Robedoor – City Of Scum C45 (Crooked Tapes)


Night duo from dark side of LA-lien Alex Brown and Britt Brown.

The last record from NNF Too Down to Die was just a beginning of their next level sci-fi caveman rock. City Of Scum is the sound track for blood history of LA.

Casio keys explodes SUNN O))) Beta Lead, Tribal percussion with GODFLESHed drum machine melts the dance floor, Britt’s ghost whisper kills your brain. The nightmare of psychedelia goes on.


Inside out style 2 color screen printed vellum J-card with insert. Limited copies.


Metal Rouge – ‘Live Dead Elk’ C45 (Crooked Tapes)

CRK-005 Helga Fassonaki and Andrew Scott from interactive art collective Emerald Cocoon in LA.For a long time Metal Rouge has been main experimental music project in their tons of works. You hear and experience an endless long journey from middle east & asia way of Japan & New Zealand to LA from their profound sound. Live Dead Elk is awesome live recording tracks with collaborator Stefan Neville, James Kirk from their last New Zealand tour in 2011. Inside out style 2 color screen printed vellum J-card with insert. Limited copies.


Angels in America – ‘Pigs In A Bucket Hat’ C45 (Crooked Tapes)


Angels in America is a freak-out noise folk duo from Baltimore. For a few years they did a tons of shows in the US deep underground. Insane female vocal which have a Japanese 70’s underground psych folk vibes make like an icicle in the back of your neck. Noise synth destruction makes brain shuffled revolution.

This cassette is the re-mastered version of their live set at WFMU from 2011.

Inside-out style 2 color screen printed transparent j-card with insert. Limited copies.

$12 Worldwide, ¥1050 Japan


Hellvete – “t’ Orgelorkest” C46 (Crooked Tapes)


Hellvete is the martyr of the Funeral Folk psyche-out collective known as  Sylvester Anfang II.

“t’ Orgelorkest” is the art of dreaming –  recorded by 4 track cassette recorder using harmonium, organ, electric tampura and keyboards. Monochrome psychedelia by 1 man indian raga style orchestra.

Inside-out style 2 color screen printed transparent j-card with insert. Limited copies.

$12 Worldwide, ¥1050 Japan


Watersports – ‘Natural History’ Double Cassette (Dog Daze)

Watersports is the long running new age duo of Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse, who also play together in the band Blues Control. “Natural History” collects tracks from their out of print releases on Not Not Fun, Arbor, White Tapes, Breaking World Records, Hank Recordings, and Ore Records plus a live performance on WFMU. You can think of this as their greatest hits album.
Featuring double j card art of Lea and Russ playing for a bunch of dogs and ladies practicing yoga.
Pro dubbed and imprinted chrome tapes with mp3 dogload code. 

Blues Controlは確実に現代におけるU.Sインディーミュージッ
それは同時に過去のどんな音楽にも決して似ていないことを意味する。WatersportsはRuss WaterhouseとLea ChoによるBlues Control前夜のユニットであり、この音源はDiscographyである。
カセットに今現在のBlues Controlまで決してブレる事のない一貫性を確実に感じるが、僕には結局それが何なのかはわからない。


Blues Control – ‘WFMU Session’ C40 (Crooked Tapes)


This is rare unreleased 6 tracks radio session by east coast groove armada Blues Control.

Side A:
Holland Tunnel Blues
Glen Fandango

Side B:
Riverboat Styx
Frankie’s Problem

recorded February 9, 2007
at WFMU, Jersey City, NJ
for The Brian Turner Show
engineered by Glenn Luttman

2nd pressing is only in eyepop green/purple J-card.

$12 Worldwide, ¥1050 Japan


Blues Control – ‘Riverboat Styx’ C30 (Crooked Tapes)

CRK-004/NNF 243

Reissue of lovely Russ and Lea’s Hall Of Fame cassette. Co-released with Not Not Fun records.

Side A : Riverboat Styx / Side B : Rolling Fog Blues

Recorded and originally released by fuck it tapes in 2006. Artjerk and printed by Ryo Kuramoto. J-card watercolor art by Gen Hiraki.

CROOKED version comes with 2 color card stocked outer sleeve, w-side photocopied neon j-card, gold foiled insert. Limited 50 copies of clear blue cassettes.

$12 Worldwide, ¥1050 Japan


Daughters of the Sun – ‘Orphans’ C26 (Night People)


Minneapolis long time psych drone rockers Daughters of the Sun follow up their recent and now sold out Not Not Fun LP with this cassette of eclectic jams. This tape features their distinct rock out mode but spends more time hovering around in the deep space of ambient synth with drum work outs, and blissed psych workouts. If you dug the Not Not Fun material this won’t disappoint.
ミネアポリス出身の漢気あふれる3人組Daughters of the Sun。シンセ兼パーカッション、シンセ兼パーカッション、ギター兼パーカッションというメンバー構成からも伺いしれるであろうトライバル・クラウトロック男前サウンド。

$12 Worldwide, ¥1050 Japan


Robedoor – ‘Rock Bottom’ C36 (Night People)


Long time LA dungeon pysch trio Robedoor have been honing there long form psychedelic drift for some time now, continually moving towards a more guitar and drums based sound in their own distinct way. What is always at play is a heavy sense of dread, created by a massive fog of dense psychedelic sound and ambience, but residing as well is a sense of space and minimalism that draws comparisons to late night trippers like Denudes and Taj Mahal Travelers.

LAの暗黒Caveman’s RockトリオRobedoorによる未発表インプロ音源。彼らのサウンドは人工の楽園LAの暗黒面を体現しています。

$12 Worldwide, ¥1050 Japan


Angels in America – ‘Narrow Road To Interior’ LP (Ehse)

Ehse 021

Angels in America, the bodypump-infected and skuzz-infested duo of Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten, have been honing their rickety vocabulary on fractured, edge-of-the-abyss cassette releases for a few years now. With Narrow Road to the Interior, their first LP, the band offers a palliative for the debilitating stench of summer with a heady mix of sweet smells, agreeable natural notes, and plenty of creeping, low-to-the-ground odor. Some elements–songs, lyrics, Moppy’s voice at the absolute threshold–will be familiar, visible enough from the waking path; but this is dreamstate music, and to follow it is to cross unannounced into zones less easily pinned down.

ボルチモア出身のMoppyとMervによるAngels of Americaは暗黒ドローン・トラックの上に最高に気怠いお姉ちゃんの歌声がのる洞穴系サウンド・ユニット。

You can Listen sample here.

$20 Worldwide, ¥2000 Japan


Dog Leather – ‘Greezy Man and Stinky Man Meets Smutty Ranks On Tarantula Hill’ LP (Ehse)

Ehse 018

“A wet dream in the minds of noise fans, Dog Leather is currently creaming the panties of a rabid community of freaks, creeps, scum lords, and post-apocalypse art punk… already legends in their own game, and their merging seems to have sparked something special, as Dog Leather is making some of the strangest and most exciting music around. The sound is like hip-hop on drugs fed through a wood chipper or meat grinder. These kids aren’t trying to be rappers, they are just being themselves, and it is swagged the fuck out.” -Pictureplane

ボルチモア出身のSewn LeatherとDJ Dog Dickの合体ユニットDog Leather。


$20 Worldwide, ¥2000 Japan


Sewn Leather – ‘No Needs for Reverse Talking’ C26 (Night People)

Sewn Leather’s back at it in the Night-People fold. What remains of his dirt party crust anthems has been distilled into more long form instrumentals, dubbed out industrial sludge, and apocalyptic synth psychosis. Don’t get it wrong the new material hits even harder with an emphasis on guitar and synth playing. The finest Sewn Leather recordings yet, on par with recent Dog Leather collaborations.

放浪のクラスト・ラッパー、Sewn LeatherによるNight Peopleから2作目となるテープ。


$12 Worldwide, ¥1050 Japan


High Wolf / The Savage Young Taterbug – ‘Bored Fortress’ 7″ (Not Not Fun)

High Wolf/The Savage Young Taterbug – ‘Bored Fortress’ 7″ (Not Not Fun) NNF205

France’s fave psych-snakecharmer trances a new coiled creature from the same thatched basket of white light fuzz, canned drums, and keyboard sign language. Over on the wrong side of the tracks there’s Midwestern madcap Charles ‘Free’ Taterbug, perched on a fence with a 2-string and some rusted tape machines, crooning to the crickets in the parking lot. Sleeve art by Carlos Gonzalez.

NNF SHOWCASE@SXSW2011での共演も記憶に新しい両者によるNNF Bored Fortress 7′ clubのスプリット。

HW sideはリリース毎に確実に良くなっている無国籍サイケ・ハルモニアンロック。

TaterbugはNight Peopleからリリース郡でおなじみ意味不明な童謡サイケサウンド。

$10 worldwide, ¥1050 Japan


Aqua Nebula Oscillator – ‘Caves Recordings 1998 – 2004’ LP (Funeral Folk)

After three years of work, we’re finally ready to release “Caves Recordings 1998-2008″, a collection of jams carefully selected from the Aqua Nebula Oscillator archives.
And it was well worth the wait, because all the ingredients for a true psychedelic mind-burner are here. There’s heavy fuzz guitar, hypnotic bass grooves, sitars, tranced out percussion and some very stoned vibes. Occult “East meets West” psych rock at its finest! Limited to 300 copies. (Funeral Folk)フランス発、ANOの過去6年間の膨大なアーカイブからセレクトされた純度100%LSDな7つのジャム。東洋から西洋までのあらゆるオカルト・カルチャーをすべて紙食って洞窟で再現したかのごとき暗黒の曼荼羅。
ベルギー発Sylvester Anfang II主催のFuneral Folkによる発のLPリリース。限定300枚。すでに廃盤です

$30 Worldwide, ¥2650 Japan


High Wolf & Topping Bottoms – ‘Wait for a While : A Japan Tour Diary’ CD+Book

High Wolf & Topping Bottoms

“Wait For a While” Book + CD (Kaugummi Books)
printed in january 2011 / co-published with wingedsun
first edition : 100 copiesISBN 978-2-35862-026-0
32 pages, black and white printed – 14 x 20 cm
printed on 115gr cyclus paper + 30 minutes cdr

One month of travelling, partying, smoking, talking, jamming…Many improvisations, sometimes recorded, sometimes not. Music featured on this tape is from three different sessions. One “sunburned hand of the man” like jam on a full night of party, live sessions and crazy dj-ing in a mountain cottage. Maybe 10 people are playing on this. The two other sessions are more minimalist and are outdoor sessions with 3 or 4 guys playing. One on the holy Fuji San mountain, on a very foggy afternoon after an exhausting night. Unforgettable.The other one along the river in old Kyoto city. We enjoyed. We were alive. This is the music of friends bonding.


Secret Birds – ‘Peace Forest’ C40 (Bon Voyage)

“Mind-altering drone and psychedelic noise journeys here by Brisbane, Queensland native D. Black aka Secret Birds, currently residing in Tokyo, who returns with his sophomore full-length Peace Forest later this month. The four-track cassette is a breathless exploration into meandering soundscapes made up of distorted guitar drones, heavy layers of synth and restless, tropical drum machine trances. Hot and sultry these nights were, we assume. The tape is absolutely mesmerizing stuff from start to finish. Highly recommended.”No Fear of Pop

“a certified psych classic… wait no, a new track by secret birds, a tokyo-based group”
Weird Magic


$12 US anywhere in the world, comes with full free download so you can get your digi on


Pink Nites – Secret Birds (Peace Forest CS) by bnvyge

Dogwiper/Topping Bottoms – Split Cassette (Crooked Tapes)

Dogwiper from L.A. and Topping Bottoms team up for the first split cassette on Crooked Tapes. Comes with custom made hand silkscreened patch by Ryo K of Topping Bottoms.



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