New Casio G-Shock Video Review Channel by fwupow

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Our old friend fwupow is back with a new Casio G-Shock channel on YouTube. Over the years he has made some of the best G-Shock video reviews. And we look forward to seeing more new videos soon!

Happy Birthday Sjors: 50Gs 2015 in Review


If you haven't read through all this year's 50Gs articles then you are missing out! Lots of great G-Shock action, adventure and travel to read through. Enjoy!
50Gs #27: Thailand Trip Part 3
G-Shocks #24, #25, #26: Thailand Trip Part 2
50Gs #23: Thailand Trip Part 1
G-Shock #22: Coca-Cola
G-Shock #21: DW-9950 Seaman
G-Shock #20: Crazy White, green and bloo. […]

GD-400 G-Shock Video Review


Fwupow is back with a comprehensive video review of the GD-400 G-Shock. Take a look at all the features and how this watch compares to the rest. This should answer all the questions you have about this G-Shock.

Carbon G-Shock Frogman Model GW-201NT-1


This week's 50Gs article features the GW-201NT-1JF Carbon Frogman. This is a limited edition G-Shock that Casio released in 2001. These are highly sought after and hard to find nowadays. There's a few details that make this watch really special. Take a look at all the photos and learn more about this rare Japanese model. […]

Carbon G-Shocks on 50Gs: DW-6930D & GW-M5630D


Chrisek wrote this week's 50Gs article on two Carbon G-Shocks. The DW-6930D-1 and GW-M5630D-1JR models are 30th Anniversary limited editions that Casio released about a year ago. They are named after the carbon fiber band they each have. That and the gold accents set these apart from regular models. Take a look at all the […]

G-2600-2V G-Shock on 50Gs


Sjors has made a second 50Gs post this year on the G-2600-2V G-Shock. This is a lesser know model that Casio released over ten years ago. It was a grail for Sjors and it took him over ten years to get his own after learning about these watches. Take a look at all the photos […]

50Gs #1 for 2015: MR-G G-Shock MRG-121-8A

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Sjors is back with a new 50Gs post after taking a one year hiatus. The G-Shock covered is the classic metal MRG-121-8A from 1998. This hefty watch is tough to find nowadays. For some reason Casio decided to move away from this type of design. There's a few other variations with digital displays and […]