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The Sign

                                              The Sign "End of the World"? Rapture? Return of Jesus Christ? Uh No. Sealing your Fate? Absolutely. 
       The same day "The Sign" premiered on AT&T DirecTV, false pastor Jimmy Evans of Trinity Fellowship in Dallas put out an interview on Daystar TV reaching 200 Countries through 90 TV Stations around the world (starts at 19:36), from Joni and Marcus Lamb's Daystar Studios in Jerusalem. The adulterous Marcus Lamb is a Bishop in Worldwide Church of God (Herbert Armstrong) affiliated with TBN (Trinity Broadcasting ie Knight of Malta Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, Jimmy Swaggert etc) Daystar is Lucifer; check out Isaiah 14:12 in the KJV and compare it to the Orthodox Jewish Bible or The Message Version Here is a good exposure of Jimmy Evans
      AT&T "The Sign" Welcome to Ludi Romani, the Roman Votive Games dedicated to Jupiter Optimus  Maximus and the Nail Driving Ceremony of Fortuna (Etruscan Nurtia), Blaspheming the Holy Ghost and Sealing your Fate in Hell. Sounds like a "Tranformer's Movie" and in a way it is, you may recall the Decepticon leader was exiled on Saturn; Jupiter is the son of Saturn. Jupiter is the Planet of Transformation. The Final Nail in the Coffin is about to be driven; make sure you are in a personal Covenant with JESUS folks!
    AT&T owns DirecTV; "The Sign" debut on Ch 239 8PM EDT 9/14 is about Rev 12:1 fulfillment on 23/9; coincidental? No. The Sign debuts at 3 AM on 9/15 in Jerusalem; the Great City Jesus refers to as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV. Dan 9:24 "70 Weeks are determined upon thy people and uon thy holy city to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins..."  Prophecy teachers claim 23/9 is the End of the World; Rapture; start of 7 Yr Tribulation aka 70th Week (Dan 9:24), start of a new DispenSATAN for Israel and the return of Niburu aka Marduk, Jupiter, Horus, Zeus or Planet X. All Lies.
    3 AM is called "Witching Hour", "Devil's Hour" and "Midnight of the Soul" or "Dead Time" in Catholic liturgy. 3 AM is in reference to Jesus expiring at the 9th Hour (3 PM) on the Tree; 3 AM is opposite on the Clock. Clock is derived from Chronos aka Saturn who eates his offpsring to maintain his power; Jupiter is the son of Saturn born 9/23.
    Black Magick aka Black Path or Left Hand Path (Thief on Jesus' Left mocked Him; the Thief on His right praised Him) Satanism is said to be the most powerful at 3 AM; Witchcraft Rituals are devoted exclusively to mocking Jesus as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Black, the color representing absorption of Light is symbolized by the Black Star "Saturn", the Premeval Sun (1st Sun) and creator of Black Matter according to Gnostics; Nazi SS (Schwarze Sonne) and Lucifer "Light Bearer" may ring  Baal. 
    September is the Roman month devoted to Jupiter; big surprise eh? On the Ides of September "Epulum Jovis" initiated "Ludi Romani" (Roman Games) dedicatd to Jupiter Optimus Maximus "Jupiter the best and greatest" with a Nail Driving Ceremony "Clavum fingere". 
    "Clavus anni" is the annual Nail Driving Ceremony; on Sept 20, 2017 "Rosh Hashanah" (Head of the Year) the "Christ Angle" forms over the Great Pyramid to begin the Hebrew Year 5778 or "Year of Moshiach" according to Talmudic Rabbis who believe Jesus is in Hell in His own boiling excrement. 5778 is the Year of Antichrist.

 MasonicHandSigns.MarkBiltz2 copy
El Shaddai Pastor Mark Biltz making the Sign of the Nails used to open Talmudic Synagogues of Satan "God's people need to know what time it is; the year of Peace and Safety"-Mark Biltz star of "The Sign" with Michael Rood (Rood means Cross in Old English; He's in for a "Rude Awakening" alright.
        "Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees" Mat 16:6; Lk 12:1 Biltz is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothes mixing Talmudic Judaism of the Pharisees the same way John Hagee does in CUFI (Christians United For Israel). Israel fles the Six Pointed Star of Saturn; Pharisees crucified God in Flesh Bee Careful! Biltz and Hagee preach their Leaven in front of the Six Pointed Star of Molech aka El Shaddai. Here is Biltz displaying the "Sign of Shin" used by Rabbis to open Talmudic Synagogues of Satan; Shin represents the "Nails" used to fasten Jesus to the Crucifixion Tree. "God Almighty" is not El Shaddai. El is the Canaanite/Phoenician "god"; Elohim is plural "gods"; Gnosticism originally promised by the serpent "Ye shall not surely shall be as gods, knowing good and evil"Gen 3:5. Shadad means "Destroy" as does Apollyon/Abaddon/Apollo aka Satan cast to earth in Rev 9:11. El Shaddai is YHWH, the Talmudic Tetragammaton not Jesus. Bricks and Slime were and still are used from the Vale of Siddim to build the Tower of Babel "Gate of El"; El=Saturn. Mark Biltz teaches the pre-Trib Rapture on Rosh Hashanah 2017; don't fall for the Lies of this Snake Oil Salesman. 
       3 Nails were used to Fasten Jesus to the Tree of Knowledge Cross is a pagan symbol of Tammuz aka Horus, the son of Saturn; in Egypt called the "Ankh". The Nail Driving ceremony "Fixed and Sealed" one's Fate; Pagan=To Fix/Nail. Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin, Fixes/Seals one's Fate and is a requirement of high level occult Secret Society Initiations; in Rome, Nails were driven in honor of Fortuna, the "Goddess of Fate". Fortuna is known as the Virgin giving birth to Jupiter on 9/23. Called by a variety of names: Isis, Ashtoreth, Mary, Sophia, Cybele, Ishtar, Shekinah, she is the "Sacred Feminine". 
    23/9 or 239 in Strong's Concordance is "Hallelujah" (Praise Jah) The idea of placing a human Messiah on the Throne of David in a rebuilt 3rd Temple is called "Chiliasm". Jesus is Jah and Jehovah; He was rejected and Nailed to the Tree. "I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive" Jn 5:43 Jah is this Messiah aka Antichrist. The KJV makes this clear JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3) is JAH (Ps 68:4) is JESUS (Mat 1:25); note the CAPITALIZED spelling is not found in new bible versions of these scriptures; the New Covenant through JESUS is SPIRITUAL. Jah is Yahweh another name of YHWH, the Rabbinical Tetragammaton is Saturn. So, armed with this information, you tell me whether 23/9 will "Seal your Fate".
Image result for pictures of michael roodKaraite Rabbi Michael Rood Ex-Marine Chaplain, Messianic Jew, Karaite Jew (Karaites follow only the Tanakh; Macabbees "Hammer of God" an example) just moved to Jerusalem (Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV) for the final battle of Good versus Evil (A Zoroastrian concept not found anywhere in Scripture; you fight with God you lose the fight). Rood means "Cross"; the Cross is a Pagan symbol of Tammuz aka Horus or Marduk; Jesus was Nailed to a Tree Ref the KJV in Deut 21:23; Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29; 2 Pet 2:24; Jn 19:31 and Gal 3:13 Incidentally there are 313 ! in Scripture, the last Rev 18:19 is the fall of Babylon and the Marduk nonsense; the 3rd and final Woe! is the 7th Trumpet Warning (Rev 10); the Body Ressurection of Believers in Jesus Christ is immediately before God's Wrath; Michael Rood is in for a Rood Awakening alright. Rood was initiated in "The Way International" a tax-free, non-Trinitarian education group promoting Jesus is not Father, Son and Holy Ghost much less The Word made Flesh. Mormons (Joseph Smith/Freemasonry), Jehovah's Witness (Watchtower and Bible Tract Society founder Luciferian Freemason Charles Taze Russel), United Church of God (Herbert Armstrong) are all aligned with non-Trinitarian beliefs of "The Way" Folks, "The Way" is not the Way to Jesus Christ; it's the Way to Hell. Jesus is indeed Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word (1 Jn 5:7KJV; Jn 1:1; 14)
Seventh Season Rock Guitarist Konstantin Batygin from Moscow teaching Christians about Planet 9  on its 20,000 Yr voyage through the Solar System. Note the Il Cornuto "I Love You Satan" hand signs. Like Batygin, Planet 9 is Bull Shit!  


                                Sept 23, 2017 "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered" Rev 12:1 

      There is little doubt Rev 12:1 will be fulfulled on Sept 23, 2017; what is at stake is Hermeneutics and Eschatology. Hermeneutics is Interpretation of Scripture; Eschatology is the study of the final, last judgment ie Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. Want to be in Heaven? Get right with JESUS, the Judge of every Soul on Earth since Creation!
     The foundation of "The Sign" is Israel. God's gathering of the 12 Tribes of Jacob to the Promised Land? Not on your eternal life. Israel uses the Six Pointed Star of Molech and Chiun, the Sign of the Phoenician god El known as Saturn symbolized by the Chaldean STUR;  the Mark of the Beast "666" and likely sign God used to protect Cain after he killed Abel and was ejected from Eden. Related imageThe goal of Secret Societies is to return to the Garden of Eden without going through Jesus Christ, and this will not happen. 
    Jesus is Alpha, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, the Word  and Omega. The beginning, the end, I AM, Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High) and Shiloh (He whose it is) ie landlord of Creation. If you don't agree with this, welcome to the Cult of Saturn.
    Scripture is not subject to any "Private Interpretation" Heb 9:27. Adding or subtracting from Bible Prophecy comes with grave consequences (Rev 22:18-19) "70 Weeks" Dan 9:24 interpreted as anything but 490 Days is derived from Hermeneutics; named after Hermes aka Toth, Mercury or Hermes Trismegistus to the Rosicrucians, the "Messenger of the Sun"; Interpreting Scripture is forbidden. From this widely accepted Interpretation comes a new Dispensation for Israel, 7 Yr Tribulation and Pre-Tribulation Rapture. All Jesuit "Militia of Zeus" initiated Lies. Zeus is Lucifer folks! The Dragon, Satan, Devil, Serpent who fooled most of the world for 6000 years (Rev 12:9)
  • "The virgin of Israel is fallen; she shall no more rise: she is forsaken upon her land; there is none to raise her up." Amos 5:2 Why? "But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves" Amos 5:26
  • "Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light...I hate , I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies" Amos 5:18-21
  • "Oh LORD GOD, forgive, I beseech thee: by whom shall Jacob arise? for he is small. The LORD repented for this: It shall not be, saith the LORD" Amos 7:2-3; 5-6KJV
  • Image result for picture of 3 hurricanes in movie day after tomorrowImage result for picture of hoover dam destroyed on $50Related imageRelated image     666 signs in these 3 storms fairly obvious; 13 Years ago the movie Day After Tommorrow predicted 3 major hurricanes would form from Global Warming. New York City and Washington DC were the focus of the disaster. Encoded on the $100 and in stone at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC. 
      The premise of Day After Tommorrow involved a breakdown if the Thermohaline Conveyor (North Atlantic Drift) which is exactly what began with Deep Water Horizon in 2008; the date "Day After Tomorrow" made its DVD debut was Sept 23, 2008. The movie was a follow on to the book "Global Superstorm" by Coast to Coast liar Art Bell and Whitey Strieber. 1st Art Bell: Arthur=Arcturas "Bear Guard"; Arth also means "Branch", referring to Antichrist "Branch of the terrible ones" Is 25:5. Arcturas guides Ursa Major "Big Bear" or "Big Dipper" around the World Pole; the Dipper "Water Pourer" a symbol of the Aquarian Age initiated by Saturn's (Satan's) Wrath. Bell is Bel the Phoenican "Confounder" or Baal, the Arab "Lord". Coast to Coast AM refers to Horus, the son of Osiris (Saturn) of the 2 Horizons. Art's Logo is a Pyramid floating on water.Image result for art bell logoImage result for whitley strieber communion pictureImage result for picture of the coming global superstorm    Whitley Streiber wrote "Communion" and "Transformation" about Alien abduction; Saturnian BS; here are no Aliens folks! Planet 9 and the Annunaki were created to posit this nonsense.The plan to present Antichrist involves fake Aliens such as Hollywood (Holy Wood of the Druids) puts out in "Independence Day" movies; this is Independence from God meant here. The United Nations Space Alien Ambassador (no kidding!) is Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian Satanist who goes by M.Othman, just like the book and movie "Mothman Prophecy". "Nothing would unitd the nations of earth faster than the threat of an Alien invasion from outside our solar system" Hollywood Actor Ronald Reagan.   
    Saltwater is denser than fresh water, melting Polar Ice Caps and Greenland Ice Sheets inhibits warming of higher latitutes by Tropical Gulf Stream currents. Deep Water Horizon was predicted exactly 1 Yr in advance in the movie "Knowing"; it occured on Earth Day and the ultra-high pressure Methane stopping the Atlantic Drift has never ceased. My Fukushima Article goes into more detail.
     Hurricane Jose is headed to Washington DC and/or New York City. Keep track of it at Ventusky and Earth School America is to become a Desert, the Phoenix of the New Age according to the 400 yr old plan in Francis Bacon's New Atlantis: A work unfinished. 

AT&T "The Sign" Documentary debut Sept 14 and plays every day until Sept 20 "Rosh Hashanah". On SEpt 20, the Christ Angle forms over the Great Pyramid tying together Jupiter (Marduk, Zeus, Horus) with Alpha Leo "Regulus" (Lawgiver), Bethlehem and Mt Sinai. Jesus? Hardly, the Great Pyramid was built to track the Stellar (Star) Year using the circumpolar passage of Alpha Draco (Dragon) "Thuban" aka "Basilisk" in mythology. Pharoah's were crowned with the Double Crown, based on the Constellation Leo. The Serpent who kills with a single glance is not Jesus.       Image result for picture of basilisk
        Latest Movie Trailer for "The Sign" is here AT&T even has a new commercial campaign featuring Kelvin Jones "Call you Home"; like the Eagles "Hotel California", this song is about Luciferian Initiation and Redemption. Folks, 7 Yr Tribulation and Pre-Trib Rapture are Jesuit Dispensationalist Lies 
       Signs for America: The Great American Eclipse crossed over 7 cities named "Salem"; Jerusalem? Yes, but Salem is also the Canaanite god of Jerusalem; Shalim or Shalom is represented by the Peace Sign is called the Broken Jew, the Upside Down Broken Cross used in Witchcraft and Templar Initiations. Hurricane Jose means Joseph, who prophesied 7 Yrs of Famine to Pharaoh and married the daughter of a Priest of On (Osiris) in Egypt. Is this a sign the 7 Yr Tribulation and Rapture are about to undold? Hardly.
     The problem with "The Sign" is it is based on "End Times", and Israel being God's gathering of Jews to the Promised Land; this is a Lie. "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" Amos 5:2 Why? Israel adopted the Six Pointed Star of Saturn (Amos 5:26). 
       Rev 12:1 (Sept 23, 2017?) is the start of the Great Tribulation as Rev 12:6 makes perfectly clear; this is not "The End Times". Here is a forecast map at predicting Hurricane Jose making a Bee Line for Washington DC and or New York City, arriving on Sept 20, 2017, the date the "Christ Angle" forms in Egypt. Sept 20
     The problem with "The Sign" is it is based on "End Times", and Israel being God's gathering of Jews to the Promised Land; this is a Lie. "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" Amos 5:2 Why? Israel adopted the Six Pointed Star of Saturn.  Sept 23, 2017 is the start of the Great Tribulation as Rev 12:6 makes perfectly clear; this is not "The End Times". Here is a forecast map at Ventusky predicting Hurricane Jose making a Bee Line for New York City, arriving on Sept 20, 2017, "Rosh Hashanah" the date the "Christ Angle" forms in Egypt and start of Hebrew year 5778, the year Rabbis await the return of Moshiach, the False Messiah Jesus warned of in Jn 5:43.
                                 The Sign by AT&T A collection of proven False Teachers:
  • Ex-Marine Chaplain, Messianic Karaite Rabbi Michael Rood just moved to Jerusalem for the final battle of Good versus Evil; Rood means "Cross". Rood was initiated in "The Way International" a tax-free, non-Trinitarian education group promoting Jesus is not Father, Son and Holy Ghost much less The Word made Flesh. Mormons (Joseph Smith/Freemasonry), Jehovah's Witness (Watchtower and Bible Tract Society founder Luciferian Freemason Charles Taze Russel), United Church of God (Herbert Armstrong) are all aligned with non-Trinitarian beliefs of "The Way" Folks, "The Way" is not the Way to Jesus Christ. Jesus is indeed Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word (1 Jn 5:7KJV; Jn 1:1; 14)
  •  Planet 9/Alien Liar Konstantin Batygin loves Satan. The 31 Yr old part-time Planetary Science Ass. Professor at CalTech is the full time "Seventh Season" Rock Guitarist who thinks he has proof of an unseen planet 10X the mass of Earth ona 20,000 Yr orbit, about to wreak havok with Earth. He's on par with Jesuit sock puppet, 46 Yr survivor of ALS Stephen Hawking telling us Aliens from Alternative Universes travel through Worm Holes to Earth. Aliens called Anunnaki were introduced by Zechariah Sitchin and parroted by PhD's like Batygin to give legitimacy to the claim. The same tactic was used to create the "Expanding Universe" theory proposed by Jesuit Priest Georges LeMaitre and legitimized by Edwin Hubble who publically stated "Earth is in a fixed, central position in the Universe, but the idea is unwelcome and must be avoided at all cost, to be countered with Spatial Distortion" Spatial Distortion came to be called "Red Shift" and the Expanding Universe was born complete with billions of habitible Planets and advanced Aliens. Batygen knows quite well nothing living has ever nor will ever transit the Magnetic Field surrounding Earth; the Radiation is lethal in the extreme. Gen 6 "Giants" have nothing to do with "Nephilim" (Fallen Angels) mating with human women, nor with a hybrid race of Anunnaki. There is 1 Race of Man and Woman made from Man, period. Folks, the only thing true about Batygin is the world isindeed in its 7th Season "Laodicea", the 7th and final Church Warning Jesus gave was His most definitive condemnation to Hell. "I will spue thee out of my mouth"; Batygin will likely be there; you won't be if you get right with Jesus.
  • 5X False Date setting Rapture enthusiast Scottie Clark, Prophecy is "Pre-written History"; Jesus warned of False Prophets like Scottie. Rev 12:1 is Scottie's baby; he says the virgin is Israel giving birth to the Christian Church about to be Raptured to Heaven ahead of the 7 Yr Tribulation. Rev 12:6 clearly states this is the start of the Great Tribulation, but he just can't read that far. In Rev 12:9 Jesus warns Satan, Dragon, Serpent, Devil have deceived the entire world; indeed he has. Time to get right with Jesus folks!
  • Planet X mythologist Gil Broussard, according to Gil, Sattelite "Iris" (Rainbow) proved the existence of Planet X whose Gravitational Pull and Debris Trail will cross Earth's orbit (God says Earth is Fixed, not orbitting anything Ref Josh 10:13; Job 26:7; Ps 93:1; 96:10; Gravity Theory is a Lie necessitating a moving Earth) causing Magnetic Pole Shift, Climate Change, Asteroid Collissions, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions. Jesus returns to destroy those who "Destroy the Earth" (Rev 11:18) Don't fall for the Lies; Man is quite capable od destroying the Earth on his own.
  • Messianic Rabbi Mark Biltz; covered above El Shaddai is another name of Satan. Jesus came in his own name and was rejected; Jesus warned another Messiah/Christ would come in his own name and be accepted. Mark promotes the Alternative Messiah "Antichrist".
  • "Gog and Magog" liar Amir Tsarfat; Gog and Magog is after the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ (Rev 20:7-8; Eze 38-39) Amir means "Male descendant of Muhammad, a Quyraish Bedouin of Mecca. Quyraish are Koreish, followers of the Alternative Priests of Korah in Num 16; Jude 7. Worshippers of Azazel "Goat that departs"; Azazel is one of 77 names of Satan  
  • Skeptic Magazine, "When Prophecy Fails" Michael Shermer and
  • Planet X-Bible liar David Meade
                       Image result for logo of daystar tv                                                         
                                                         Daystar TV
      The same day "The Sign" premiered False teacher Jimmy Evans of Trinity Fellowship (Jesus is Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word) and Marriage Today in Dallas TX delivered his false teaching on the Rapture and Rev 12:1 on Daystar TV in Jeruysalem sittting next to the Six Pointed Star of Saturn. The Rev 12:1 sign on Sept 23, 2017 is not the "End of the End Times" Jimmy states. It's the start of the Great Tribulation as Rev 12:6 plainly states. 
       "How art thou fallen from Shomayim, O Heilel Ben Shachar (Bright One of the Dawn, Day Star, Lucifer)! Orthodox Jewish Bible
       "What a comedown this, O Babylon! 
Daystar! Son of Dawn!" The Message Bible
       "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!" KJV
        Lucifer is the Daystar "Star of the Morning" aka Zeus "Dyeus" and Jupiter "Dyeus Pater", about to be born on Sept 23, 2017. Jesus warned about Lucifer becoming the "Morning Star", a title only Jesus has. Jimmy Evans uses Daystar studios in Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV He preaches we are at the "End of the End Times". The Great Tribulation begins with Rev 11, 12, 13; the Rev 12:1 sign is the start.
      Lucifer is the Daystar (Star of the Morning aka Zeus "Dyeus" and Jupiter "Dyeus Pater") Jesus warned about; Jimmy Evans uses Daystar Studios in Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV He preaches we are at the "End of the End Times". The Great Tribulation begins with Rev 11, 12, 13; the Rev 12:1 sign is the start. 

       Jesus gave His most stern and final warning to the 7th Church of Laodicea, the current age we all live in is Laodicean which means "Luke Warm". All these men preach Laodicean Lies on the big screen like Planet 9 (Yet unnamed) and the Anunnaki (Alien-Human 1/2 Breeds), Planet X "Nibiru", Return of the Messiah, Antichrist as "Evil Personified" in a giant War with Yeshua over "Greater Israel"? All unbiblical nonsense. How about read the bible instead. No 7 Yr Tribulation, No Pre-Tribulation Rapture, no 2nd Dispensation for Israel and the Antichrist is accepted as the real Messiah. 
      As for Konstantin Batygen's ridiculous Planet 9 theories; watch Plan 9 from Outer Space, the 1957 Sci-Fy movie about Aliens from Planet 9 instead, at least its entertaining.

     Image result for picture of sign constantine sawThere is no Planet X or Planet 9. Plan 9 and Planet 9 are code for Anunnaki, Alien "Watchers". Hollywood even put out a B-Horror movie in 1957 called Plan 9 from Outer Space about Aliens using Humans as a life source. Planet X is Marduk, the Babylonian Creator. (X=Greek Messiah) is Zeus the Greek Messiah called Jupiter by the Romans and Horus (Sphinx) by the Egyptians.
      Constantine the Great claimed he saw an X in the sky with IHS (By this sign conquer) "Planet X means Planet of the Crossing", a reference to Jupiter in periodic retrograde moving back and forth across the Ecliptic. IHS (In Hoc Signo Vinces) and the X became the symbol Constantine the Great, used to rally Christians to War. Pagans conquering followers of Jesus through sublety is the work of the Serpent whom Jesus identifies with the Dragon, Devil and Satan in Rev 12:9 Don't be fooled folks!
      The X Sign conquers Christians in most every Church, right out in the open. Jupiter is the son of Saturn, Chaos, Chronos, Father Time or the Grim Reaper; in Babylon Jupiter was known as Marduk or Nibiru aka Planet X.
     The Aquarian Age is a return to the pre-flood world of LGBTQ+2, violence, lawlessness and Godlessness; a world of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity; Liberty from God; Equality with God ie the 1st Serpent Lie and Fraternity with people who have rejected Jesus Christ as God in Flesh and accepted the Mark of the Beast. Think God doesn't mind? Guess again Gen 19:1-11; Lev 18:22;; 20:23; Judges 19:16-24; 1 Ki 14:24; 15:12; 2 Ki 23:7; Rom 1:18-32; 1 Cor 6:9; Jude 7 all illustrate the behaviors of Godless people. Want God in your life? Ask Him for forgiveness and correct your behavior. 
       The Signs began Aug 21 on the Cusp of Leo (Sphinx=Leo=Horus of the 2 Horizons; Aquarius and Leo) with the Great American Eclipse. Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on Aug 25 and Irma on the Eve of 9/11. The 3rd Temple will be built on a timeline matching the Golden Mean. WWIII will be timed according to the Golden Mean. The Golden Age of Saturn timed according to the Golden Mean. I have articles on all this in the left side of the Front Page.
      Jupiter is born on Sept 23, 2017 to Virgo the "Sacred Feminine" impregnated by Comet C/2017 "Borsov" (God Like) on Nov 17, 2017, now 9 months in the womb and giving signs of Travail in birth. The Sacred Feminine is not Israel, it is Isis, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Fortuna, Sophia (seen in DaVinci Code as the Holy Grail), Shakti, Shekinah (Shock and Awe started the Gulf Wars), Cybele and Mary to name a few all known in scripture as the "Whore of Babylon". The Sacred Feminine is the Statue of Liberty holding the Torch for Lucifer, the "Rising Sun" in the East and Lady Liberty standing atop the Capitol Dome (Womb of Zeus) in America "Land of the Amorites". Folks, the New Covenant is purely SPIRITUAL, a 1 on 1 relationship with Jesus Christ; these events are the physical birth/revealing of "Antichrist". 
     Wolves in Sheep's Clothes teaching Christians about the Rev 12:1 Sign on Sept 23, 2017 including false teachers, Messianic Rabbi (Jesus said call no man Rabbi Mat 23:8) Jonathan Cahn, Paul Begley and the Boise Prophecy Summit Liars. 
    AT&T  and Lucent (Lucifer's Intelligence) Technologies split off from Bell (Bel=Confounder=Baal=Lord "Satan") Labs; the HQ is 666 (Chalden STUR=Six Piointed Star of Molech aka Mark of the Beast) N Broadway NYC (Broadway leads to destruction; Narrow way is Jesus). Plan 9: Plan 9 from outer space was a 1957 movie about Aliens from Planet 9; Planet X "Planet of the Crossing" is Jupiter, born on Sept 23; Planet 9 "Nibiru" means Marduk; the Plan 9 Operating System was developed using INFERNO (Hell) programming and STYX (River of Hell) distributed operating system on virtual machines calld Dis (Disrespect/Blasphemy) using safe language called Limbo (Pergutory;Telestial Kingdom for Mormons). Getting pretty obvious folks! Get right with Jesus before Sept 23 please!
    Heliofant (Sun Hierophant) put out I Pet Goat II in 2012 depicting America as the Scapegoat, imprisoned and destroyed by traitors from the inside ie the CIA and their Al Qaeda figurehead Osama bin Laden (Lion + Manger + Ladon Dragon). The Dunce George Bush turns into Obama the Graduate (Initiate) on a Masonic Checkerboard Floor in the Tampa Elementary School Bush was reading "Pet Goat" upside down on 9/11/2001. The Apple (Apollo/Apollyon/Abaddan) is the Destroyer which rolls across an L (50) and C (100); the destruction of New York City encoded on the $100 and destruction of Hoover Dam on the $50 is the main water source for Los Angeles. A 1.4M Lb ANFO (Amonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) bomb called "Divine Strake" is ready to loft the radioactive isotopes from 1000 Atomic and Nuclear Tests at the "Crucible" at the Mercury Test Site into Lake Meade and Las Vegas. I Pet Goat II forecasted Hurricane Harvey destroying US Oil refining; Hurricane Irma hitting Florida, the destruction of New York City and the Rising Sun Messiah pretending to be Jesus on the Solar Barque of Horus. Time is short, Horus/Jupiter/Marduk is born on Sept 23, 2017 "Feast of Return".
    The Sign? 666, the "Mark of the Beast" (No Laws, No Morals, No Restraint); the same sign God placed on Cain after he was expelled from Eden is the Six Pointed Star of Molech, Chiun, Sikkuth, Remphan, El, Marduk and Saturn on the Flag of Israel. The Gate of El (Saturn) "Babel" is Babylon "Gate of Osiris" rising from the Sea as the "Beast from the Sea". Satan has fooled the entire world he is a valid Messiah; the Devil, Dragon, Lucifer, Serpent and Satan (Rev 12:9) in charge of the world for 1260 days (Dan 12:7; Rev 11:3; 12:6); 3 1/2 years (Rev 12:14); 42 months (Rev 13:5), enforcing worship via the Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:18); the God of forces (Gravity "God Particle" Dan 11:38) dividing the Earth for gain, a Creation that is not his. 

                                                                    2017 Significance

  • Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov prophesied Mosiach would be revealed in the year 5778 beginning Sept 20, 2017 on "Rosh Hashanah".
  • Comet C/2017 "Borisov" (God Like) entered the womb of Virgo from Leo (Horus) as Jupiter (Marduk, Osiris, Zeus) entered the Womb on Nov 17, 2016; a 9 month gestation. It makes its closest approach to Earth on Sept 23, 2017 as Jupiter exits.
  • Comet 67p conjuncts with the moon at sunrise Sept 23, 2017 Rosetta (Al Rashid; Edomite Royalty; one of 99 names of Allah) Spacecraft arrived at 67p on 9/11/2014
  • 70th Anniversary of Israel "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" Amos 5:2 The American Eclipse is the first since its Birth in 1776 to be exclusively American; the Totality is 70 miles wide.
  • 50th Jubilee Year from 6th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses and 1967 6-Day War capture of Jerusalem and Golan Heights (Gen 6 Mt Sion "Mt of the Chief")
  • 500th Anniversary (10 Jubilees) of Rosicrucian Martin Luther posting 95 Thesis to start the Protestant Reformation and 5th Lateran Council "Indestructibility of the Soul". Jesus said "Fear him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell" 
  • 500th Anniversary  of 5th Lateran Council proclaimed "Indestructibility of the Soul" as Catholic (Universal) Dogma. This is a Gnostic Lie; Lateran means HIdden Frogs, the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13) The Jesuit "Mother of all churches in the world" is the Basilica of St John Lateran in Rome. Jesuits are the "Militia of Zeus"; Zeus is Jupiter, Marduk, Osiris
  • 70th anniversary of Gnostic Dead Sea Scrolls; 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll found in 1947 in Qumran (Essenes=Essen=Gnostic Priest) says "After 10 Jubilees Prince Melchisedek will return. 
  • 100th Anniversary of Fatima Portugal sighting of "Our Lady of Fatima". Virgin Mary? Don't bet eternity on it. Muhammad, a Quyraish ie Korahite (Num 16) took Fatimah as a wife, she formed the Fatimid Caliphate.
  • 100th Anniversary of Luciferian Freemason Arthur Balfour "Balfour Declaration". Refer to Amos 5:2;26 God did not raise Israel up; Edomites did. Israel is a British (B'Rith=Birth Covenant), Rothschild (Bauer=Farmer, Cain the first Farmer; Bauer took the name Rothschild "Red Shield
    =Edomite Shield and the symbol of the Red Six Pointed Star of Saturn and address "666") Israel is Edomite, not Jewish! When Jesus returns to Zion, He finds Edomites. (Ref Obadiah) 


                                         Sept 23 Warnings 
Starship Avalon (Place of Apples; Apollo/Abaddon/Apollyon of Rev 9:11 and burial of the mythical King Arthur) on 120 year (Noah's warning was 120 years) to planet Homestead 2; 30 years (Jesus began His ministry at 30) a malfuntion awakens astronaut Jim Preston (James means Jacob; Preston means Priest Town); after 1 yr in isolation with his immortal android bartender/therapist Arthur (Arth=Branch), facing certain death, he wakes up astronaut hottie Aurora Lane (Aurora is the sister/wife of Apollo "Destroyer"; Lane as in Lois Lane?) lying to her and swearing Arthur to the lie a malfunction woke her up as well. The Access Code for Salvation and arrival on Homestead 2? 2317. 
"Labyrinth” with David Bowie (David Bowie's Black Star is about Saturn) The character of Bowie was an evil sorcerer, a Satanic figure in the film. In one scene, while he is holding an infant child on his lap, he says to the child, “In exactly 9 hours and 23 minutes, you’ll be mine!” Then all the demonic puppet goblin creatures around him break into laughter and shouting. 
"Gone Girl"
:  Starring Ben Affleck debut on Day of Atonement, 2014 (same day as the "Left Behind" movie). The missing lady in the movie says, "I feel like I could disappear". In one scene, on the lower left of your screen, it says "September 23--Seven Weeks Home". My additional info on this one is that 7 weeks after 9/23 is ELEVEN ELEVEN "Veteran's Day" (Veteran means Beast of Burden) It is also 49 days, or 1 month and 19 days…which is 119, or a backwards 911.

"Knowing":  One of the last dates of DESTRUCTION in this movie is 9/23. My additional info: the CME kill shot solar flare comes on 10/19, which is a backwards 911, not counting the zero. 10/19 becomes 119.  If you add 1 month and 19 days to 9/23, you come again to ELEVEN ELEVEN.

"Deep Impact": This movie shows the numbers 9-21 and 9-23 on underground caves.  A comet strikes the earth, and causes mega tsunamis. My additional info also mentioned the movie showing boxes of Ensure #00701…which is the zip code of Puerto Rico. There are prophecies of two meteor impacts, one hitting the Atlantic Ocean, the other in the Caribbean Sea, especially by Puerto Rico. P.R. is also in the news lately, as having severe and dire financial problems, and looming bankruptcy. 

"Red Dawn": The trailer to this movie points to 9/22-23 as the start of chaos erupting in the US.  A football player, in a jersey #9 (September?), shouts "22, 22", then lights go out in the stadium, due to an EMP attack on the United States. The following morning (9/23) is when all chaos breaks loose in America. Day of Atonement is at sundown 9/22, to sundown on 9/23.

"I Frankenstein": A camera pans by a large clock tower, with the hands pointing to 9:23.

"San Andreas": This is the 2015 California earthquake movie. People are standing around the professor at his desk, looking at his computer screen. They are talking about the devastation, from the 2015 earthquake, that they were observing. At the top of the screen, towards the left, are the numbers 9, 2, and 3..

"This Is The End": This movie reveals the 9/21-9/24 dates. We see the "Rapture" event, followed by the Abyss opening, and all hell is breaking loose upon the earth. Right before this takes place, two of the main characters meet at an airport ,and the numbers on the clock point to 9:21, 9:22, 9:23, and stop at 9:24.

"Tomorrowland":  In the preview, you see a young girl who is witnessing rampant looting and rioting, on the east coast of the U.S., on the TV. She picks up a magic coin and is instantly transported to a place that looks like Heaven (some Hollywood version of the Rapture?).  In the next scene we see a digital counter that reads an atomic clock at 09 23, in big glowing numbers, followed by 100% probability.

"Pixels Movie" : The preview shows us a game of "PacMan", with the high score, and current score, starting with the digits 239 or, again, 9/23, as most countries code dates with the month before the day. The theme is an alien invasion of video game constructs and a meteorite strike.

"Evan Almighty": This movie shows 9/22 and says "building an ark because a flood is coming". The Flood destroys Washington DC, a date and location encoded on the $US Dollar Bill in 1935[Revealing%20The%20Secrets%20Encoded%20On%20The%20Dollar%20Bill]_djvu.txt

"Ghostbusters" (all 3 movies): This movie shows 9/22, as a character says "fire and brimstone coming down from the sky".

"Little Shop of Horrors":  On 9/23, humans encounter a deadly threat to their very existence.

"Left Behind": Starring Knight of Malta Nicholas Cage, this movie came out on Day of Atonement in 2014 (the same day as "Gone Girl" came out). Both movies appear to be a one-year warning. People vanish from an airplane, in the Rapture, as well as all over the world. It shows Gates 9--23, and states "We were warned".

"Seeking a Friend for the End of the World": On 9/22 and 9/23, a huge asteroid is getting ready to strike the planet in 3 weeks time. It says "the End is coming soon".

"The Number 23":  This movie is starring Jim Carrey (LA leader of the Church of Satan), and it is a whole movie about the number 23. It mentions the month of September, and then the number 23. A clock shows 9, 2 and 3.

"Run All Night":  9/23 date is the date on the newspaper. This movie mentions, "the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against her offspring".  Revelation 12:17 says, "And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed."  I quoted this verse in case you doubt that the NWO elite know, and are trying to fulfill, Biblical events.  Pointing us to Sept 23, 2017?  

"Seventh Son":  Hell awakens. "The world and man shall fall". This movie shows a blood moon, and at the end you see, "in 2015". Pope Francis was in Philadelphia (City/Church of Brotherly Love is Cain's love of Abel and Esau's love of Jacob) 

"Volcano" (1997): We see 9:23 next to a cross, with a license plate reading of 239 (23/9--Sept. 23rd), with the falling of an asteroid .

"Cast Away" (2000):  This movie stars Tom Hanks, as the sole survivor from a plane crash, stranded on an island. He finds the wallet of his co-worker, and the ID card in it states the worker's employment start date was 9/23/1987.



"Heroes":  Originally aired on 9/25/06, Season 2, on 9/24/07, Season 3, on 9/22/08, and Season 4, on 9/21/09. "Heroes Reborn" came back on 9/24/15. One of the main character's superpowers is the manipulation of time and space, whereby he can see the future and WITNESSES THE NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION OF NEW YORK CITY. Note: L and C appear on the Masonic checkerboard floor in "I, Pet Goat II"; L=50 on the $US 50 the Hoover Dam is destroyed. On the $100 NYC is destroyed by a missile and tsunami.

Final "David Letterman Show":  It shows a relationship between 9/11 and 9/24. They showed a TV clip from the 80's, of a woman, dancing in front of people, wearing football jerseys with numbers. She first passes by a jersey with number "24", then "9", then "11", then goes back to "9" and then back to "24". Later, you are shown a man falling from space and FIRE/DESTRUCTION RAINING DOWN ON NYC, with parts of the set blowing up. 

"LOST":  1st Aired on 9/22/04.  It featured an airplane crash on 9/22, with the survivors ending up on a strange island.

"Sleepy Hollow" (Season 2):   It shows 9/23, and says "someone is leaving us a code".

"NCIS" (Episode: "Last Man Standing"): This shows 9/23, and it says "Do they suspect?", and the answer is "No".


                                                                                                              Commercial Ads

Taco Bell  Shows 9/23, with two people breaking through a barrier and going to a paradise-like place.


                                                                                                     Illuminati Card Game

Seize the Time Clock: 9/24:  An asteroid hits the earth.

Warehouse  23 9/23 

Mass Murder  9/23

Vatican City  9/23 Pope's mitre shows 9W, W is 23rd letter, 9W =9/23 (Pope Francis' US trip ended 9/23/15 on the final Lunar Eclipse of the 7th Tetrad)

Pave the Earth  9/23 (Jesus was scourged in the Pavement. Pavement (Asphalt/Bitumen) is the Mortar used in the Tower of Babel connecting the world under common rule of Lucifer)

Convenience Stores  9/23

Pledge Drive  9/23, hidden twice


Commercial, Hour-long TV Fundraiser"Stand Up 2 Cancer" Logo shows S, an "Up" arrow, followed by 2C The S stands for September Up arrow means "We go up" 2C….the letter C is third letter, or "3", making "23" Summarized: 9/23 "We go up"


                                                                                                   Music Videos

Madonna Concert  9/23/12 in Washington, DC. She mocks the Bride of Christ, and shows walls coming down, image of cross falling, fire coming down from Heaven, Lucifer descending, the breaking of the veil between Heaven and Earth, and fallen angels coming.


Miley Cyrus Song called "23", which shows numbers 666 and 923 (9/23). 

Spectrum  Singer showing one-eyed symbolism and her watch is set at 9:23.

Song "Licks and Kicks" by Israel Vibration (1978):  Mentions 9/24 date, twice. Song mentions Babylon, fulfillment of holy prophecy, and Great Tribulation.

"Someday" a Black Eyed Peas video, which shows 9/23 on calendar.

"Nothing Was the Same" album:  Shows 9/24 on the back cover. Song: "Hold On, We're Going Home".

                                                                                      Misc Events

Birmingham, England "Emergency Services Event – Live Demonstrations" 9/23-9/24.   Bottom info says 999 Equipment (upside down 666)

UN International Day of Peace 9/21: "Peace and Security".  1st Thessalonians 5:3 says, "For when they say Peace and safety; then Sudden Destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

The Philadelphia train crash AND the large meteor explosion, that happened in Russia, BOTH happened at 9:23, p.m. and a.m., respectively, in their local time zones. The train crash happened under mysterious circumstances, in which it appears a hole was shot through the front window, temporarily disorienting the engineer.

Obama spoke at UN Climate Summit on 9/23/14. One-year warning, as he is saying "the alarm bells are ringing" (see Madonna video above).

Computer glitches knocking out the New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines, and The Wall Street Journal, all on the same morning on 7/8/15.

7+8+2+0+1+5= 23 July 8, 2015 is 2 months, 3 days to 9/11 9/11/2001 adds up to 23 (master number 11 is not broken down) CNN news report on 7/8/15 from the NYSE:  It says NYSE resumes trading 3.5 hours (How interesting that the NYC Stock Exchange was shut down for 3 and one-half hours and the Great Tribulation is 3 and one-half years in length), after halt. Woman reporter is speaking, and a man in back of her, in a dark suit, has the number 923 on his right arm, in white. The woman says "the starting of a new day", as he is standing behind her.  See Rev 12:6 1260 Days is the Great Tribulation

Pope Francis, the 266th Pope, met with Obama, on the 266th day of the year, 9/23/2015 "Day of Atonement" in the White House. 

On Sept 23, 2017 Jupiter (Zeus/Lucifer) will exit the womb of the virgin (Virgo aka Isis, Ashtoreth, Ishtar) standing on the Moon (Arab god "Sin"), clothed with the Sun (Lucifer, Attis, Mithra, Sol) crowned by Leo (Double Crown of Egypt) Interpretations aside the main message that we should be receiving is to make sure that our SPIRITUAL house is in order.  Get close to Jesus!  Stay close to Jesus!

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