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Washington Post – The child-free life: Why so many American women are deciding not to have kids

May 2018 – Considers the sinking American birth rate and quotes Dr. Blackstone on how an increase in choices for women is linked to this change.

The Walrus – Child-free by Choice

May 2018 – A long-form cover story in this popular Canadian magazine on the childfree choice quoting Amy and many other childfree writers and activists.

SheKnows – Are Women Without Children Discriminated Against at Work?

13 March 2018 – A discussion about work/life balance, including thoughts from Amy.

Loyola Phoenix – Gender Equality Mean’s Women With Choice

28 February 2018 – Discusses Amy’s co-authored study of how the childfree decide whether or not ot have children.

Bustle – Who Will Take Care of Me If I Don’t Have Kids?

2 January 2018 – Amy shares findings from her research for this story on a question with which the childfree are well familiar.

Huffington Post – Silent Night, Childfree Night

21 December 2017 – Amy celebrates the holidays, childfree style.

Ms. – Magnifying Heather Heyer

17 August 2017 – Six childfree and childless women mourn Heather Heyer’s loss with the hope of magnifying her message against injustice and celebrating her heroism.

Huffington Post – As A Childfree Woman, Every Day Is Independence Day

30 June 2017 – Amy describes her own ambivalence about having kids and celebrates the relationships, beliefs, and obligations to which she has readily – and happily – committed.

The Seattle Times, Pacific NW Magazine – The Mom question: Seattle-area women share their complicated decisions

26 May 2017 – Amy is interviewed for a story profiling six women and their decisions about how and whether to become parents.

WLBZ2 – Women in 30s now having more babies than younger moms

24 May 2017 – Amy is interviewed for a story on the recent CDC finding that women in their 30s are now have more babies than women in their 20s.

The Atlantic – How People Decide Whether to Have Children

22 May 2017 – Amy is interviewed for this story, which explores how parenting and being childfree are both decisions that (many) people make after lots of careful thought.

Huffington Post – Recognizing Childfree Families on International Family Day

15 May 2017 – On the United Nations’ International Day of Families, Dr. Amy examines the role that childfree families play in supporting children’s development.

Huffington Post – There is No Maternal Instinct

10 May 2017 – A piece by Amy challenging the idea that women are “wired” to want children and describing how perpetuating the myth of maternal instinct harms all women, whether they have children or not.

HelloFlo – It’s Not Just You: 4 Places To Find Other Childfree Women

5 May 2017 – w{n}hab! makes HelloFlo’s list of four top resources for childfree women.

HelloFlo – Why Physicians Should Stop Thinking That A Woman’s Choice To Be Childfree Is Up For Debate

24 April 2017 – Dr. Amy shares findings from her research and recommendations for how childfree women can increase the likelihood of finding a provider who will really listen to them.

Ms. – Honoring the Childfree Auntie

19 April 2017 – Co-written with filmmaker Maxine Trump on the roles that women without children play in children’s lives.

Pregnant Pause – Childess is More

13 April 2017 – Dr. Amy is interviewed for Episode #5 of the podcast Pregnant Pause with Zak and Shira, by Zak Rosen

Bangor Daily News – Why some Mainers choose to be child-free

30 March 2017 – Dr. Amy contributes to this piece featuring childfree women and men in Maine.

BUST – The Outrage Against Childfree Women is Real – And Needs To Stop

29 March 2017 – Article Amy co-wrote with filmmaker Therese Shechter on the moral outrage childfree people face simply for opting out of having kids.

ClassPass – 14 Things We Wish We Knew Before Getting Married

14 February 2017 – Amy is quoted in this piece noting that it’s OK not to have kids and that having conversations about kid expectations before getting married is important.

New York Post – an unfortunate piece & an important lesson

28 September 2016 – In which Amy learns her lesson and now knows not to trust reporters from the New York Post who tell you they’re writing a positive story and then later frame the piece entirely differently from how it was initially described to her. Or, an article that takes an unnecessarily negative view – presumably for clickbait reasons – of childfree people who celebrate their choice.

UpNorthLive – A New Perspective: Study on why people choose the “child-free” life

15 September 2016 – Reporter Courtney Curtis discusses Dr. Amy’s research findings and what they mean for couples with a Licensed Professional Counselor

The Huffington Post – The Year 2000 and Now: Reasons Why People Decide To Be Childfree

26 August 2016 – Laura Carroll describes themes from her interviews for Families of Two and their similarity to findings from Dr. Amy’s recent peer reviewed paper on the childfree decision.

TODAY – ‘I don’t think this is for me’: 7 reasons why people choose to be childfree

24 August 2016 – Dr. Amy is interviewed about why people choose to be childfree.

CNN – The decisions behind remaining childfree

22 August 2016 – A story covering Amy’s peer reviewed paper on the childfree decision

The New Yorker – Fox News and the Repercussions of Sexual Harassment

19 August 2016 – Amy’s collaborative research on sexual harassment is discussed in this interview with Dr. Heather McLaughlin.

The Huffington Post – 5 Things ‘Childfree’ People Want You To Know

17 August 2016 – Dr. Amy is interviewed about her recent peer reviewed paper on the childfree decision.

New York Magazine – How Child-free People Decide Not to Have Kids

15 August 2016 – A brief summary and comments on Dr. Amy’s recent peer reviewed paper on the childfree decision.

Pacific Standard – How the Childfree Decide

9 August 2106 – A brief summary of Dr. Amy’s recent peer reviewed paper on the childfree decision.

USA Today – Trump harassment remarks called ‘victim blaming’

2 August 2016 – Dr. Amy comments on Trump’s remarks about sexual harassment and discusses her collaborative research on the topic.

Ms. – It’s Politics. What Does Motherhood Have To Do With It?

20 July 2016 – An OpEd from Dr. Amy on the false notion that women who are not mothers are not fit to lead.

The Happy Couple Expert – Love Filled and Guilt Free: Creating Epic Relationships for Wildly Successful and Childfree Couples

15 April 2016 – Dr. Amy and Lance are interviewed about what makes their own and other childfree relationships epic!

Bustle – Body Positivity Needs to Talk About Combatting the Harmful Effects of Fat Discrimination

25 March 2016 – Dr. Amy interviewed about discrimination against plus size women.

Broadly – How Your Height and Weight Affect Your Pay

10 March 2016 – Comments from Dr. Amy on discrimination against plus size women.

Bangor Daily News – The ‘NotMoms’ among us: charitable but unelectable

24 November 2015 – OpEd from Dr. Amy on perceptions of childfree women in politics.

Fortune – The Brutal Truth About Being Childless at Work

7 November 2015 – Dr. Amy is interviewed for this article on the workplace experiences of those without kids.

Cleveland Public Radio’s IdeaStream – Not-Moms

5 October 2015 – A preview of the NotMom Summit held in October 2015, Dr. Amy is a guest on this episode focused on the childless by choice, by chance, and by circumstance.

WERU’s Maine Current’s – Childfree by Choice

16 September 2015 – Lance and Amy are guests on this call-in show about the childfree choice.

MPBN’s Maine Calling – Childless by Choice

17 August 2015 – A call-in show on why some people decide not to have children and its cultural impact. Dr. Amy Blackstone and Dr. Julia McQuillan are guests.

Time – 9 Things No One Tells You About Work-Life Balance

17 June 2015 – Dr. Amy describes how most people assume that the “life” part of work/life balance means children and how she combats this challenge in her own life for this piece in Time.

Pacific Standard Magazine – Can a New Parent Remain a Good Friend?

5 June 2015 – Dr. Amy interviewed for this piece on whether old friendships between parents and the childfree are salvageable.

WERU Radio – Reproductive Left

3 March 2015 – An interview with Dr. Amy Blackstone on the childfree choice.

Chicago Tribune – How couples can start their own Christmas tradition, no kids required

1 December 2014 – Dr. Amy Blackstone quoted on childfree families in this Chicago Tribune article.

Bangor Daily News – Women’s confidence problem? It’s so much more

11 June 2014 – OpEd from Dr. Amy demonstrating that women’s “lack of confidence” isn’t the primary thing holding them back at work.

Bangor Daily News – Cut parents some slack, already

13 May 2014 – Bangor Daily News editorial by Dr. Amy discussing how helicopter parenting harms us all – moms, dads, kids, and the childfree.

Married With Luggage – Child-free by Choice, Episode #61

7 May 2014 – Amy & Lance chat with Betsy & Warren Talbot on their Married With Luggage podcast about living la vida childfree.

The Childfree Choice on Reproductive Left Podcast

3 March, 2014 – Dr. Amy Blackstone discussing the childfree choice on a podcast produced by Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center.

UMaine – Blackstone, Huisman Discuss Childfree Living with WABI

25 February, 2014 – Press release regarding WABI special report “Baby? Maybe?” Part 1 & Part 2

CBS WABI 5 – “Baby? Maybe?” Part 2

25 February, 2014 – Part 2 of 2 part special report. Dr Amy & Lance interviewed on their childfree lifestyle; A family with 4 children is interviewed about their choice to parent.

CBS WABI 5 – “Baby? Maybe?” Part 1

24 February, 2014 – Part 1 of 2 part special report. Dr Amy & Dr. Kim Huisman interviewed on the social construction of motherhood and the choice to be childfree.

CBS WGME 13 – More couples choose life without kids

20 February, 2014 – Dr. Amy interviewed by WGME 13 Portland, Maine as an expert on childfree statistics and research.

damemagazine.com – The Ticking Clock: What’s True (and False) About Female Fertility?

20 October, 2013 – Dr. Amy interviewed by damemagazine.com on the myths surrounding the female biological imperative to reproduce

TheNotMom.com – Blogger Profile: Amy & Lance of ‘w{n}hab!’

4 October, 2013 – Dr. Amy & Lance interviewed for blog site TheNotMom.com

Bangor Daily News – Setting the record straight on 6 myths about childless adults

17 September, 2013 – Bangor Daily News editorial by Dr. Amy dispels some myths about the childfree

NBC WLBZ 2 – Sociologist at U. Maine appears on ‘Katie’

16 September, 2013 – Dr. Amy interviewed by WLBZ NBC 2 about her appearance on the Katie show and about our blog

katiecouric.com – This Crazy, Wonderful (Childfree) Life

16 September, 2013 – Dr. Amy feature post on katiecouric.com

ABC Katie Show – Childfree Expert on the Katie Couric Show

16 September, 2013 – Dr. Amy appears on ABC’s national daytime talkshow “Katie” to discuss research on the childfree. Lance sits in audience exuding childfree charisma.

Fox WFVX 22 – UMaine Professor Appears on Katie Couric’s Talkshow

12 September, 2013 – Dr. Amy & Lance interviewed by WFVX Fox 22 in relation to Amy’s appearance on the Katie show.

Bangor Daily News – UMaine professor to appear on Katie Couric’s TV show

11 September, 2013 – Dr. Amy interviewed by the Bangor Daily News about her upcoming appearance on the Katie show and about our blog

theloop.ca – Has feminism become uncool?

6 September, 2013 – Dr. Amy interviewed and quoted by theloop.ca, a Canadian lifestyle and news website, for an article on perceptions of the label ‘feminist’

today.com – Living near family low on home search wish lists, poll finds

29 August, 2013 – Dr. Amy quoted in today.com article on choice to live in close proximity to family

KALW Radio Crosscurrents – The political and cultural consequences of choosing to be childless, […]

14 August, 2013 – Dr. Amy interviewed by San Francisico radio station KALW for their Crosscurrents program on the topic of voluntary childlessness

dogids.com – Fur Babies – An Alternative to Having Kids?

6 August, 2013 – Dr. Amy interviewed by dogids.com “The ‘How-to’ Dog Blog” on similarities and differences between dogs and babies as well as parents and dog owners

NBC WLBZ 2 – Studies show more people choosing to start families — without having kids

1 August, 2013 – Dr. Amy interviewed by WLBZ NBC 2 in advance of International Childfree Day

University of Maine – Whoa, Baby: UMaine Sociologist Celebrates International Childfree Day

30 July, 2013 – University of Maine press release for International Childfree Day

International Childfree Day – Announcing International Childfree Day

1 July, 2013 – The inaugural International Childfree Day is announced with Lance & Dr. Amy as founding members

Huffington Post/Marlo Thomas – A University Professor Revives A Childhood Dream — Becoming A Roller Derby Queen

15 May, 2013 – A Huffington Post/Marlo Thomas feature piece on Dr. Amy’s roller derby obsession

today.com – ‘Mom gene’ discovered in mice: Do you have it?

25 September, 2012 – Dr. Amy interviewed by today.com on the discovery of a gene in mice that plays a role in nurturing behaviors in mice

Bangor Daily News – Childless and loving it: Not being a parent has advantages for families and kids

10 July, 2012 – Bangor Daily News editorial by Dr. Amy discussing the positive roles many childfree play in the lives of children in their extended families and friends’ families

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