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USA, Mexico and Canada to host 2026 World Cup
World Cup 25 minutes ago
A joint bid between the USA, Canada and Mexico has beaten out Morocco to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
Here's what George Lucas wanted to do with the Star Wars sequels
Movies 59 minutes ago
Lucas had begun to develop his own sequel trilogy, before selling the franchise to Disney who ultimately rejected his ideas. Artist Livio Ramondelli (@LivioRamondelli) came across some hints about the direction those films could have taken.
Trump hits back at 'Punchy' Robert De Niro after actor's Tonys speech
Politics 30 minutes ago
Hours after landing from the summit in Singapore with North Korea, US President Donald Trump has hit back at actor Robert De Niro's expletive-filled speech at the Tony Awards on Sunday. The film star called Trump's actions "idiotic" during the speech.
Spain coach sacked one day before the World Cup
World Cup 1 hour ago
Earlier this week, Julen Lopetegui agreed to take over at Real Madrid at the end of the World Cup. Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales reacted by announcing Lopetegui had been fired as coach. The team plays its opening match against Portugal on Friday.
Spanish journalist uses Google Translate to bypass French conference rule
Football 5 hours ago
French football player Antoine Griezmann's media conference required journalists to ask questions in French in order to avoid any speculation about the player's future. One Spanish journalist found a loophole to bypass this rule.
A mother is still searching for her daughter abducted by North Korea
Sakie Yokota's daughter was abducted by North Korean agents in 1977, and the fight to get her back continues
Paul Ryan announces immigration votes to stave off Republican mutiny
Politics Last night
After moderate Republicans joined House Democrats in threatening to force a vote to extend protections for so-called "Dreamers," or undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children, Ryan announced he would allow a vote on immigration issues in the House next week.
The world anxiously awaits the fate of a raccoon that climbed a skyscraper
US news 2 hours ago
A raccoon that found itself stuck on the UBS building in St. Paul, Minnesota, decided the only way to go was up. The raccoon made it to the 23rd story before eventually arriving safely at the roof.
This cheerleader said she was fired for posting this photo
And it's an ongoing issue. More than one former cheerleader is filing a complaint against the NFL for its unfair rules.
One request for Photoshopped honeymoon pictures yielded interesting results
Haha Yesterday
YouTube star Jack Douglass (@jacksfilms) issued a challenge to spice up a picture from his honeymoon, and fans did not disappoint.
South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford concedes in primary after Trump attack
Politics Last night
Just three hours before polls closed in South Carolina, Trump endorsed the lawmaker's primary challenger, Katie Arrington, and referenced Sanford's disappearance to Argentina in 2009. Sanford, a Republican Trump critic, appeared to concede after falling behind Arrington.
FBI agent who accidentally shot a man while dancing charged with assault
US news Yesterday
An off-duty FBI agent who unintentionally shot a man at a Denver bar after doing a dance floor backflip has been charged with second-degree assault.
Ninja and Marshmello win Fortnite celebrity Pro-Am
Gaming Last night
The streamer and DJ proved to be an unstoppable duo as they took home the win in Epic Games' first-ever Fortnite Pro-Am.
Bye, bye Vuvuzelas: Spoons are the musical instrument for the 2018 World Cup
World Cup 3 hours ago
Eight years after plastic vuvuzela horns dominated the 2010 tournament, fans in Russia will instead celebrate by using their lozhkas, spoons that beat out an "insistent, but quieter rhythm."
Why the UK is being accused of hypocrisy over medical marijuana use
Health 2 hours ago
A report in The Times reveals that the UK is the world's largest exporter of legal marijuana despite its use being illegal in Britain. The Home Office recently seized cannabis oil from 12-year-old Billy Caldwell who was prescribed the drug by his GP to help control seizures, leading to calls for the law to be changed.
Daily Briefing: Brexit debate, Tesla cuts, Ivanka's mystifying tweet
From the latest on the Brexit debate in UK parliament to the hubbub on China’s social media over Ivanka Trump's tweet, catch up on the global headlines.
Probably best not to invite an NFL kicker to your kickball game
NFL Yesterday
In the Gano household, a family game of kickball isn't very fair when dad's playing.
Mother with no regard for 'boundaries' gets Andrew Garfield to record a video for her son
Celebrity Yesterday
She may have interrupted his lunch, but Andrew Garfield wants you to know @itsianpalmer and @palmeremily6's mother is "very sweet."
Jury orders Rams to pay Reggie Bush $12.5 million for 2015 injury
NFL Yesterday
In the 2015 49ers season opener against the Rams, Bush suffered a season-ending meniscus tear in his left knee after slipping on the concrete surrounding the field at Edward Jones Dome. Bush retired two years later, but sued the Rams and multiple St. Louis public agencies, alleging that they were negligent and the injury affected his free agency prospects.
Waluigi was snubbed from "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate." Outrage ensued.
Before Nintendo’s Direct this week, fans anticipated that Waluigi would finally join the "Super Smash bros." roster. Maybe Waluigi’s fandom had memed so hard that Nintendo would have no choice but to recognize his true power. They had other plans.