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Two Pit Bulls Shot Dead After Attacking And Killing Pony; Duane Weeks Cited

| January 19, 2016

pony pit bulls attack

Kristen Terrell and her pony. ‘It was extremely painful to have to watch that happen, and to see what he had to go through before he passed away,’ she said. (Terrell Family)

Last Thursday—Jan. 14—two pit bulls that had previously wandered onto the property of Charles Terrell on County Road 305 in Bunnell wandered there again, attacked a Shetland pony Terrell had just bought, mauled the small horse and finally killed it. Terrell, seeing the dogs would not desist, shot them both. One of the pit bulls died immediately. The second died not long afterward.

The dogs were both in the care of Duane Weeks, 35, who lives nearby with his family. Weeks is the son of Kimberle Weeks, the former elections supervisor.

Terrell, 62, called the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office soon after the incident at 5800 County Road 305. “Upon my arrival,” Agricultural and Ranch Deputy Steve Williams wrote in an incident report, “I observed a black and white pit bull dog lying in the road at the intersection of County Road 305 and Quarter

Horse Lane. The dog was covered in blood but was still alive. I also observed laying on the ground in Mr. Terrell’s pasture another Pitbull dog, brown in color. This dog appeared to be deceased.”

Terrell had bought the Pony, called Remy, less than two weeks earlier, so younger children who visit could ride it, as they could not bigger horses. Terrell has several horses, two dogs (that were in the house at the time of the attack) and a chicken coop that the pit bulls also attacked but could not breach.

Remy’s mouth and nostril area had been torn away by the dogs, according to the deputy.

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“It was extremely painful to have to watch that happen, and to see what he had to go through before he passed away,” Terrell’s daughter Kristen said. “It’ll be something I’ll never be able to forget.”

Terrell told the deputy he saw both dogs attacking the pony on the ground. After yelling at the dogs to leave the pony alone, he took several shots at the dogs. He told the deputy that the dogs had been on his property a few days earlier. He’d called Weeks to come fetch them. No harm was done then.

When the deputy informed Weeks of the dog attack on Thursday, Weeks came to Terrell’s property and “was very apologetic to Mr. Terrell,” according to the incident report. Weeks said he was the owner of the brown dog but that the other dog wasn’t his. Weeks, according to the incident report, told the deputy that “the other dog just showed up and started hanging around his house.”

Terrell disputed the claim, saying both dogs belonged to Weeks.

The black pit bull had belonged to Craig Miles, a 33-year-old resident of Lancewood Street in Bunnell. Miles, according to Flagler County Humane Society records, had adopted the pit bull in November. But Miles told the deputy that he was going through a divorce and could no longer keep the dog, so he was about to take it back to the Humane Society when his friend, Duane Weeks, asked if he could have him, according to the incident report. Miles said he gave the dog to Weeks the first week of December.

A statement by the former dog owner contradicts Weeks’s claim that the black pit bull had just wandered onto his property. “He agreed to take care of the animal until I had a place to bring the dog,” Miles said in a statement, adding that he had “plenty” of witnesses to corroborate his statement.

duane weeks dog attack

Duane Weeks.

Weeks agreed to pay $1,000 in restitution to Terrell. Because of that, the sheriff’s office closed its investigation, with no further action to be taken. “There’ll be no criminal charges filed, no further investigation, and our involvement in this matter is now over,” a sheriff’s spokesman said.

The Humane Society said its investigation is still ongoing, though Weeks has been cited for letting animals run at large (a first offense), and required to pay a $40 fine. (On the citation, Weeks mistakenly wrote the date of the incident as Dec. 14, 2016, as opposed to Jan. 14).

Duane Weeks, a convicted felon with a violent past, was charged with two third-degree felonies and a misdemeanor last June following a confrontation with a 25-year-old woman. He was again charged with domestic battery in September. One of the felonies and the misdemeanor were dropped in preparation for a possible plea agreement scheduled for Feb. 8. His mother, Kimberle Weeks, is under indictment for 12 felony counts, a case that is slowly making its way toward a trial.

shetland pony killed

Hours before Remy, the pony, was killed, he’d been let into the house as a joke, Kristen Terrell said. (Terrell Family)

pony pit bulls attack

Remy. (Terrell Family)

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112 Responses for “Two Pit Bulls Shot Dead After Attacking And Killing Pony; Duane Weeks Cited”

  1. A sad event for all involved! Sometimes thing happen despite our best efforts to prevent them. Caring for animals is not for everyone. Please, weigh carefully any decision to take on that responsibility.

  2. So sorry for you loss. That’s horrible

  3. Jim says:

    It’s bad enough the mother and son can not stay straight, the sons dogs went down the same road! It’s a shame peoples animals are not safe on their own property. This is what happens when outlaws have pit bulls!

  4. Janie Holley says:

    Such a sad situation. Precious pony gone. Dog owner who probably shouldn’t own dogs. And dogs that were also victims-they didn’t ask to be born and given to an irresponsible individual.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whatever 😒

  6. I am so sad to hear about this pony, I am a huge animal lover, that being said , this frightens me dearly because I have a pittbull who is amazing and loving and kind, I adopted him 12 years ago and he is so unbelievably sweet! It is the owners fault for not teaching the dogs proper behavior and not handling them as often as they should perhaps! Any dog can be vicious! What scares me most is I leave in 10 days to move to Flagler Beach from Ct with my dog and am worried I will not find a safe place to call home with my beloved pet. Don’t kill pittbulls solely because you are afraid! Not all Pitts are vicious! You can not categorize a single breed to be mean! Any dog breed can bite. My heart is so unbelievably heartbroken for this pony but also sad to read above comment about keeping a weapon on hand if there are pits in your area! My excitement to move to Fl just became fear.. Please tell me I’m making the right decision for my baby and I..

    • Everywhere you go there is some moron like above statement that have not taken time to research the fact ALL dogs can be vicious if not taught the correct way to live just like children. I LOVE pitbulls myself. It was a sad situation but thats what happens when u have unconcerned or caring pet owners. I have never been bit by a pitbull but by Chihuahua and and poodle.

  7. It could have been a child instead of the pony but regardless the owner took remedy as he saw fit. A beautiful animal has lost its life because of irresponsible dog owners. The fines won’t teach them any lessons.

  8. Such a shame. I agree with Faith.

  9. Nancy Teater says:

    I just feel so sick to my stomach re this beautiful innocent pony

  10. Chris Fulco says:

    Yep me and my dog were attacked by a pit 2 nights ago. Next time I’m gonna shoot it

  11. Mac says:

    It needs to be illegal for a felon to be in possession of a pit bull. Pit bulls are a deadly weapon.

  12. This is so sad, and I know for a fact those bull dogs could have been trained to not do that, I had a horse and a pony here and a bull dog that wanted to attack the pony, so I trained the dog to not go past the side of house. .POINT it’s a horrible story but yet AGAIN don’t blame the breed, BLAME Their handlers. .

  13. Pit bulls should not exist. Sociopathy on four short legs.

  14. This makes me sick to my stomach. What a horrible ending for all 3 animals because of one irresponsible human being.

  15. E.S. says:

    I am very glad that reports of pit bulls attacking pets and livestock is now being published so frequently. In addition to mauling and killing people, pit bulls kill thousands of animals on a yearly basis. We need to know it is happening to develop legislation with the aim of protecting innocent people and animals.

  16. Mary Gabriel says:

    Oh my….horrible…..

  17. Jen Arevalo says:

    So disgusting and avoidable. I thought Pitbulls were banned in Florida. This is why! They cause savagery and deaths wherever they go.

    • Really I got two pits who will link you to death…every breed of dog can be violent and before pits we blamed doberman and rottweiler dogs…it’s not the dog just idiot people who raise them and idiots who think it’s a breed

  18. Rich Mikola says:

    Condolences to the owner of the pony. The poor animal shouldn’t have suffered such a horrible death. Glad you shot and killed both pit bulls responsible for this. Owner should be banned from owning dogs.

  19. ^ Yeah. Ok. **sarcasm** They don’t “cause savagery and death wherever they go.” As always the entire breed will be blamed! It’s so infuriating to know how ignorant and uninformed people can be. Obviously they don’t understand how loving a pit bull can be if they’re raised right. ANY dog can bite. I’ve met chihuahuas that have been more vicious than a pit bull. The owner is the one who should be blamed for this tragedy!

  20. Y says:

    How many people have been killed by pit bulls?

    In a recent 10-year period, from 2005 to 2014, pit bulls killed 203 Americans, about one citizen every 18 days.14 By 2017, pit bulls are projected to maul 305 Americans to death since 1998, the year the CDC stopped tracking fatal dog attacks by dog breed, and over 380 people since 1980.15 Major news agencies are AWOL …
    Pit Bull Myths – Dangerous Dogs –

  21. YankeeExPat says:

    How many people have been killed by pit bulls?

    In a recent 10-year period, from 2005 to 2014, pit bulls killed 203 Americans, about one citizen every 18 days.14 By 2017, pit bulls are projected to maul 305 Americans to death since 1998, the year the CDC stopped tracking fatal dog attacks by dog breed, and over 380 people since 1980.15 Major news agencies are AWOL …

    Pit Bull Myths – Dangerous Dogs –

  22. Anonymous says:

    Terrible….Stop using these dogs for the tough guy manly status. It’s very immature and it isn’t good for the dogs and in this case, it wasn’t good for the Pony either. Three animals are dead because of a lack of responsibility.

  23. Jose Sanchez says:

    I love pit bulls, they’re awesome

  24. What a horrible thing. It breaks my heart for the pony & new owners.

  25. Educate Me says:

    What really is a pit bull? We know what insurance companies call them, which is incorrect but 90% of the public is misinformed of what one is.

  26. tulip says:

    That Weeks causes too much trouble and harrassment and gets away with it, or only lightly “punished”. Duane paid $1000 restitution and case closed? He should be forced to pay the price of the pony, vet and emotional damages. That guy is violent and arrogant and should be locked up for many many years or else he is going to continue hurting people and not giving a darn.

  27. This is horrible. Why do people own vicious dogs…especially pit bulls. Keep them under control or don’t have them.

  28. Kat Birdsell says:

    Feel very sorry for the family and for the poor pony who had to die so terribly I know there are some good pitbulls out there but so many good ones also go bad. I witnessed this first hand with a friend’s pit bull, who was great till she attacked one of the family. And another one who was a great family dog who killed my chained up in yard because of wandering laws in our city. So what’s the answer? Me I’m scared of pit bulls.

  29. I am glad to hear the Humane Society is investigating. There should have been criminal charges filed. Financial restitution does not right the situation completely. No matter the breed, people have to maintain control over their dogs.

  30. eyeinthesky says:

    The safety of communities across the nation are being threatened by a municipal system that fails to be pro-active, definitive, and consistent in handling of dog attacks. People and beloved pets are being mauled, injured, and killed. Survivors are often left with financial burdens.

    We need:

    1. Stricter legislation, and criminal prosecution in serious cases with gross negligence. 

    2. Mandatory liability insurance for dog owners. Insurance protects the community from financially incapable owners of dogs that attack people and leave them with unpaid bills.

    3. Ban unlicensed backyard breeding of dogs. Breeding should be left to professionals to ensure safe temperaments of dogs.

    4. Mandatory immediate confiscation of unlicensed and unvaccinated dogs 1 year or older. By this time, the owners have proven themselves unfit, and that poses a public safety hazard.

    5. Mandatory euthanasia of dogs that kill or maul a human being, or kill another
    domesticated animal. Such aggression poses an immediate risk to the community.

    Write your Governors and Senators, and ask them to protect our families and children.

  31. Carol Miller says:

    The pit bull owner should be charged with extreme cruelty to animals. The pony’s death was ghastly and extremely painful.

  32. Deb says:

    This is a sad story and my heart hurts for the pony and the family. Please stop blaming the “Pit Bulls” though!
    Dogs are dogs and it’s the owner to blame. The dogs should have never been outside alone and allowed to run the neighborhood. We have both Pit Bulls and Horses, along with other farm animals and because we are responsible pet owners, no one gets hurt. Let’s blame the irresponsiblilty of the owner and not the dogs.

  33. Percy's Mother says:

    I’m so sick of this garbage. So the guy was “cited”. In essence, he gets off scott free.

    Here’s my story:
    I was walking my newly adopted rescue dog (very badly abused and beaten by the previous owner) down my street one evening last summer. One of the people who lives a few houses down lets his 2 dogs run loose. No fence. I’d only had the dog 5 days. As I walked the dog past THAT house, the 2 dogs ran out from behind the house and both attacked my dog and took a chunk out of his back leg. Somehow I manged to get out of the situation (but injured my Achilles tendon in the process. My dog needed immediate attention. It was after hours. I called Flagler Animal Hospital and then proceeded to try to get my dog into the car. He couldn’t jump because of the injury. So it was very difficult to get an 80 pound injured dog into the car to get him to the emergency vet. On getting to Flagler Animal Hospital, it was determined my dog needed immediate surgery. He then required hospitalization. Vet bill. The City of Palm Coast basically issued a citation and the 2 attacking dogs were impounded in the neighbors house for 10 days. I asked the people to pay the vet bill. They ignored my request. Then one morning, 3 months later, I was walking the dog and the neighbor with the 2 attacking dogs was standing by his mail box and started using profane language towards me. For what? So basically, the owners of the 2 dogs that attacked my dog suffered no repercussions. My poor dog suffered physically from the attack. Yes, animals have a nervous system . . . they do feel pain.

    Now there’s another guy in the neighborhood who lets his 2 dogs run loose. Other people in the neighborhood have complained to the City of Palm Coast. Again, nothing done. One day, a human being will be mauled and/or killed all due to these low life people letting their animals run loose. I could go on, but I think the point is made. There should be criminal prosecution for things such as this, but at this time, these low life people get a slap on the wrist and the problem continues. I can’t imagine what pain and terror that poor horse experienced.

  34. That poor pony. Just awful!!

  35. 1st of all, if we are going to cite statistics, lets get the correct info out there..firstly, a very large percentage of dog bites and “attacks” are preventable. By keeping your dogs contained. Secondly, a large majority of the dogs involved in these cases are instantly labeled as “pitbulls”, any dog with a ” block style ” head is labeled as a pitbull..I’ve seen dogs come into shelters who were boxer mixes, who were instantly labeled as pitbulls, when in fact they weren’t. I’ve seen rottie mixes labeled as pits, as well as mastiffs. While the owner of the pony has zero fault in any of this, the owner of the dog deserves 100% of the blame. You simply do not allow your pets to run at large, period. I have a Newfoundland Border Collie cross.. Both of those breeds are known to be friendly and wonderful family dogs, as well as with children..And guess what? She HATES people she doesn’t know. She growls, barks, and would give chase, if given the know what I do? I keep her out of any situation where any problems might occur. That is the solution to these problems. Train your dog, and keep them out of situations that could get them or others in trouble. I don’t know Me Weeks, but I’ve read plenty of his constant legal troubles.. This POS has zero respect for himself, others, or the he damn sure isn’t going to show respect for his neighbors or his own dogs.

  36. GY says:

    When someone adopts any animal from Humane Society, they sign an unenforceable agreement to NOT give the dog to anyone else. Humane Society should find a way to do better follow ups on adoptions especially in the case of dogs of any breed resembling pits…other breeds as well. Not easy to do…Costs time and money to do follow ups. I hope that the Weeks will be held responsible in some way. So sad.

  37. Denise says:

    Omg…I am so sorry this happened to your pony, how horrible to watch. I just don’t get how pet owners can be so irresponsible and then not take ownership that both dogs were his dogs or in his care. There is a law in Florida, a leash law and a lot of people don’t follow it. My daughter was attacked by six pit bulls on highway 11 while waiting for a client to how property to. The owner did not have home owners insurance and also filed bankruptcy to avoid paying her hospital bills. She was severely traumatized and took a lot of sutures to her arm, legs and buttocks. Something more needs to be done so the people who own these dogs have a more severe punishment. God Bless!

  38. Bunnell Native says:

    The sooner him and his mother are in prison, the sooner they will quit making headline news!

  39. How horrible….my condolences to the family. Something needs to be done so owners of vicious dogs (not just pit bulls) are held accountable for their loose dog’s actions….they are to be leashed or in a fenced yard….come on, how hard is that? Keep your dogs under control or don’t have them!

  40. Nearby, such a sad story.


    I don’t believe it.

    10 comments in and I get to be the one to say, “yet another Weeks family dog and pony show.”

  42. Dawn says:

    The problem lies with the dog owners,not the breed. Dogs with “bad” temperaments should never be bread. ie aggressive or fear biters. Good dogs can be ruined by stupid owners who purchase/adopt an animal and have no clue how to raise it! A responsible dog owner should never allow a dog to put his mouth on a human of other animal! When a dog nips at a person/animal it is considered a correction. A mother dog will do this to her puppies as she is teaching them to behave. If the dog is allowed to continue to correct a person the corrections will only to get harsher as the dog sees fit. Next thing you know they want to ban all “pit bulls” because the owner could not trouble themselves to pick up a book and educate themselves on how to care properly for the animal. I call this a stupid human trick! If a dog bites a person unfortunately the dog must be put down.

  43. Rick Stevens says:

    Whenever any of the loose dogs get on your property just shoot and kill them or put poisoned meat out for them for when you’re not home.

  44. It’s not the dog. It’s the owner.

  45. Humaine Society should not alllow bulldogs to be adopted says:

    Why would the Humaine Society allow dangerous animals (pitt bulls) to be adopted? Because they did, they should be held responsible because they know this breed of animal is not to be trusted. The owner who did not follow the rules to transfer ownership when he knew and ageed to do so also should be held accountable. Coming down on violators who dont follow ownership transfer requirements by holding them liabile would make those who own dogs like this to think twice before adopting them and violating agreements. What good is the agreement if it’s not required to be followed? The where abouts of these animals needs to be known at all times. I have never understood why anyone would want a dog like this, and don’t understand why Terrell was neglegent by not calling law enforcement the first time the bull dogs were on his property; doing so could have been prevented this tragedy. If the Humaine Society doesn’t want the responsibility and expense to follow up on pitt bull adoptions-DON’T ALLOW THEM TO BE ADOPTED! It is neglegent for the Humaine Society to not keep track of dangerous animals they allow to be adopted.

  46. Bob K says:

    I am sorry to hear about this Charles; I know the girls must be devastated…and nice shooting, by the way. I am so sick of hearing about how great these dogs are, and it’s not the dog it’s the owner and blah blah blah. It IS the dog, it IS the breed. No other dog has such a powerful bite; in Atlanta one disabled an ambulance by biting it. Oh sure, they are great family dogs and will protect the owner; the problem comes when they “protect” the owner from a six year old that wonders into the owner’s yard, or what the dog believes is his yard. Every one of these dogs should be shot. Get a poodle, a German Shepard, a Lab, or anything else. Yes, they may bite, but they won’t, for the most part, rip your face off. I have six horses, two dogs, chickens, cats, rabbits, reptiles, and most importantly, two daughters in my yard, and if one of these bastards makes an appearance it will be lights out, end of story. Nuke ’em all.

  47. Jason Ray says:

    They were not bred to be loving dogs. They are a vicious breed meant to maul. Rottweilers were bred for guard and attack. Research the breed before buying a dog.

  48. Deepest Sympathies to the Terrell family. What a horrific event to witness.

  49. Craig says:

    Bad owners own all breeds. They aren’t out there killing like pit bulls are. Pit bulls kill scores of horses a year.

  50. This whole story makes me sick to my stomach I hope that an attorney can be contacted.

  51. Fred says:

    I once saw a pack of dogs break into a chicken coup and proceeded to rip the heads off 1 hundred chickens. When I entered they turned and came after me. Fortunately the owner and myself where carrying Remington 870 pumps with 00 Buck shot. We proceeded to blow the heads off each of the five killer dogs…Once a dog gets a taste of blood, they will NEVER be safe for society !!!

  52. Sad ! People are so stupid!

  53. Claire Alexander says:

    Whoa there, don’t blame the dogs? Uh, I believe it was the two dogs that attacked and killed the pony. Don’t even try to make excuses for the actions of two dogs that could have just as easily attacked a child or an adult with the same deadly consequences. No one wants to hear that garbage.

  54. Jim says:

    I second that Bunnell Native, you could not have said it better!

  55. Geezer says:

    “Whenever any of the loose dogs get on your property just shoot and kill
    them or put poisoned meat out for them for when you’re not home.”

    Not only is this comment monumentally stupid, but also very dangerous.
    The author has never heard of secondary and tertiary poisoning, and he
    fails to consider other animals being poisoned – maybe the poor Poodle
    or Yorkie next door. Nature’s clean-up crew (vultures) don’t deserve to
    eat tainted meat.

    No animal should die that way, especially when its owner is 100% responsible.

    Pit bulls require a responsible owner, not a known troublemaker and felon.
    No animal should be owned by characters like Mr. Weeks, and the owner
    of the unfortunate words above in quotations.

  56. A1,000 will probably never replace her baby so sad

  57. Sorry about this horrific tragedy

  58. Pitbull momma says:

    So horrible what happened, but for everyone sitting here saying the breed should be banned or how they’re all horrible should shut u . How many awful kids/people come from HORRIBLE parenting? Its the same thing with dogs. No matter what the breed its all about the training and time put into the dog..if you treat it horrible or don’t properly train any dog its going to have bad behavio . Its not the breed, its the owners and how its raise . I bet half the people talking about how horrible pit bulls are have NEVER been around on . Or a properly trained one. If we should shoot and kill all pit bulls we should shoot and kill all horrible children on our property.. Breed discrimination is the same as racis .

  59. Pit Bull Bully Dog Aware says:

    It’s impossible to promote the continued breeding of bully dogs, and be educated about bully dog behavior, and be compassionate,
    and honest at the same time.

    Bully people tell us every time they post that they do not care about bully dog victims (pets/horses/ farm animals/people) and they do not care about bully dog welfare either.

    They tell us they only care about self, ego, and their ability to monger the dog of their choice.

    The disproportionate suffering and death, both caused by bully dogs and suffered by bully dogs, is acceptable to bully dog mongers. Proof is their refusal to offer or accept ways to reduce the bully dog crisis.

    Bully people are like the firefighters who are also arsonists.
    They need bully dogs overpopulation and suffering so they can rescue bully dogs, so they can be heros and so they can hate those who disagree with them.

    When bully dog people get all riled up over a particular bully dog situation here and there, that’s not because they truly care about bully dogs, that’s because they love to fight.

  60. Pit Bull Bully Dog Aware says:

    This attack was “good” pit bull behavior. Read bully books by Armitage, Colby, Stratton, Link.

    Good pits mature, without abuse or training, to have the drive to attack their own family, their own kind, unprovoked and prolonged and sometimes to kill or die tryin.

    These defects are essential for dog fighting. Proof that pits are the best at these sociopathic behaviors is the fact that all NA and UK dog fighters choose pits.

  61. ToTheLackOfEducated says:

    Condolences to the family of their loss of their Remy. May you find peace in soon time.
    To the uneducated, lack of knowledge “anti pittbull” commenters….
    Before smashing a breed purely on lack of knowledge, I feel sorry that you have been so early brain washed by social media and other outlets! Just because this is the breed slandered the most, does not make the the judgment fair. Do further research and you will find that yourself.
    An animals behavior is purely the product of The OWNERS, NOT THE ANIMAL!
    I myself have and still do own pitbulls (for nearly 20 years) as well as 5 children, 5 rescue cats, rabbits, ferrets, pot bellied pigs, mini goats, and 2 Horses!! And guess what, in all of my years as the parent and owners of all, in all the years, the only horrific accident we have ever had happen to not any of the animals, but my son who was only 1 1/2 at the time,when my husband and I decided we wanted to rescue a dog from Halifax Humane Society, a “supposed best family dog” a 1 year old Golden Retriever that we thought we could give a great home and family, with that said, the fourth day from the day we brought him home, we as a family were enjoying a nice day in our yard with our 3 children at the time, our 2 pittbulls and the newest addition, the Golden Retriever.
    Kids and dogs were playing and all seemed well until in a split second I heard the scream a mother never forgets…. My baby boy being shaken violently, before I could get the dog off of him he had already ripped my son terribly. My then 6 year old daughter was the one that witnessed what had happened, my son leaned on the dog as he would our other dogs and for reasons unknown the dog instantly attacked.
    Many stitches and lots of mental trauma later, my son became scared of all dogs for many years.
    Bottom line, after going after Halifax Humane society through the courts to recover medical expenses for over a year, not one time did this incident make a headline!!! Go figure!!
    Point being, any dog is capable of aggresion, media only focuses on one breed ironically though!!!
    Time to wake up and stop labeling the Pittbull breed as the problem, and open eyes to poor owners , and lack of proper education of any pet. We still have 2 pit bull family members, and always will.

  62. CL says:

    Horrible! Give me a friendly intelligent obedient german shepherd ANY DAY. Has anyone EVER seen soldiers or police with trained PIT BULLS? NOPE, it’s always german shepherds. I just read another story today about a pack of pitt bulls that mauled a woman to death today. Not german sheperds, not labs, not wiemeraners, not poodles, not collies, not even dobermans – it was and always is PIT BULLS. BAN the breed.

  63. Ava says:

    It’s like every day, another incident happens! I’m so tired of hearing about innocent people, especially babies, the elderly and poor defenseless animals being attacked, unprovoked!! It’s sickening. People have to carry a weapon just to take a walk or to walk their own pet, it’s ridiculous!

  64. Ava says:

    Percy’s Mother,
    You are so right and I feel for your pain just as I feel for this family’s pain. It’s very common for the offending owners to have little done in the way of punishment. It’s also true that the offending party gets very verbally abusive towards the victims. If that’s all that has happened, the verbal abuse, then you got off lucky. If it has been less than a year, I would seek remedy through the small claims court, you definitely have a case. If it’s been longer than a year, check with an attorney. I’m not an attorney so I’m not positive about the time limits in which you have to file in your jurisdiction, etc…. But it might be worth looking into. Make this idiot pay for your pain and your dog’s pain. Plus it will teach him not to be a jerk to the victim of a dog attack. Good luck and I hope you and your dog have recovered.

  65. Trumpster says:

    What’s he going to do now that Mom’s going to jail?

  66. Jim Ohlin says:

    Why is Weeks not charged with making false statements to a law enforcement officer? What is the relationship between the Weeks family and the sheriff? Has the victimized family considered contacting the state’s Attorney General about this? Will Flagler Live contact the Florida A.G. for a comment on whether this case was handled appropriately by the sheriff?

    When is this sheriff up for re-election?

  67. erin says:

    Let’s not point fingers on the breed or shelter.point fingers at the Owner of dogs . Remember their leash laws even in country living.My heart is for family that loss this pony, let’s be grateful that no human was hurt.

  68. Samuel L. Bronkowitz says:

    Percy’s Mother is correct, he’s basically off scott free. My wife and I had a similar incident happen and the police response was exactly the same, and since it’s a civil matter they can walk on the tab. And they did, to the tune of about $3000.

  69. Side Show Lawyer says:

    How is this not felony cruelty to animals:
    FL Statute 818.12.2
    A person who intentionally commits an act to any animal which results in the cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering, or causes the same to be done, is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or by a fine of not more than $10,000, or both.

    key being “or causes the same to be done”

  70. Robert says:

    Sounds like the dogs attacked the wrong animal.


    Yeah, Corey, those Chihuahua bites can be devastating.

  72. Igato Takalika says:

    Only a few comments for the fracking story,and over 30 for this report.Fracking contaminates our water supply and will ultimately cause more deaths than pit bulls ever will. The only reason there is such an outcry about these dogs is because a Weeks is involved.

  73. Dave says:

    Pit Bulls, you always read about these dogs attacking people and other animals. yesterday in Sanford 5 pit bulls were mauling a woman in an apartment. You just don’t read about a Collie, a Lab or the Beagle or the dreaded attack Chihuahua attacking people it is always PIT BULLS… Its about time the state did something about these dogs.

  74. Jim Ohlin says:

    How many deaths are caused by chihuahas and poodles each year?

    Now look into the ongoing story of Alexandria Griffin-Heady who showered her 3 pitbulls with love and affection. Then they ripped her 9 year old brother apart and killed him. The sherrif there has recommended that she be charged with a felony. So much for the argument that these things only happen because of bad owners.

  75. confidential says:

    I have no words to express my sadness for this tragedy…

  76. just a reminder says:

    Before pit bulls German shepherds WERE the scapegoat, and then it was Dobermans and then Rottweiler’s now its the dog people would like to call a PIT BULL which is any dog that has terrier in it if you want the specific truth

  77. just a reminder says:

    For all of us pit bull connoisseurs.

  78. Why says:

    What did Terrell do the first time the dog came on his property, feed it, so it returned? Why didn’t he shoot the dog then? Surely he knew the reputation of pitt bulls and should have then thought about protecting his big horses and kids that come on his property. Being proactive would have spared this pony life. Everyone knows this breed of dog is not to be trusted. With that being said, why would the Humaine Society have allowed Miles to adopt this animal in November when doing so may have put even a child at risk? Selling a defective car makes the seller responsible. Selling this defective dog makes the Humaine Society responsible. Even more so because they had a contract with Miles as to what to do with the adopted dog if he couldn’t keep it and the contract is apparently not worth the paper it is written on. No one should trust an animal they don’t know. Pitt bulls should not be allowed to be adopted. Owners of these animals cannot predict what they will do and when.

  79. Geezer says:

    I have owned 3 pit bulls in my life and never had a problem, and that’s no accident.
    When you adopt one of these animals, you have to have the time, and take the time
    to properly socialize your dog(s). You have to train the dog to be 100% obedient,
    and you must exercise the dogs being that they’re a working breed.
    Never leave them in your yard unsupervised. I went many years without a vacation
    so that my dogs would never be entrusted to others.

    Your dog isn’t a handgun, nor is it an extension of your “thing.” So if you’re feeling
    “inadequate,” don’t use a pit bull to give you that missing self-esteem.
    Pets are to love and protect. You protect them, not the other way around.
    If you disagree – perhaps a powerful dog breed isn’t for you. Get a cat instead.
    Get a pet rock.

    The sad thing about responsibly owning pit bulls is that even if you’re in the right, you’re
    in the wrong because of the bad rep these loyal dogs have gotten thanks to the low-lives
    that breed them for licit purposes, or the lazy, ignorant asses that allow their animals
    to be out of control and attack people or their innocent pets.

    So yes, I’d like to see the breed regulated. I don’t believe in notifying insurance companies,
    but would like to see mandatory licensing, and tattooing (license number) of these dogs.
    Owners need to be accountable, and should pay the steepest price when their animal
    harms someone or their pet.

    Why are people so ignorant when it comes to training dogs with all the resources available?
    Why the f*** do people still hit dogs with newspaper when they void in the house?
    F***ing ignorance! If everybody used the Cesar Millan approach to dog training, incidents
    like the beautiful pony getting killed this way wouldn’t happen.

    For Mr. Weeks to pay just $1000,00 and wash his hands of the matter is a disgrace.
    That is not justice, not by a long shot. Does anyone here have the stomach to visualize
    that poor horse’s suffering? Imagine having YOUR nose and mouth ripped off by some
    creepy neighbor’s dogs…………1000 dollars!

    This story makes me ill, and I’m in good company judging by the many comments.

    Let this story be a warning to you if you have unruly dogs. If this is the case take
    immediate action. That is, if you’re a decent human-being.

    I know you won’t though….

  80. Anonymous says:

    So Sad. I am so sorry.. I’m a animal lover but the owner of these dogs should be prosecuted as this has not be the first time he has been warned about these dogs.. The restitution doesn’t even begin to cover the grief and anguish he has put this family through. In my prayers.

  81. GT says:

    Once again the Weeks family can do anything they want and get away with it.

  82. Outsider says:

    So I have a question for all the ardent pit bull defendears here. You all seem to be in agreement that it is the raising of the pit bull that causes it to attack. So why then would anyone ever take a “rescue” dog and allow it to live their family if they had no idea how the dog was raised? Why would the Humane Society EVER adopt one out if they could not ascertain whether it was “raised” properly? The statement that only the owner determines how the dog behaves is ignorant. All animals, be it a dog, cat, bird or cockroach have instinctive behaviors that they will act upon. Did anyone have to train their cat to chase ball on a string? Who has trained their dog go lift it’s leg to pee on a tree? No one has. To the non-PETA types and the rest of the population not suffering from the effects of that frontal lobotomy, there seems to be an instinctive behavior in these animals that tells them if they attack another living being, do it with a ferociousness that doesn’t stop until the victim is dead.

  83. A.G.B. says:

    enlightening and a sad , horrible tragedy, heartfelt sadness for the pony and family, used to be in other counties…owners had to carry one million dollar insurance policy and the dog wore a muzzle outside the home and incidents cost the owner a lot more than $1000. fine. We are talking.. a LIFE TAKEN here … no matter if it be equine, canine, feline, everyone is right ! IT COULD HAVE BEEN A CHILD.. jail time, just putting it out there.

  84. groot says:

    The Weeks family seems to be a pox on this county.

  85. A.G.B. says:

    Just putting it out there,, owners should have a million dollar insurance policy and the dog should have to wear muzzle and be leashed outside the home. The owners should be fined more than a simple $1000. This is a sad horrible tragedy. ANY LIFE TAKEN is, whether it be equine,,feline,,canine , everybody that said it is RIGHT!
    IT COULD HAVE BEEN A CHILD. Heartfelt sadness for the pony and the family.

  86. Jim Ohlin says:

    Geezer, from yout first sentence I’d thought you were going to be just another selfish, childish pitbull promoter. Instead, it turns out that you are the exact opposite and I compliment you on your post.

  87. jp says:

    While station in Germany, the German government outlawed dangerous dogs threw out the country after a child was killed by a pitbull. Some Governments have common sense……

  88. Anonymous says:

    What are the sanctions for not turning the dog back in to the Humaine Society to transfer ownership? Did Miles get in a bad situation and dump the dog on Weeks? Did Miles not want the dog because he didn’t trust it? The Humaine Society uthinized how many dogs last year? How many were pitt bulls?

  89. liberal says:

    Jen Arevalo, in regards to your point; What about criminals? Should any of them be allowed to exist? Horses kill people too as you may well know, so lets wipe them out as well.

    Lets also add to that list, Alligators, Sharks, Snakes, Elephants (circus too), here is a list from History List:

    Average Number of Deaths per Year in the U.S

    Bee/Wasp 53
    Dogs 31
    Spider 6.5
    Rattlesnake 5.5
    Mountain lion 1
    Shark 1
    Alligator 0.3
    Bear 0.5
    Scorpion 0.5
    Centipede 0.5
    Elephant 0.25
    Wolf 0.1
    Horse 20
    Bull 3

    So, you see the #2 animal caused deaths per year? Horses at 20.

  90. Creepy Geezer says:

    Your attack on Weeks is evident to have referred to him as a creepy neighbor. Weeks didn’t direct a dog to attack the pony, he did what a good neighbor would do.

  91. Geezer says:

    Jim Ohlin says:

    Thanks Jim, that’s very nice of you sir.

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