Climber Nobukazu Kuriki dies on Mt. Everest

Climber Nobukazu Kuriki dies on Mt. Everest

Japanese climber Nobukazu Kuriki has died while attempting to scale Mount Everest. He was 35.

A Nepalese mountaineering association says Kuriki was found collapsed near a camp on the mountain at an altitude of 7,400 meters on Monday morning.

The Japanese embassy in Kathmandu says it was also informed of his death that morning. Embassy staff will confirm his death as soon as the body is transported to the Nepalese capital.

On his official blog, Kuriki's office reported he would descend from a point of 7,400 meters because he was in bad shape.

Later, Kuriki's office posted a comment on the blog saying that Kuriki stopped responding via radio during his descent. A filming crew traced his route and found him dead from hypothermia.

Kuriki scaled the highest peaks of 6 continents. This was his 8th attempt to reach the summit of Everest without oxygen since 2009. In his 2012 attempt, he lost most of his fingers on both hands due to frostbite.

Kuriki was known to post images online while climbing mountains. Footage of the latest attempt had also been uploaded.

His office noted Kuriki's earlier promise to return from Everest alive, and apologized for the result.