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Bill P. Curry, Consulting Physicist: 45 years experience in Applied Physics


Light scattering: scattering from particles, particle diagnostics, inverse scattering
Electromagnetics: electron & ion optics, charged particle beams, EM propagation, X-ray tube electron optical design, health hazards of RF radiation

Experience and Employment:

Consultant on X-ray tube electron optics for Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM. Area source

Consultant on X-ray tube electron optics for Thermo Ramsey Corp., Minneapolis, MN. Design alterations

Consultant on X-ray tube electron optics for Brand X-Ray, Inc., Addison, IL. Design of specialized tubes

Consultant on gas chromatography electrode fields for Microsensor Technology, Inc., Fremont, CA.

Consultant on X-ray tube electron optics for Rayex, Inc, Gaithersburg, MD. Design of prototype novel CT scanner tube

Consultant on X-ray tube electron optics for Dunlee, Inc. Aurora, IL. Analysis of design of CT scanner tube & suggested alterations

Consultant on smoke detectors for Pittway Corp. Research Lab.

Staff Member Engineering Physics Div., Argonne National Lab. Charged particle beam aberrations & large ion source simulation Co-developer of published ion extraction region simulation model

Staff Member Engineering Div., Argonne National Laboratory Modeled laser induced ablation of unusual composite materials

Sr. Res. Engineer Calspan Field Services, Inc., Arnold AF Stn, TN Laser scattering particle diagnostics, size inversion techniques Simulations for degraded visibility weapons sensor test facility

Sr. Physicist Sverdrup/ARO inc., Arnold AF Stn, TN Laser scattering particle and flow diagnostics, Simulation model for nuclear X-ray EMP satellite electronics tests

Research Scientist/Pgm Mgr. STD Research Corp., Arcadia, CA 2 and 3 dimensional modeling of MHD energy conversion systems

Staff Member Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Livermore, CA Nuclear Readiness Program, sputtering, debris sampler calculations
Pulsed chemical laser & multiquantum vibrational relaxation models
Model for X-ray production in energetic ion-atom collisions

Staff Member Physics International Co., San Leandro, CA Co-author of Army report on nuclear weapon phenomena

Research Engineer ARO Inc., Arnold, AF Stn., TN Plasma kinetics and nonequilibrium conduction, AF MHD systems Pressure fluctuations on missiles, shock wave oscillations


Listed in American Men and Women of Science, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, & Who's Who in the Midwest


In-Situ Small Particle Diagnostics,US Patent # 4,679,939


  • 1959 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, Physics, AB

  • 1965 University of Tenn. Space Institute, Tullahoma, TN, Physics, MS

  • 1990 Kennedy-Western University, Agoura Hills, CA, EE, Ph.D.


More than 66 publications, including 9 papers in refereed journals

Selected Publications:

  1. "Simple Optics Description of the Plasma Sheath and Plasma Electrode Region" (with C.L. Fink), Proc. of Sixth International Symposium on Production and Neutralization of Negative Ions and Beams, Brookhaven, N.Y. (1992)
  2. "An Ion-Source Model for First-Order Beam Dynamic Codes" (with C.L. Fink), Proc. of 1993 Particle Accelerator Conference, Washington, D.C. (1993)
  3. "Electron Optics Aspects of X-Ray Tube Design," (with A. Taylor), presented at the International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS) 97, San Diego, California (May 1997)
  4. " Calculations of X-Ray Tube Focal Spot Characteristics," (with A. Taylor), presented at the International Scientific Conference on Electromagnetics in Medicine (EMMED) 97, Chicago, Illinois (Nov. 1997)

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