Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Bill's Friends Sihanoukville Group of Alcoholics Anonymous

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015 667 385 +855 015 667 385


Group AA Meetings:

Tuesdays at 5 PM (17:00)

Fridays at 11 AM (11:00)


Note:  Friday meetings are "Closed" meetings.

( From    Attendance at closed meetings is limited to persons who have a desire to stop drinking. )



2nd Floor at Don Bosco Gelato Italiano Italian Ice Cream

(Enter the restaurant, walk to the rear, and go up 2 flights of stairs)



The Meeting is in Downtown Sihanoukville.

The Meeting is one block up the Hill from the main street (Ekareach Street) near where the Canadia Bank is here in Downtown Sihanoukville.

If You are going toward Downtown from Ochheuteal Beach on the main Street which is Ekareach Street turn right at the intersection where Canadia Bank is located and go up the hill for one block.

On Your left You'll see two Streets that run parallel to one another with what used to be a buss mall between the two parallel Streets.

Cross the first of the two parallel Streets and turn left on the second of the two parallel Streets and Don Bosco Gelato Italiano Italian Ice Cream  /  Ice Café and Restaurant Gelato Italiano will be the second or third place from the corner at the end of the block.

Meeting is held on the 2nd Floor.  Enter the restaurant, walk to the rear, and go up 2 flights of stairs.

Several AA People have gotten a bit confused looking for the Meeting because there are a few Don Bosco facilities in Sihanoukville.  However, a Tuk Tuk Driver should easily be able to get You to the Meeting if he knows that the Meeting is at "Don Bosco Gelato Italiano Italian Ice Cream" in Downtown Sihanoukville near where the Canadia Bank is located.




In addition to Our regular Meetings, we have on occasion been meeting with people for AA Fellowship (not a regular meeting) at the Holy Cow Restaurant because it is reasonably private and it is very easy to find.

To get to the Holy Cow Restaurant: Walk 2 minutes from downtown towards Ochheuteal beach on the main street (Ekareach Street). (or take a motorcycle taxi 30 seconds) (As You're going toward Ochheuteal beach it will be on the left side of Ekareach Street.)


The local members would also be happy to meet with you privately.


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