Marcus Ambrose Agius and Katherine de Rothschild, and

Ambrose Agius,  Titular Archbishop of Palmyra.

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1. Mayer Amschel de Rothschild, (1745-1812), married Gutle Schnapper, with issue.
Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild, (1777-1836), Created in 1822 Baron in the Austrian Empire with his brothers, married Hannah Cohen, with issue.
1.1.1. Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, (1807-79), married Charlotte de Rothschild, (See Below), with issue. Baron Leopold de Rothschild CVO, (1845-1917), married 1881 to Marie Perugia CBE, with issue. Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, OBE, (1882-1942), married 1912 to Marie Louise Beer CSjJ, with issue. Baron Edmund de Rothschild CBE., TD, (1916-, married 1948 to Elizabeth Lentner, with issue. Baroness Katherine de Rothschild, (1949-., married 1971 to Marcus Ambrose Agius, (See Below), with issue. Marie Louise Agius de Rothschild, (1978-. Lara Sophie Agius de Rothschild, (1980-, Engaged Dec 2009 to Samuel Smith-Bosanquet.
1.2. Baron Carl Mayer de Rothschild of Naples, (1788-1855), Created with his Brothers 1822 in Austria, Baron., married Adelheid Hertz, with issue.
1.2.1. Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, married 1836 her cousin, Baron Lionel de Rothschild. (See Above)


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Agius connection


Tancredi Agius, (1827-1872), married to Saveria Sammut,  with issue.

1. Edward Tancredi Agius, (1849 Egypt-1924 London UK), married 1873 Valletta  to Contessa Maria Concetta Muscat, with issue.

1.1. Contessa Inez Agius, (1874-1916), married 1900 to Salvatore Cassar, with issue.

1.1.1. Contessa Vera Cassar, (1900-91), married 1926 to Walter Harding, with issue. Contessa Anne Harding, (1933-., married (1) to Sean Brennand, married (2) Douglas Wilmer, with issue. (First marriage) Contessa Katherine Brennand, (1963-., married (1) to Simon Comins, married (2) to William Ricks, with issue. (Second marriage) Contessa Anna Ricks, (2000-. Conte George Ricks, (2002-. Contessa Patricia Harding, (1936-36), d.inf. Contessa Jean Harding, (1940-., married 1963 to John Arkell, with issue. Conte Peter Arkell, (1963-., married 1997 to Vanessa Chesler-Leiman, with issue. Contessa Nicola Arkell, (1965-., married to James Reed, with issue. Conte James Arkell, (1972-. Conte William Harding, (1944-.

1.1.2. Conte Harold Cassar, (1901-., married to Claire McCoy., dsp.

1.1.3. Contessa Doris Cassar, (1902-).

1.1.4. Contessa Cora Cassar, (1906-30), married 1929 to Joseph Debono., with issue. Contessa Elizabeth Debono, (1930-, married 1955 to Hadrian Vincenti, with issue. Conte Gordan Vincenti, (1956-, married (1) 1976 to Kirsten Fyen, married (2) to Tina Horn, with issue. (First Marriage) Conte Jonas Vincenti, (1979-. (Second Marriage) Conte Mads Vincenti, (1988-. Conte Emil Vincenti, (1991-. Conte Gareth Vincenti, (1957-, married 1978 to Jane Ensor, with issue. Conte James Vincenti, (1982-. Contessa Alexandria Vincenti, (1983-.

1.1.5. Conte Tony Cassar, (1909-88), married 1951 to Winifred Galea, with issue. Contessa Jennifer Cassar, (1952-, married 1981 to Keith Hamer, with issue. Contessa Anna Hamer. Contessa George Hamer. Contessa Stephanie Hamer. Contessa Diana Cassar, (1956-. Contessa Sarah Cassar, (1962-., married to Edward Bonnici, with issue. Contessa Sophie Bonnici, (1990-. (Natural with N. Briffa) Harry Briffa, (2002-.

1.1.6. Contessa Ines Cassar, (1916-99), married 1941 to Adolf Wetz, with issue. Contessa Stephanie Wetz, (1942-., married 1964 to Edward Stilon, with issue. Conte Stefan Stilon, (1965-., married 2000 to Rachel Pisani, with issue. Conte Sean Stilon. Conte Edward Stilon. Contessa Karin Wetz, (1943-., married 1964 to Joseph Depasquale, with issue. Contessa Kristina Despasquale, (1965-, married 1989 to Christopher Imm, with issue. Contessa Francesca Imm. Contessa Nicholas Imm. Conte Jean Pierre Depasquale, (1966-. Contessa Teresa Despasquale, (1967-., married 2001 to David Baker. Conte Anthony Wetz, (1952-., married 1977 to Victoria Degiorgio, with issue. Contessa Alexia Wetz, (1978-. Contessa Sarah Wetz, (1980-. Contessa Maria Wetz, (1985-. Contessa Anna Wetz, (1954-., married 1986 to Rudolph L. Busuttil, with issue. Conte Christopher Busuttil, (1987-.

1.2. Conte Edward Agius, (1875-1904), married 1900 to Florence McCoy, dsp.

1.3. Contessa Laura Agius, (1876-1969), married (1) 1903 to Hugh Burns, married (2) to Charles Mompalao de Piro, with issue.

1.3.1. (First Marriage) Conte Hugh Burns, (1904-78), married 1935 to Maria Ellul Grech, with issue. Contessa Mary Rose Burns, (1936-, married 1957 to Christopher Bennett, with issue. Contessa Catheryn Bennett, (1958-, married 1983 to Robert Woods, with issue. Conte Charles Woods. Contessa Laura Woods. Contessa Elizabeth Bennett, (1959-. Contessa Jeanne Bennett, (1961-2005), with issue. Andrew Bennett. Conte David Bennett, (1963-. Conte Roger Bennett, (1965-, married 1991 to Martha McLachan, with issue. Conte Kieran Bennett. Contessa Rachel Bennett, (1968-. Conte Hugh Burns, (1937-, married 1963 to Jacqueline Krauth, with issue. Conte Anthony Burns, (1964-., married 1993 to Jacqueline Wiley, with issue. Conte Jonathan Burns, (1998-. Conte Michael Burns, (2001-. Conte Mark Burns, (1967-. Conte Paul Burns, (1940-, married 1963 to Carole Irving, with issue. Contessa Jennifer Burns, (1964-. Contessa Elizabeth Burns, (1965-, with issue. Alexander Burns. Conte Edward Burns, (1968., married 2002 to Caroline Wakeham, with issue. Conte Theodore Burns. Contessa Lucia Burns, (1968-., married 2004 to Darren May. Contessa Katherine Burns, (1973-. Contessa Joanna "Nita" Burns, (1942-., married 1970 to Colin Crome, with issue. Conte Paul Crome, (1971-, married 2007 to Caroline Beail, with issue. Contessa Henrietta Crowe. Contessa Sara Crome, (1975-, married 2004 Mdina Cathedral to James Wilson, with issue. Contessa Emma Wilson. Contessa Patricia Burns, (1949-., married 1966 to Matthew Ruffell, with issue. Conte James Ruffell, (1967-. Conte Peter Ruffell, (1974-. Contessa Elizabeth Burns, (1946-., married 1968 to John Dymond, with issue. Conte Christopher Dymond, (1968-, married 2005 to Rose Atkinson, with issue. Conte Lucas Dymond. Conte Michael Dymond, (1972-. Contessa Teresa Dymond, (1974-. Conte Nicholas Dymond, (1983-.

1.3.2. Contessa Ethel Burns, (1906-94), married 1935 to Dino Camiciottoli-Innocenti, with issue. Conte Giampiero Camiciottoli-Innocenti, (1936- married 1965 to Lucia Giannini, with issue. Conte Lorenzo Camiciottoli-Innocenti, (1965-, married 1993 to Ilaria Scali, with issue. Conte Filippo Camiciottoli-Innocenti. Conte Leonardo Camiciottoli-Innocenti. Contessa Francesca Camiciottoli-Innocenti, (1967-79), dunm.

1.3.3. Contessa Josephine Burns, (1908-96), married 1931 to Dr Joseph Debono MD, with issue.

1.4. Contessa Mabel Agius, (1877-1943), married 1901 to Anthony Arrigo, with issue.

1.5. Conte Charlie Agius, (1878-79), d.inf.

1.6. Contessa Marie Agius, (1880-1959), married 1901 to Francis De Naro., with issue.

1.7. Conte Edmund "Jack" Agius, (1881-88), d.inf.

1.8. Contessa Marguerite Eugenie Evangeline "Daisy" Agius, (1882-1971), dunm.

1.9. Conte Joseph Agius, (1884-1960), married 1909 to Margaret Samut, with issue.

1.9.1. Conte Edward Agius, (1912-2003), married 1939 to Muriel Tozer, with issue. Conte Michael Agius, (1944-., married 1968 to Mary Pontifex, with issue. Conte Dominic Agius, (1969-. Contessa Victoria Agius, (1971-., married 1996 to Bill Peck, with issue. Contessa Madeline Peck. Conte James Peck. Conte James Agius, (1975-. Contessa Sophie Agius, (1976-. Conte Harry Agius, (1986-. Contessa Anne Agius, (1946-., married 1974 to Philip Lucas, with issue. Conte Edward Lucas, (1976-. Contessa Katherine Lucas, (1978-. Conte Daniel Lucas, (1980-. Contessa Philippa Lucas, (1982-. Contessa Pauline Agius, (1949-., married 1973 to Gordan Crawford, with issue. Conte Ben Crawford, (1977-. Contessa Gemma Crawford, (1979-. Conte Peter Agius, (1953-., married 1977 to Marilyn Daly, with issue. Contessa Eleanor Agius, (1982-. Conte Richard Agius, (1985-.

1.9.2. Conte Joseph Agius, (1913-96), dunm.

1.9.3. Contessa Marie Agius, (1916-67), dunm.

1.9.4. Contessa Suzanne Agius, (1918-, married 1943 to Patrick McEvoy.

1.9.5. Conte Richard Agius, (1920-., married (1) 1957 to Dorothy Phillips, married (2) Jean Hooper, with issue. (First Marriage) Conte Anthony Agius, (1958-. Conte Phillip Agius, (1960-., married 1991 to Sandra Linn, with issue. Conte Matthew Agius. Contessa Louise Agius.

1.10. Contessa Connie Agius, (1885-1975), married 1908 to Harry King, with issue.

1.10.1. Contessa Dorothy King, (1911-2000), married 1934 to Tom Brandreth, with issue.

1.10.1. Conte Thomas Brandreth, (1942-, married 1974 to Frances Coates, with issue. Contessa Camilla Brandreth, (1979-. Contessa Louise Brandreth, (1982-. Contessa Camilla Brandreth, (1945-., married 1972 to Anthony King, with issue. Contessa Claire King, (1973-. Conte William King, (1976-. Conte Christopher King, (1978-.

1.11. Conte Alfred Agius, (1887-1969), married 1934 to Ena Hueffer,  with issue.

1.11.1. Contessa Mary Agius, (1936-, married 1964 to Lawrence Laurie, with issue. Contessa Cara Laurie, (1967-, married 1989 to Stephen Moore, with issue. Conte Laurence Moore. Conte Archie Moore. Conte Percy Moore. Contessa Lucia Laurie, (1969-, married 1995 to Charles Paravicini, with issue. Contessa Sophie Paravicini. Contessa Charlotte Paravicini. Contessa Emilia Laurie, (1974-.

1.11.2. Conte Tancred Agius, (1939-., married 1970 to Wikki Uniacke, with issue. Contessa Alexandra Agius, (1972-, married 1998 to Matt Stevenson, with issue. Conte Carter Stevenson. Contessa Georgina Agius, (1976-., married 2003 to Tim Tarasow.

1.11.3. Contessa Veronica Agius, (1940-., married to Roger Smith, with issue. Contessa Angela Smith (is now known as Rachel Langham), (1965-.

1.11.4. Conte Victor Agius, (1942-., married (1) 1975 to Sandi Henderson, married (2) Joan Martin.

1.11.5. Conte Marcus Ambrose Agius, (1946-., married 1971 to Baroness Kate de Rothschild, with issue. Contessa Marie Louise Agius de Rothschild, (1978-.
1.5.2. Contessa Lara Sophie Agius de Rothschild, (1980-, Engaged Dec 2009 to Samuel Smith-Bosanquet. .

1.11.6. Contessa Concetta Agius, (1948-., married 1988 to Stuart Knee. (natural) Maria Theresa Agius. (now known as Natasha Peachey)., (1971-.

1.12. Conte Edgar Agius, (1888-1969), married 1921 to Adela Hallon-Hall, with issue.

1.12.1. Conte Peter Agius, (1922-., married 1951 to Pauline Smith, with issue. Contessa Carolyn Agius, (1953-, married to Andrew Barron, with issue. Contessa Alicia Agius-Barron, (1982-. Contessa Hannah Agius-Barron, (1984-. Conte Clare Agius, (1955-., married to Rodney Jameson, with issue. Conte Giles Jameson, (1985-. Conte Dominic Jameson, (1987-. Conte Martin Agius, (1957-., married 1983 to Christine Church, with issue. Contessa Charlotte Agius, (1986-. Contessa Francesca Agius, (1988-. Conte Rupert Agius, (1990-.

1.13. Conte Arthur Agius, (1893-1979), married 1916 to Evelyn "Dolly" Noel, dsp.

1.14. Conte Richard Agius, (1896-1917), dunm, killed in Action near Poelcapelle during the Battle of Paschendaele.

2. Julia  "sives Giula" Agius, married Edgar Vella.

3. Ambrose Agius, (1856 Alexandria, Egypt-1911), Titular Archbishop of Palmyra., dunm.

4. Edgar Agius.

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