Utilize assets and staff more efficiently by employing Tagnos
to continuously track and optimize the location of all your medical equipment, clinicians and patients.


Hospital solutions

streamline patient, asset and staff flow and communication across your facility. Care is now provided on time in a cost-effective manner.

Clinic solutions

optimize staff, patient and asset flow and improve communication across your clinic. You can now deliver care in a more cost-effective and timely manner.

Speciality lab solutions

enhance communication with other departments to manage patient flow. You can now boost efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Our patient mobile App

makes it faster and easier for patients and their families to communicate with staff and navigate through your facility.

Performance improvement

allows you to analyze patient, asset and staff flow data to optimize your business processes.

Predictive Analysis 

enables hospitals to predict patient wait times, length of procedures and load on departments.


Smart Asset Optimization improves staff productivity and asset utilization by delivering real-time visibility into the location and usage of all medical equipment.

Smart Patient Flow Optimization increases resource, OR and room optimization while reducing patient wait times by enabling you to streamline patient flows.

Smart Workforce Optimization helps you perform more revenue-generating procedures by aligning staff movements with care delivery steps.

Smart Environmental Monitoring ensures that temperatures and humidity are at the optimal levels for asset safety and patient comfort.

Smart Hand Washing enables hospitals to automatically and effectively monitor hand hygiene compliance to improve patient safety.


Tagnos offers real-time visibility to patient flow and improves communication with the family - provides a lot of new data and metrics that can be used for performance improvement purposes

- Dr. David Belson, Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, USC


Tagnos enables us to make data-driven decisions for asset management and patient flow. Quickly locating specific patient care assets supports our goals for efficient care delivery. Integrating our Tagnos patient location data with our bed management system helps us better manage our patient flow.

- Audrey Parks, Chief Information Officer, Salinas Valley Memoral Health System


Tagnos was able to save us hundreds of thousands through better room utilization

- Randy Saad, Director of PeriOperative Services, White Memorial Medical Centre



Mac Christiansen


Mac is a bright and high energy sales leader with a successful track record selling analytics and other solutions into healthcare organizations. He has led both direct and channel sales teams. Most recently, Mac led a team at SAS that helped secure the company’s position as the #1 analytics platform for Kaiser Permanente, one of SAS’ largest customers.

Sanaz Massoumi

Performance Excellence

Sanaz is tireless with her efforts to improve processes inside hospitals and clinics. She holds a Doctorate in Industrial and Systems Engineering and helps analyze data collected through the Tagnos platform. She also excels in client engagement with hospital leadership to advance our ROI story and help push our innovations into the field.

Jessica Jay

Marketing | HR

Jessica coordinates all aspects of the Tagnos marketing team from managing our presence at events, creating company newsletters, blogs, content marketing and all social media. A personable and positive person, she also manages the Tagnos office and serves as the face of our Human Resources team.

Anusha Nara

Customer Success

Anusha is a highly motivated engineering graduate who is meticulous in providing customer support. She takes great pride in immersing herself in product implementation activities to ensure customer success.

Kris Uy

Field Operations

Kris has many years of experience in healthcare technology implementations and is passionate about healthcare process improvement. Kris is technically savvy and methodically drives our daily operational activities.

Kalyan Bandari


Kalyan is the glue that keeps our engineering team together. He is great at identifying, recruiting and retaining technical talent. Kalyan has awesome attention to detail and leads our product development team.

Jag Padala


Jag has a long history of being a product visionary, innovator and a thought leader. He is able to spot technical trends well in advance so we can continue to disrupt the healthcare industry with our innovations.

Ruben Jauregui

Healthcare Advisor

Ruben is a healthcare industry veteran with several years of experience in hospital governance and boards. He currently sits on the governance forum of the California Hospital Association and helps evangelize our solutions with hospital executives.

Neeraj Bhavani


Neeraj founded Tagnos and oversees the strategic vision for the company. An energetic entrepreneur, he has many years of experience in healthcare informatics, wireless healthcare and workflow automation.