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Your funnel is made up of several parts and they all need to fit together. One component not working will destroy the rest.


The design and copy of your site directly determines your conversion rate. You can’t expect to build trust with a low-quality website.


If your lead magnet is not targeted and your opt-in forms are incorrectly placed, your readers will leave your site without signing up.


The quality of your follow-up through e-mails directly determines your profits. Learn to set up your autoresponder and welcome series to nurture your subscribers.


In order to reach optimum profits, you need a combination of low-ticket and high-ticket products that your audience is willing to buy.


Everything you have done so far will be worthless if you don’t know how to drive traffic to your site. Learn how to get instant traffic.

“I found out how to create the RIGHT structure that turns my subscribers into paying customers. At the end of the day, this isn’t only about money. It’s about helping people achieve their dreams with the gifts you have to offer them.”

Elise McDowell,

House of Brazen


Driving With John Chow

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