An Objective-C analogue to the Python `super` class.
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A quick-and-dirty implementation of an Objective-C analogue to the Python super class.

Though Objective-C, lacking multiple inheritance, has less need than Python for something like this, it serves two purposes:

  1. Making [super respondsToSelector:] behave as naïvely expected.

Beginning Objective-C programmers often try to use [super respondsToSelector:] to test if they should send a message to super. This doesn't do what they expect; since -respondsToSelector: is rarely overridden, [super respondsToSelector:] is exactly equivalent to [self respondsToSelector:], and this method winds up returning YES when the programmer thinks it should return NO.

It's kind of weird that [super foo] and [super respondsToSelector:@selector(foo)] are out of step like this. This class harmonizes them.

  1. Making it easy to invoke grandfather implementations.

The super keyword doesn't doesn't afford access to more than one level of ancestry. This class lets you invoke any superclass's implementation of a method. This is particularly useful when overriding a buggy superclass method implementation.