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Patterns for Charlie was written in 1999 as part of a chapter for a book for which it was first accepted and then turned down. It was explicitly crafted as a companion piece for Underachievement from the Inside Out, to go into the book together, trying to tell two sides of the same story.

A part of me is tempted to go through it and edit various parts. As the author said repeatedly, "Everybody needs an editor." But while there are factual errors (like how long Charlie was at WPI - one year, not two) and aspects that Charlie would challenge (like whether he was willing to discuss that year or whether when he did, she simply did not believe him), it pretty much stands on its own - other than my need to provide it with context.

So, here is one parent's journey through raising an underachiever: Patterns for Charlie. I hope you find it worthwhile. I'm sure FD and Charlie would say the same.

Josh Shaine