, from working and exercising to even sleeping.

cautionThere are no shortcuts to safe and effective penis straightening. By using X4 Labs you’re reaping lasting, significant results that are healthy and safe. By simply wearing the device you’ll improve your size, blood flow (e.g. erections), and curvature issues.

When you attach the X4 Labs system to your penis, the traction device will steadily deliver results over time. While this doesn’t make your member straight right off-the-bat, it delivers much more satisfying results than systems claiming to act quickly do.

curvature straightening
Not to mention, it provides these permanent changes with no pain whatsoever when used correctly.

All it takes to start seeing results is a simple 1-hour use every day. In no time, you’ll start to notice pronounced growth; straighter, longer-lasting erections; and more sexual self-confidence. Then, once you get used to the extension experience, try engaging in slightly longer use to speed up your results.

How Does X4 Labs Straighten Your Curved Penis?

how-it-worksPut simply, the elongation bars and traction headpiece work in tandem to put your penis under constant, gentle tension – 3600 grams of it, to be exact. When used consistently, the extender will create space between the cells of a part of the user’s penis known as the Corpora Cavernosa, which is responsible for holding blood during an erection.

This constant and gentle stretch promotes healthy, natural cellular growth and increased blood flow to the user’s groin, resulting in longer and stronger erections – permanently. Your penis becomes bigger and straighter.

This is the highest-tension extender on the market, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it. The Hybrid Support was specifically designed for comfort and results, staving off potential excess damage and eliminating the problem of undergoing what would otherwise be an excruciatingly painful experience.

X4 Labs Reviewed – Medically Proven & Used for Over 10 Years

X4 Labs has been improving the lives of men for more than 10 years now. Initially used as a post-op device for outpatients of penis enlargement surgeries, it was soon discovered that the product created significant results on its own, without any surgery whatsoever.

X4 Labs review - the evolution

Since then, the system has undergone a slew of medical tests and scientific research from multiple clinics, all of which have testified to the efficacy of the product. As confirmed in this barrage of international empirical studies, the device does indeed extend penis length and correct penis curvature, with numerous doctors also attesting to the product’s effectiveness.

Numerous studies from 2002 to 2010 from agencies like the International Journal of Impotence Research and the British Journal of Urology have vouched for the effectiveness of penis extension devices.

When you choose to order X4 Labs, you’re choosing to receive more than a medical device with years of medical research that prove the effectiveness of its approach – you’re  also receiving the best product the market has to offer.

Perfect for Penis Curvature Problems

Peyronies-Disease-treatmentFor Peyronie’s Disease sufferers, X4 Labs can be an absolute godsend.

When under traction with the Professional System, the constant application of pressure in a particular direction opposing the curve of the user’s penis will accelerate cell growth on only one side of the penis.

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This straightens out the painful curve that Peyronie’s Disease is known for securely and comfortably through a process known as cell duplication.

The X4 Labs Pro package consists of a ring that sits at the base of your penis, elongation bars, and a comfortable headpiece for traction.

During our rigorous review process we’ve found out that all the plaster parts are made for extra comfort, and the metal is strong and lightweight to ensure a comfortable fit under any circumstance.

X4 Labs review: the InfiniteFit Support

The InfiniteFit Difference

A huge part of the device’s continued success for users with curved penises is the patented InfiniteFit headpiece, which has a myriad of different settings to correct penis curvature and Peyronie’s in a straightforward way.

Regardless of whether your member bends up, down, left, or right, the unique headpiece will be able to correct the bend.

The Customer Experience

X4 Labs has been successfully used by 171542 men so far (Jan 2017 update)

In terms of customer experience, there’s no better company to work with than X4 Labs.

Their no-quibbles guarantee promises that if you’re unhappy with your results, you’ll get your money back. Double money back to be clear.

When it comes to satisfying your partner, this is your ace-in-the-hole to stepping up your sexual encounters. Women prefer bigger, straighter penises for their ultimate satisfaction and shorter times between climaxes. Don’t just do it for you – do it for her, too.

have great sex

penis curved to the right - before and after
Peyronie disease treatment results
curved down before and after results

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You and your partner aren’t the only ones excited to see your results.

x4 labs testimonialsIn fact, the company provides an easy way to track your penis growth and even offers special rewards for honest customer testimonials and progress pictures, even offering your money back if you submit your experience for use as a testimonial.

X4 Labs Review: Packages, Price & Best Buy

There are three package to choose from when you order X4 Labs:

  • Deluxe Edition – $199.95

X4 Labs Deluxe Edition review

X4 Labs offers their basic package, or Deluxe System, as the entry level of their product line.

The Deluxe Edition is a perfect for men looking for a simple way to treat non severe penile curvature.

It comes with Vitamin-E Boost™ formula for good results.

  • Premium Edition- $139.95

X4 Labs Premium Edition review

The Premium System introduces innovative Hybrid Support, ensuring that the lengthening process is barely even noticeable. The enhanced support allows you to wear it in a number of different configurations, all with wonderful results.

For comfortable penile straightening therapy fast and easy, this is the package for you.

  • Professional Edition – $299.95 with InfiniteFit ($49.95)

X4 Labs Professional Edition review

The Pro Edition is the best poly-therapy approach to treating Penis Curvature and Peyronie’s Disease.

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This package includes 58 way support like the Premium System before it, but adds an absolute must-have: the InfiniteFit support. With this add-on, you can effectively reverse any and all curvature in your penis while benefiting from incredible comfort.

x4 labs is a doctor recommended productcautionMake sure you understand the importance of the holes in the InfiniteFit headpiece that allows you to adjust the angle of the device depending on your curvature – this is exactly what makes X4 Labs unique and better than any other similar penis extender devices on the market.

The InfiniteFit and the Hybrid Support comfort system allows you to set up the comfort that feel best for you to correct Peyronie’s disease and straighten your curved penis.

Shipment: Safe & Discreet Delivery Worldwide

X4 Labs is proud to offer their penis enlargement and curvature correction system to customers worldwide.


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No matter where you are, your package will arrive in plain box and ready to use.

Painless Payment – Guaranteed

X4 Labs offers a wide selection of payment options to help make financing your penis health purchase effortlessly easy. From major credit card acceptance to PayPal, check, or money order, the manufacturers ensure you’ll get your product quickly and easily.

Even though their product has been reviewed and approved by meeting every prerequisite of the FDA’s medical device guidelines, X4 Labs isn’t happy to simply leave their quality assurance at that.

The company believes so devoutly in their product that they also offer a 180-day money-back guarantee through PayPal and their eCommerce site.

Why X4 Labs?


  • The highest quality medical device components – X4 Labs prides itself in offering measurable results in an FDA-approved, lab-tested product. It’s the fastest, safest penis straightening device on the market today.

  • Incomparable comfort and results – Each part of the device is designed to work with the user’s body, not against it.

    From the ergonomic designs to the lightweight metal extension bars, every component is designed to not only perform, but remain viable for long-term use.

    That’s not even mentioning the patented InfiniteFit headpiece that no other company can come close to replicating.

    x4 labs double money back guarantee

  • Bulletproof quality guarantee – If you become unhappy with your purchase at any point within 180 days of your purchase, the company offers a full money-back guarantee that’s even backed by PayPal.

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More Benefits for X4 Labs Pro System Users

As an added bonus for customers who choose X4 Labs’ Pro System, they also provide a PenisAccess DVD and Membership to ensure you get the optimum results.

X4 Labs Review Final Thoughts

X4 Labs’ team is more than just the creators of a quality medical product. They’re artisans of their trade, dedicated to giving you results on top of your results. For example, the company has some of the best customer support around, easily reachable by phone, email, or chat at all hours of the day.

It was our pleasure to review the x4 labs penis straightening device – no matter what questions or concerns you may have about the product or company, you’ll always be greeted by a knowledgeable professional whose ultimate goal is your satisfaction as a customer.

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