So you can't sleep right?

The UK Sleep Council (yes that's a real thing) estimates that nearly 50% of adults in the UK are getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night. That adds up to a lot of unhappy sleepers. While we've written some articles before (which you can view here) on sleeping better, there are 3 slightly different ways you can get yourself to dose off a little easier. And it all starts with lying on the ground

Stretching Tips

Now this stretch isn't aimed at bringing out the yoga master in you. It's a very simple stretch that most people don't do because they neglect the one thing that can guarantee they sleep better: their backs. We spend all day getting used to leaning and lying on our backs and that can cause your back to have to re-adjust all the time, If you look in the mirror and can see an arch on your lower back, it means you posture needs readjusted; not just for you to stand, but for lying too. This tip is something you'll hear all the time from chiropractors (if you ever want to visit one, check out Groupon for great deals on Chiropractors) Before you go to bed at night, go on the bedroom floor face down.put your arms at 90 degree angles so they form right angles. Now simply move your arms forward and back. This is a way of slowly getting the back to stretch out. Relieving tension in the upper spine can be the difference between you resting your head snugly on a pillow or having to lie on your side in all sorts of positions.

Eating Tips

Don't believe the old wive's tale that cheese will give you nightmare before bed, because it turns out that water could be giving your grief. While a glass of water can lower blood pressure in the evening ( a good thing) don't go drinking a full glass before bed. Sleep is supposed to be the time where your body can rest and regulate itself, but you drinking a full glass and getting your kidneys to start working when they shouldn't will have an effect on your REM capability, and of course, make you get up to pee during the night.

Phone Tips

Telling you to leave your phone out of the bedroom is a hard ask, so bar turning the brightness down fully, what can you do to still use your phone (if just for a little bit) and still get to sleep. One tip we keep seeing pop-up is to start listening to a podcast or spoken word audio at a low volume with your phone on the bedside table. Apparently, if you keep the volume low and a put a sleep timer on your podcast or radio app, the lower tone helps your mind to switch off more easily than watching YouTube videos til the wee hours.


Cleaning Tips

Now this isn't a comment on your hygiene, but if you don't have time in the evening for a bath to let your body relax fully, a quick shower 90 minutes before bed has been proven (by this article in Men's Fitness) to reduce melatonin in the body, and that makes you feel sleepy!