Author Kristen Tsetsi on The Age of the Child

Those of you who’ve been with us on w{n}hab! for a while might recognize author Kristen Tsetsi. We interviewed her during a promotion for her book No Children, No Guilt (written under her pseudonym Sylvia D. Lucas) back in 2013. We’re delighted to have had the chance to chat with Kristen again, this time about her novel, […]

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To My Galentines, With Love

As a 40-something year old woman, I’ve been around for enough years to have enjoyed my share of friendships. Some were short-lived but intense, like the sort made at summer camp when you find your soulmate during orientation and then discover upon returning home that the connection was only meant to last the summer. Others […]

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Biological Clocks: The Magical Mind-Changers of the Childfree?

“I never wanted to have kids since as early as I can remember. I remember when I was twelve I read something about the likelihood of breast cancer being higher for women who don’t have kids. And I was just really annoyed and sad about it so I talked to my mom about it, like […]

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Follow Your Instincts

by Emma Clarkson So, how was your 2017? Absolutely nuts, you say? Madder than a bag of spiders, you say? The worst time of your entire life … but hey, 2018 is gonna be your year – you can just feel it??! I’m certain that almost nobody could truly declare that 2017 was just an […]

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The Most Wonderful {childfree} Time of the Year

Oh, the holidays. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, at least if Andy Williams is to be believed. It’s also the time when those of us without kids may be more likely to have our lifestyle and life choices questioned as we’re spending time with folks we don’t see on a regular basis. […]

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The NotMom Summit, v2.0

I had the pleasure of attending the second-ever NotMom Summit earlier this month and was blown away, yet again, by the camaraderie between women who are not mothers by circumstance and those of us who have made that choice very intentionally (much to the chagrin of Popes everywhere). I was also delighted to share the […]

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My So-Called Selfish Life: An Interview with Filmmaker Therese Shechter

Therese Shechter wonders why there’s so much stigma and judgement around choosing not to have kids. Funny, so do we! In the third documentary in her trilogy on women and identity, she explores what it’s like to be childfree in a culture where motherhood feels mandatory. Therese’s film, My So-Called Selfish Life, is underway and we […]

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Becoming Childfree

Our latest Childfree Story comes from Brittany Brolley, a freelance lifestyle and relationship writer. She is an advocate for the childfree lifestyle and blogs about this decision on Brittany also enjoys traveling with her husband, binge-watching Netflix, and is a little too obsessed with her two Boston Terriers. Becoming Childfree by Brittany Brolley I […]

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As A Childfree Woman, Every Day Is Independence Day

I’ve never been someone who likes to commit to anything too far in advance. In high school I had a boyfriend who always wanted to make plans for the following weekend during the weekend we happened to be enjoying at the moment. I didn’t like feeling pinned down. What if something awesome came up that I […]

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Great Swag + Bragging Rights: Nominate for Childfree Person of the Year!

On August 1, 1973, the non-profit organization, National Organization for Non-Parents (NON), celebrated Non-Parents Day by awarding a Female and Male National Non-Parent of the Year. Later known as the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood (NAOP), it existed from 1972-1982 with a mission to “educate the public on non-parenthood as a valid lifestyle option.” 40 […]

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