Enjoy our gorgeous selection of pastries. Rollover each image to see what they’re called and click them to get the summary in a sweet slideshow.

Sfogliatelle – This “clam shell” pastry is a traditional Neapolitan sweet. This is a flaky pastry shell filled with cheese, semolina flour and citrus fruit. Mixed with eggs and sugar with a slight cinnamon/orange flavor.

Lobster Tail – A popular fave. Flaky pastry shell filled with a vanilla mousse cream. Big enough to share.

Cannoli – Maria’s award winning “Boston’s Best Cannoli.” A crunchy fried dough shell filled with chocolate or vanilla cream, or the traditional sweetened ricotta cheese. Filled fresh upon order.

Savoia– A log slice of Maria’s traditional rum cake layered with either chocolate or vanilla cream and butter cream frosting topped with sprinkles.

Baba Rum – Another specialty right from Naples. A sponge cake soaked in sugar rum flavoring either plain or filled with vanilla cream.

Pasticiotti – Mini pies in a single serving with a choice of creams from chocolate, vanilla and the traditional sweetened ricotta cheese.

White Torrone – A homemade white hard or soft and chewy nougat candy mixed with almonds, shown resting upon two of Maria’s Chocolate Log Torrones.

Chocolate Torrone – A semi-sweet chocolate with honey and toasted almonds (top). White Torrone (middle). And Maria’s Chocolate Log torrone (bottom).

Marzapan – Sicilian, this soft almond paste and sugar candy is handmade in shapes of fruits and vegetables painted with food coloring for authenticity.

Crispelle – Egg dough pastry shaped like a rosette deep-fried with honey and nuts.

Guandi (Bugie) – Fried egg dough pastry shaped like a glove or angles with slits around topped with powdered sugar.

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