RNA Editing Web Site

This is a site for dissemination of information on all the various types of RNA editing

Types of RNA editing:

1. Uridine-insertion/deletion editing (kinetoplastid mitochondria)

2. C-insertion and dinucleotide insertion editing (Physarum mitochondria)

3. C to U (and U to C?) editing (plant mitochondria and chloroplasts, apoB, etc.)

4. tRNA editing (Acanthamoeba mitochondria, marsupial mitochondria, etc.)

5. A to I editing (glutamate receptor, hepatitis delta virus, etc.) (S. Maas)

6. Sno RNA-mediated nucleotide modification of rRNAs:

    (1) Methylation Guide snoRNA Database (Lowe and Eddy)

    (2) S. cerevisiae snoRNA Database (Samarsky and Fournier)

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