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State of Roblox graphics API across all platforms, with percentage deltas since EOY 2017. Updated June 20 2018.


API Share
Direct3D 11+ 77%
Direct3D 10.1 11%
Direct3D 10.0 9%
Direct3D 9 3%

No visible change.

For Direct3D 9 users, we can further break this down by OS (XP or Vista+) and GPU (SWVP or HWVP):

Setup Share
Vista+ SWVP 44%
Vista+ HWVP 24%

As you can see, 2/3rd of Direct3D 9 users come from Vista+ (mostly Win7+); around half of all Direct3D 9 users use SWVP with vertex shaders running during DrawIndexedPrimitive on CPU.

Windows Store

API Share
Direct3D 11+ 90%
Direct3D 10.1 6%
Direct3D 10.0 4%

No visible change. We do not support Direct3D feature level 9, so it's unclear how many users have D3D9 HW here.

Xbox One

API Share
Direct3D 11 100%


API Share
Metal 61% (+9%)
OpenGL 4.1 21% (-7%)
OpenGL 3.3 15% (-1%)
OpenGL 2.1 3% (-1%)

A bit of data movement suggesting a number of people got new MacBooks, or upgraded their OS. Yay!

Around 2/3rds of OpenGL 4.1 users are using OSX 10.10 or earlier; this suggests that they could get Metal support if they upgraded the software. Assuming this is true, ~25% of Mac users are stuck with OpenGL until they buy new hardware.


API Share
Metal 90% (+4%)
OpenGL ES 3.0 0.5% (-0.5%)
OpenGL ES 2.0 9.5% (-3.5%)

A bit of data movement suggesting a number of people got new iPhones. Metal is at 90%! While all OpenGL ES 3.0 devices support Metal, we don't run Metal on iOS 8, so this is where that 0.5% of users is coming from.


API Share
OpenGL ES 3.2 3% (-13%)
OpenGL ES 3.1 22% (-2%)
OpenGL ES 3.0 29% (-3%)
OpenGL ES 2.0 24% (-3%)
Vulkan 21% (+20%)

Note that this section changed dramatically - mostly because we launched Vulkan on all Android versions, with some drivers (they shall remain anonymous) blacklisted. It's interesting that the major share of Vulkan users comes from OpenGL ES 3.2, so that's probably a good proxy for the market share you'll get on Android.

For Vulkan users, we can additionally look at the OS distribution:

Version with Vulkan Share
Android 6.0 (23) 1%
Android 7.0 (24) 67%
Android 7.1 (25) 13%
Android 8.0 (26) 17%
Android 8.1 (27) 2%

Android 8.0 is picking up pace here - the stats were very different (and much worse) just a few months ago.

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