Command line utilities for converting CSV to JSON and for importing data into MongoDB
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jdt - JSON Data Tools

Version: 0.2

This repository contains a handful of command-line utilities and related code libraries for parsing CSVs into JSON and loading MongoDB.

They are:

  • csv2mongo - Converting a CSV into documents directly into a MongoDB database/collection.
  • json2mongo - Convert a JSON file object into a record in a MongoDB database/collection.
  • jsondir2mongo - Convert a directory of files containing JSON objects into documents in a MongoDB database/collection.


You can install the tool using pip.

To install with pip just type:

~$ sudo pip install jdt

Note: If you use sudo, the scripts will be installed at the system level and used by all users. Add --upgrade to the above install instructions to ensure you fetch the newest version.

This library assumes you have MongoDB installed and running. See for more installation and instructions for your OS.

General Usage

For info about each command type:  
<command> -h

The general rule is:

<command> <file/dir to load> <db_name> <collection_name>

By default, if you pass in db/collection name that already exists in your MongoDB, the import will only add to it. If you pass the -d option to a command, the specified collections will be dropped before importing the new data.

Also by default:

Host =
Port = 27017

These options can be changed with the --host and --port options respectively.


csv2mongo convert a CSV into a MongoDB collection. The script expects the first row of data to contain header information. Any whitespace and other funky characters in the header row are auto-fixed by converting to , _, or -.




~$ csv2mongo npidata_20050523-20140413.csv npi_database npi_collection

"num_rows_imported": 9, 
"num_csv_rows": 10, 
"code": 200, 
"message": "Completed."


json2mongo imports a JSON object file into a MongoDB document. The file is checked for validity (i.e. {}) before attempting to import it into MongoDB.




~$ json2mongo test.json npi nppes 

"num_rows_imported": 1, 
"num_file_errors": 0, 
"code": 200, 
"message": "Completed without errors."


jsondir2mongo imports a directory containing files of JSON objects to MongoDB documents. It will walk through subdirectories as well, looking for JSON files. The files are checked for validity (i.e. {}) before attempting to import it each into MongoDB. Files that are not JSON objects are automatically skipped. A summary is returned when the process ends.




~$ json2dirmongo data npi nppes 

Example output:

Clearing the collection prior to import.

Start the import of the directory data into the collection test within the database csv2json.

('Getting a list of all files for importing from', '../provider-data-tools/tests')
Done creating file list. Begin file import.
    "num_files_attempted": 31, 
    "num_files_imported": 30, 
    "num_file_errors": 1, 
    "errors": [
        "Error writing ../provider-data-tools/tests/json_schema_test.json to Mongo. (<class 'bson.errors.InvalidDocument'>, InvalidDocument(\"key '$schema' must not start with '$'\",), <traceback object at 0x7fe1941fa3b0>)"
    "code": 400, 
    "message": "Completed with errors."

In the above example, 30/31 JSON files were imported. The error reported that json_schema_test.json was an invalid JSON document and pointed out why.