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Great American Eclipse

                The Great American Eclipse 1776-2017
       God created the Sun, Moon and Stars to tell Time, Seasons and for Signs from Earth's perspective. The Great American Eclipse is one of those Signs. The Sun and Moon occupy a 5 degree track occupying the same position every 19.5 Years called the "Metonic Cycle" (known centuries before the Greek astronomer Meton). The Sun is 400X distance from Earth and 400X the size of the Moon, occupying a similar and predictable size when viewed from Earth. Planned for? The eclipse passed over 7 towns named Salem in the 50th Jubilee Year following the capture of Jerusalem, beginning in America precisely at sundown in Jerusalem. It's no coincidence Donald Trump chose this day to announce the escalation of the 16 Yr old unnecessary/unconstitutional War in Afghanistan all based on Lies. Afghanistan was called the "Graveyard of Empires" by Alexander the Great. WWIII is the Grecian Goat versus the Mede-Persian Ram (Dan 8:8-9) America is the Grecian Goat.
     The Great American Eclipse Aug 21 occurs on the "Festival of Hecate". 
     2017 is the Jubilee Year (resetting of Slave and Master) following the 1967 capture of Jerusalem aka "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8 and 7th Tetrad of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses on passover and Tabernacles.
     The eclipse occurs on the Cusp of Leo-Virgo, beginning in America at precisely at sundown in Jerusalem; Shalim/Salem/Shalom is the Cannanite god of dusk/sundown in Jerusalem.
     The eclipse is the first total eclipse crossing America since its birth in 1776, the Roman numerals seen on the Unfinished Pyramid (Pyramid means "Amid the Flames") on the $US ONE; the first total eclipse in America since 1918, the year the US created nightmare "Spanish Flu" was delivered to Europe in vaccines given US soldiers at Ft Riley KS. 
     The eclipse Umbra is 70 Miles wide; 70 represents "hain" in Hebrew, the 16th Tarot is the Tower, House or God falling; the collapse of the system and catastrophe; the end of an evolutionary era seen in 70 Years Israel was in Babylonian captivity; Jacob's 70 Sons; 70 ancients of Israel committing abominations in Solomon's Temple causing the Glory of the LORD to depart. America is now in this situation.

     The eclipse crosses the US in 93 minutes ending at Charleston SC; 93 is the "Lost Word" in Freemasonry and symbolizes "Do what thou wilt". 
     The eclipse enters at Salem Oregon (Oregon recently signed into law free abortions ie "Slaughter of Innocents" and ends in Columbia SC (Columbia is the symbol of America)
    The eclipse totality peaks at Makanda Ill "Little Egypt" crossing the path of another uniquely American eclipse on April 8, 2024. Makanda lies at the center of the New Madrid Fault with Area Code 618; .618 is the Ratio of Life aka Golden Mean, represented in Burial Mounds like Glastonbury Tor, the Burial place of King Arthur=Branch ie Antichrist called "Avalon" meaning "Place of Apples"; Apple is Applyon/Abbaddan "Destroyer" of Rev 9:11. Why 618? God establishes the first post-Flood Covenant with Noah in Gen 6:18; notice there is no Rev 6:18 because Rev 6:17 describes God's Wrath. 
    America is named after the Edomite Serpent god Amurru; Richard Amerika? Not quite, he was so enamored with the Amorites (Canaanites) he changed his name to reflect the land of the Amorites. Hammurabi, King of the Amorites was the first Law Changer; adjusting God's Laws in the Code of Hammurabi, which was based on the Code of Lipit-Ishtar and Naram-Sin. Ishtar aka Easter, Ashtoreth, Anammelech and the Arab moon god Sin are reflected in the Lunar symbol. The Crescent Moon a symbol of Allah, aka the Arab moon god Sin; the Crescent Moon also symbolizing "Heylal" aka "Lucifer. The Code of Hamjurabi became the basis of the Magna Carta 800 years ago, which was the basis of the US Constitution which does not offer any rights to Citizens much less followers of Jesus Christ. The Law of the land will soon become Shariah and Noahide Law which procribes the Death Penalty for "Blasphemy" ie worship of Jesus Christ.  
      Amurru (Ameru means Serpent) + Can=Priest of Cain. Syria aka Palmyra was a site of Holocaust (Passing children through fires of Molech) sacrifices to Molech aka Marduk, Saturn, Osiris, Jupiter, Zeus. America is planned to be the Holocaust sacrifice for the world; Sir Francis Bacon detailed the plan in 1620 in his book "New Atlantis" a work unfinished" that America would become the "Phoenix of the New Age" whose self immolation would re-generate the pre-flood world of "Atlantis". Symbolically, the Capstone of the Pyramid on the $US will complete the work of rebuilding Atlantis.
     The Six Pointed Star is not Jewish; it is the Satanic sign of Saturn aka "Black Star" or "Black Sun". Leo (Lion) is represented by the Sphinx and Double Crown worn by Pharoahs of Egypt. (Important on Sept 20 and 23, 2017 when the Virgin gives birth to Jupiter) Lincoln is known for the Emancipation Proclamation; not freeing Slaves but Emancipation from God; the post Civil War CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES provides no rights for Citizens as the Constitution of the United States once did. Antichrist will lead Worldwide Fascism as King and Priest; hence the Fasces adorn head of AMORC (Rosicrucians in America) Honest Abe's Memorial, the Oval Office Doors, Congressional Speaker's Podium and Supreme Court Doros. 
       93 is the "Lost Word" in Freemasonry; Witch's and Thelemites (Aleister Crowley demon channeled religion of Thelema "Will") greet each other with "93"; 93="Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the law"; 93/93 means "As Above, So Below" the opening lines in the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes. Crowley channeled the demon Aiwass to create "Thelema" (Will); Aiwass=93.
        The Eclipse passes over flooded areas on FEMA, NOAA and US Navy Disaster Planning Maps at the Cascadia Subduction Zone, Yellowstone, New Madrid Fault, Appalachian Subduction Zone; God causing the Flooding? Not quite; God-Men using Tesla EM (Electro-Magnetic) Weapons. 
     The 70 mile wide path of Totality passes over 12 States; 12 the number associated with World Government; 12 Apostles, 12 Zodiac Signs, Time  
      The Eclipse path passes over 7 towns named "Salem"; in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky and South Carolina.
      Salem is short for Jerusalem; Shalim the Canaanite god of sundown in Jerusalem is also called "Venus"; Arab "al Uzza" (Mighty One) or Lucifer the "Morning Star". An epithet of Jesus is the "Morning Star", Shalim is the opposite. 
      Shalim (Shalom) means Peace; Jesus comes with a Sword not Peace. The Peace Sign is called the "Broken Jew" or "Witch's Foot"; Witchcraft initiations require the aspirant to commit the Unforgivable Sin "Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost" by turning a Cross upside down and breaking the cross bar forming the Peace Sign of the Canaanite god Shalim.  Pretty coincidental the Eclipse enters the US where the Flood waters of the Columbia (Roman goddess of freedom) River formed Hell's Canyon on its way to the Pacific (Peace) Ocean at Astoria (Ashtoreth) eh? 
      The United States is not "Babylon" (Rev 18) the United States is the Scapegoat for Babylon and Phoenix of the New Age. 
      Charleston "Charles' Town" on the 33rd Latitude (33 degree Masonry is "Sovereign" meaning "No higher rank") is where Scottish Rite Freemasonry took root; Charles means "Free Man" 
     All this area underwater? It's happened before in Nero's Playground at Baia, Italy. The similarity of Nero and Trump is startling; Trump's playground just happens to be the pedophile resort of Mar a Lago and Jeff Epstein's pedophile island of "Little St James".
    God uses the Sun, Moon and Stars to tell Time and Seasons and Signs (Hebrew owth=omen or warning) Season (Hebrew moed=appointed time) The Eclipse path travels from the Cascadia Subduction Zone to the Yellowstone Caldera "Supervolcano" to the New Madrid Fault (Madrid means "Source of Water"; NOAA, US Navy and FEMA have disaster planning maps with the New Madrid underwater) and exits near the Georgia Guidestones (Elberton GA is the Gravestone Capital)  which call for the elimination of all but 500M people from Earth and Charleston SC. Charles means "Free Man"; Charleston is where Scottish Rite Freemasonry took root and Sovereign Grand Master Albert Pike wrote his plan for 3 World Wars on the Feast Day of Lucifer 1871. Think God is sending a message? Absolutely How about the Freemasons? Absolutely. Jesus is Melchisedek "King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High"; Shiloh "He whose it is"; Alpha and Omega and the Word made Flesh. Why not ask Him for the truth? Being a Free Man not under the Yoke of God is Sovereignty aka Chaos.
MoonStock at Walker's Bluff Winery features Ozzy Osbourne singing "Bark at the Moon" during Eclipse Totality.
      X marks the spot X is Greek Chi "Christ"; Zeus is the Greek Christ. 2017 and 2024 Eclipse paths intersect at Salem Road in Makanda Ill aka "Little Egypt".  Mormons are taught this area is Adam Ondi-ahman, the place Adam and Eve were ejected from the Garden of Eden; the Satanic idea is a return to the Garden of Eden minus Jesus Christ (Tree of Life) and His followers. Ozzy (John Osbourne) is derived from his song "Mr Crowley" who wrote "Liber Oz: Book of the Goat". America is to be the Scapegoat for the "New Age". Crowley means "Wood of the Crows" The Crows liberated by Noah from the Ark never returned; the Doves representing the Holy Ghost did return.
  • The longest duration of the Eclipse is 2 Minutes 41 Seconds in Makanda Ill matches the age of the United States and length of time between Great American Eclipses.  
  • The location of the longest duration is at Makanda, Ill aka "Little Egypt" the intersection of the 2017 and 2024 American Eclipses.
  • Makanda Area Code 618=Golden Mean, Ratio of Life 1/1/618=.618 "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it" Mat 16:18 Jesus is God; the Immovable Stone; Peter is the "Small Stone" easily movable, seen in his thrice betrayal of Jesus. 
  • The American Eclipse passes out of the US at Columbia SC at 2:41EDT. Columbia is the Roman goddess of Freedom and symbol of the United States.
       2 Minutes 41 Seconds matches the age of the United States. Need God to tell you in person the American dream was really a nightmare for most of the world and its nearly over? F Scott Fitzgerald wrote "Great Gatsby", a metaphor for the high flying, free wheeling nation of America; at the end, nobody came to Gatsby's funeral.
    The Eclipse Divides the United States "...the kingdom shall be divided..." Dan 2:41 Donald Trump is "President of the Divided States" accoding to Time Magazine. Don't get me wrong; America is not the feet of Clay and Iron in Daniel's statue, but our demise is most certain, likely under Trump; Jesus is the Trump of God; Antichrist is the Trump of Satan.
Aug 21 is the Festival of Hecate on the Gnostic Calendar Hecate aka Artemis or Diana, is the goddess and mother of Witchcraft. "Barking at the Moon" is a ritual appeal to Hecate called "Drawing down the Moon" aka Barking at the Moon. Ozzie takes his name from Oz and 77; the book written by Thelemite Aleister Crowley called "Book of the Goat". America will be sacrificed along with the true Scapegoat of Num 16, Jesus Christ. Satanists like Ozzie worship the Scapegoat Azazel (Goat that Departs), one of 77 names of Satan. If your bible uses Azazel in Num 16:8-10 get a KJV.
Corpse Flowers bloom in Washington DC botanical garden; first time 3 will likely bloom in one location. Washington DC is a Sovereign Territory not part of the US nor subject to any of its laws. DC is the military arm of the New World Order, working in concert with the Vatican, a sovereign territory laying false claim to the Souls of everyone on Earth thorugh the Office of the Pope as Vicar of Christ. There was no laying of hands from Peter to Constantine the Great nor did Jesus give Peter "Keys" to Heaven that He didn't give anyone else who follows him. Papal authority comes from a misreading of Mat 16:18 "Upon this rock I will build my Church and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it" Babylon means "Gate of On" aka Osiris, Marduk, Jupiter, Zeus, Lucifer aka Gate of Hell; America is not Babylon of Rev 18; America is the planned Scapegoat for Babylon. 
    WWIII was pre-planned by Confederate Albert Pike (hence the Charlottsville Stage Show) in writing Aug 15 "Feast Day of Lucifer" 1871 to pit Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, economic and moral exhaustion. The Jesuits created the Rapture Lie; people feeling "Left Behind" will have no moral compass and be far more likely to accept the New World Order; a world order which stems from Karl Marx and Frederich Engles where "God is Dead"; Don't believe it! Albert Pike's statue stands at the Justice Dept; Sept 21 is the cusp of Virgo-Libra; Jupiter/Marduk/Lucifer born of the Whore of Babylon (Virgo) holding the Scales of Justice; sound fun? Get right with Jesus!
Rabbi Moshe ben Israel Benyamin 1894 "A solar eclipse in the beginning of Elul (Elul 1 is Aug 23; Elul means "Harvest"; a Harvest of Souls) is a particularly bad omen...storms, animals dying...suffering of the Kings of the East" Chabad Lubavitch, Hasidic Rabbi Berel Lazar (Co-Chief Rabbi of Russia) "Solar eclipses are the result of Idol Worship...nations must observe 7 Noahide Laws" Under Noahide Law, worship of Jesus is "Idol Worship" a Sin punishable by Death. Silly Rabbi, Solar Eclipses were pre-determined by Jesus so Pharisees like you can take note of them. 7 Noahide Laws and Shariah Laws have the same Satanic source.
Rabbi Baal Shem Tov the founder of Hasidism predicted around the time of the birth of the US, Moshiach (Messiah) would arrive in 5778 which begins Sept 20, 2017, coincident with the "Christ (Messiah) Angle" forming in Egypt. Festival of Return on Sept 23, 2017 is also coincident with the Rev 12:1 sign forming; Virgo clothed with the Sun, wearing a Crown of 12 Stars (Leo + Mercury, Mars, Venus) and the Moon at her feet in conjunction with Comet 67p (Rosetta Mission allegedly landed on this Comet) and Jupiter exiting the womb after 9 months gestation, impregnated by Comet C/2017 "Borisov" (God Like) on Nov 17, 2017
Aug 23 is Elul 1 which marks a 40 Day period of repentence before Feast of Atonement; Elul means "Harvest". Israel is under the Star of Molech/Saturn/Lucifer; a Luciferian Harvest of Souls is what this represents.
     Aug 23 on the Islamic Calendar is Dhul Hijjah "Master of the Pilgrimage". Muslims make an annual "Hajj" pilgramage during Ramadan to the Ka'aba of Mecca where what else but the Black Stone of Jupiter, Zeus, Marduk is displayed at the place Hagar and Ishmael were cast out of inheritance by Sarah and Abraham. How does the Great American Eclipse figure in? Muhammad re-dedicated 360 Idols worshipped as days of the year at the Ka'aba to Allah, the original Arab moon god "Sin". The Nabattean (Arabs in Israel) idol of Hubal (Human Baal) represents America. CIA Asset Osama bin Laden (Osama=Lion + Bin=Manger + Ladon=Ladon Dragon) aka Tim Osman (Osman I was the founder of the Ottoman Empire) said "Americ is Hubal of the modern age", meaning America is about to be broken into a million pieces just as the Confederates desired. 
     EarthEx 2017 FEMA exercise preparing for EMP, Power, Fuel, Banking, Internet outage. FEMA held a Terrorist Exercise "Vigilant Guardian" on 9/10/2001 simulating commercial aircraft being hijacked and flown into government buildings. 
  • Moses ascended Mt Sinai (in Arabia) 40 days to atone for the Golden Calf (Wall St Bull)
  • Jonah preached to Nineveh 40 days to repent. It is claimed by NASA (grain of salt here) a solar eclipse over Nineveh presaged their repentence. Elul is Akkadian for "Harvest" and has a numberical value of 67; Binah "Wisdom + Understanding" in Kabbalah does as well. Note: On Sept 23, 2017 the Virgin gives birth to Jupiter with Comet 67p in conjunction with the Moon. This is a Harvest of Souls meant here. Baphomet also means Baph=Wisdom + Metis=Understanding; the Satanic "Scapegoat" Baphomet worshipped by the Knights Templar (International Bankers) is seen in new bible versions of Num 16 where "Scapegoat" (Jesus Christ is the Scapegoat who takes the Sins of the Congregation upon Himself) and changes it to "Azazel" one of many names of Satan. 
Image result for pictures of noaa fema us navy disaster planning maps us underwater

 Related imageImage result for picture of 2024 solar eclipseAmerica is not Babylon (Rev 18) America is the Scapegoat for Babylon. Total Solar Eclipse begins in Oregon precisely at Sundown in Jerusalem, lasts 93 minutes, dividing the US, crossing the US over 7 towns named Salem on Aug 21, 2017  Total Solar Eclipse follows 7 Yr later on April 8, 2024 intersecting the previous path at the Mormon Adam Ondi-ahman. 
Image result for map of little egypt
       Adam Ondi-ahman according to Mormon myth is the land Adam and Eve lived after expulsion from Eden. Cahoka to Cairo Illinois is called "Little Egypt" Makanda is the "Star of Egypt" which would be Osiris; the Star of Saturn or Black Star. Cahoka for example,  was is a Pyramid and Burial Mound City on par with Egypt and just as old; the remains of human sacrifices as prolific as the pyramids in Mexico. This area in the New Madrid Fault will soon be submerged; Methane from DeepWater Horizon is turning the massive Salt Dome above the world's largest oil deposit into Swiss Cheese and as NOAA (cute play on Noah eh?) US
 Navy (cute play on Navel or Omphalos eh?) and FEMA (Femme Fatal=the restored Virgin of Sept 23 is the "Whore of Babylon") are planning for, will will soon be submerged. The ancient name of Cahoka is Manti; Mormons are familiar with that name but they are taught the  Mississippi is the Euphrates; don't believe that lie.
       The Eclipse path begins at the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the Snake River and Hell's Canyon (formed during the Flood) to the Yellowstone Caldera "Supervolcano" to the New Madrid Fault (NOAA, FEMA, US Nave have maps with this area underwater) and exits near the Georgia Guidestones (Elberton GA is the Gravestone Capital) which call for eliminating all but 500M people from Earth. Is this an indication the 7 Yr Tribulation and Rapture are about to occur? Not on your eternal life. There are 2423 days between the 2 Eclipses; Strong's #2423 Chevah means "Beast".  Why 93 minutes?
Thelemites and Witches greet each other with "93", short for "Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law"; "93/93" short for "As Above, So Below". 93 the number of the demon Aiwass "The Force be with you" another familiar greeting among witches seen in Star Wars and CERN's God Particle, the Force Carrier of Visible Matter and the Dark Photon, the Force Carrier of Black Matter; both made up nonsense. Aleister (Great Beast) Crowley's Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93. Crowley means "Wood of the Crows". Black Star or Black Sun "Saturn" is the Crow's Head. United Airlines #93 disappeared into a field at Shankesville PA on 9/11/2001 93 is the gematria of the "Lost Word" in Masonry  Why Salem?
        Salem means "Peace", short for Jerusalem, the great city Jesus refers to as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:9KJV Jesus does not bring Peace, but a Sword to didive His followers from everyone else (Ref Mat 10:34) Salem/Shalim is the Canaanite god of Dusk (Nightfall in Jerusalem ring a Baal?) equivalent with Venus, the "Evening Star" aka "Light Bringer" aka Lucifer "Light Bearer" or the Arab god al Uzza "Mighty One". Shalim and his brother Shahar "Morning Star" are both epithets of Lucifer as the "Morning and Evening Star"; Jesus, the real Star of the Morning warned Lucifer would change himself into the "Morning Star" (Is 14:12). Shalim are offspring of El/Saturn aka Jupiter, Zeus, Marduk, Horus, born of the virgin (Virgo) on Sept 23, 2017 33 days after the Great American Eclipse and 40 days before Feast of Atonement. Jonah was in the belly of the fish 3 days just as Jesus was in the earth 3 days (Feast of Unleavened Bread-Feast of First Fruits); Johan gave Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrians a 40 day warning to repent; does this means America is modern day Assyria? NO! It means the Assyrian "Legitimate King" Sargon III is about to be crowned.
        The 2017 eclipse occurs on the cusp of Leo (Av="Hearing") and Virgo (Elul="Harvest"; top of Leo are 3 stars called "The Sickle"); the first Total Eclipse  in America since 1918, the year the US created Spanish Flu (Vaccines delivered at Ft Riley KS) pandemic killed 1/3 of Europe. The Eclipse begins in Oregon, the 33rd US State crossing the capital of Salem (Jerusalem; Shalim is a Canaanite god) at sundown in Jerusalem, the great city Jesus refers to as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV) . The Eclipse occurs 33 days before the Sept 23, 2017 (Rev 12:1) sign on Rosh Hashanah (Rabbinical "Head of the Year") and 40 days before Yom Kippur "Feast of Atonement". The path of Totality  enters the US at the 33rd State Captial of Salem and exits at the 33rd Latitude of Charleston. The path passes just north of Elberton Georgia "Gravestone Capital" on Hwy 77 and the Rosicrucian Monument called "Georgia Guide Stones" which call for elimination of all but 500 Million people from Earth. Perhaps not coincidentally, the local time of the Eclipse at that location is 2:39-2:43. "And after thee shall arise another third kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all the earth" Dan 2:39. This is not America nor the Mede-Persian Empire but the Edomite Kingdom which obtains "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule) over the Earth in Dan 7:6 (7+6=13; Rev 13 describes the Beast Kingdom of the Great Tribulation made up of "Earth Dwellers"; Geo=Earth) "3rd Beast". "And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: for as much as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things; and as iron that breaketh all these, shall break it in pieces and bruise" Dan 2:40 The 4th Iron Beast is the rule of Antichrist in Dan 7:7; note the location on Hwy 77. Dan 2:41-43 describe the feet of iron and clay; "iron is not mixed with clay" just as Earth Dwellers are not mixed with Born Again Christians. Interesting? How about this.
    Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles Sept 29th 6 BC (Based on Spring 4 BC death of Herod). Luke 1 tells us John the Baptist was conveived during the 8th, 8 Day Temple Service of Abia in mid-June; Jesus was conceived furing Elizabeth's 6th month of pregnancy at Hanukkah "Feast of Dedication"; thus Jesus was born 9 months later on Feast of Tabernacles. Herod attempted to kill first born sons in Judea 2 and under and died as a result in the spring of 4 BC; thus Jesus was a "Young Child" (Ref Mat 2:8;9;13) of 1 1/2 Years (6 months is an "Infant"; 2 1/2 and He would not have been on Herod's list) and in Egypt safely out of Herod's hands. On Sept 29, 2017 fake Jews in the Synagogues of Satan will celebrate Kol Nidre (All Vows); Talmudic Rabbis will open Synagogues with the Sign of Shin (3 Nails used to fasten Jesus to the Tree) and forgive their Congregations for Sins and Oaths for the coming year in advance. Sept 30, 2017 is Feast of Trumpets aka Atonement, the day the Chief Priest (of the rebuilt 3rd Temple? Time will tell) will slaughter 2 Lambs, one Goat for himself at the altar and the other "Scapegoat" will be cast into the Wilderness (Desert=Desolation ie after Abomination of Desolation) to Atone for the Sins of the Congregation. 
        Virgo Aug 23-Sept 23, 2017 Libra Sept 23-Oct 23, 2017 "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" Amos 5:2 So who is the virgin here if not Israel (Ones who wrestle with God)? Lady Justice holds the Scales of Justice; Jesus is the Judge of the Quick and Dead; obviously Lady Justice has nothing to do with Jesus beacause she is the "Whore of Babylon".
  Great American Eclipse 2017
   Google priming the pump for a fake Alien invasion. Aliens and the Rapture? Don't fall for the Lie; this has been planned for centuries. "Nothing would unite the nations of earth faster than the threat of an Alien invasion from outside out solar system" Hollywood Actor Ronald Reagan at the UN.
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