Preble-Rish Haiti S.A

Our firm specializes in civil engineering works for both public and private institutions. Our areas of activity are water infrastructure, sewers and the drainage of rivers, road infrastructure (roads and structures), private housing developments, public buildings,etc. We also specialize in importing materials for the building of hydraulic structures.

Our Mission

Knowing the needs for various types of infrastructures and the difficulties faced when financing such initiatives, we provide civil engineering solutions in the following sectors: infrastructure, environmental management, construction, water and sanitation.

Social Impact

The entire Preble-Rish Haiti team is committed to bringing a positive impact to the country and to the communities which they work.This means, we actively engage with community groups, employing both men and women for local labor on project sites, ensuring safety standards.

We understand that the key to sustainable long-term development in Haiti is through both formal and informal education. As such, we support students to access higher education through the provision of grants and other study opportunities.

The PRH Team

Josue Leconte

Mr. Leconte has more than 10 years of experience in business development and leading companies in emerging markets. His role at PRH is to identify potential business deals by contacting potential partners; discovering and exploring strategical opportunities.

Melissa Gilbert

Ms. Gilbert provides leadership and advice in all aspects of management, operations and finance, administration while ensuring the functioning of the office and facilitating project implementation.
Operations Director

Edens Vilma

Mr. Vilma is in charge of planning, executing and finalizing projects on site, according to client deadlines and budgets.
Chief Engineer

Gesner Champagne

Mr. Champagne's role involves creating relationships and support from both public and private institutions. He also maintains the companies relationships with investors and customers, as well as the general public.
Public Relations Director

Pierre Nathan Elysee

Mr. Elysee is responsible for preparing and submitting bids to clients on time, ensuring that all requirements have been met so the company is given the best possible chance of success. He monitors ongoing projects, identifies and sequences the activities/resources needed to successfully complete them.
Resident Engineer
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