A Billion Dollar Foundation

The Challenge

The key challenge was to share the vision for a billion dollar foundation that would work in all corners of the planet to end smoking-related death and disease. We had about two weeks to shoot around the world and edit.

The Solution

If you want to build and support a community, it’s key that they understand the “why”, not just the “what”. To do that, we led off and finished with Dr. Yach’s story and passion for people. We filmed in New York City, Raleigh-Durham, and New Zealand, with editing happening in real-time back at the studio. We pulled it off with a day to spare!

  • Cinematography 80%
  • Aerial Filming 20%
  • Timelapse Photography 30%
  • Director:  Aaron Biebert
  • Cinematographer:  Jimi Jake Shaw
  • Music Direction:  N43 Records
  • Agency:  FKH | Ogilvy
  • Locations:  New Zealand, New York City, Raleigh-Durham, Milwaukee

First Week Views

Miles of Flying


Week Turnaround

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