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I have put together an exclusive personally curated collection of beautiful, affordable, intricate fashion jewelry you can't find in one place anywhere else.

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  1. Jun 29

    - Becoming Great Again!

  2. Jun 29

    Proudly born in...

  3. Jun 28

    Apparently one of tweets has been posted to Reddit. I wondered why there's so much activity on my account today! I may have to join Reddit! How about this, then:

  4. Jun 28

    Building the wall will reduce crime and improve the quality of LEGAL immigrants to the USA.

  5. Jun 28

    Illegal immigration = increased crime in the US. Coyotes dump men, women and kids across the border with NOTHING and these people are left to steal and burglarize in order to simply stay ALIVE! No more!

  6. Jun 28

    My father's cousin, many years ago, paid a coyote thousands to get him across the border illegally. He was beaten and killed and left just outside Matamoros. Illegal immigration = death for illegal immigrants!

  7. Jun 28

    Both my parents are Hispanic LEGAL immigrants, both were registered Democrats, and both this week told me they have decided to

  8. Jun 26

    You are a terrible example for women. I'm embarrassed that you count yourself as a part of my gender.

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    Jun 26

    Thank you for acknowledging this extraordinary American.

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    Jun 25

    Text message from me father to Sarah Sanders. Everyone please retweet so she sees it.

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    Apr 3

    The ILLEGAL immigration catastrophe is our nation’s biggest challenge, not because we Americans are not a welcoming people. It is because Democrats have tried to make wanton lawlessness “acceptable” in a losing gambit to salvage their sinking party.

  13. Retweeted

    “Still Rising: Rasmussen Poll Shows Donald Trump Approval Ratings Now at 51 Percent”

  14. Apr 3

    So there's the biggest difference. We actually care about people who have an opposing POV and we want to protect their rights just as much as our own. These dumbass liberal leftist progressives hate everything and everyone that is not completely in lockstep with their POV.

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    Apr 3
  16. Retweeted
    Mar 30

    I see Mccabe is over $300k on his Go Fund Me Account. He can sell his Porsche & 2nd home. I’m a victim of McCabe. I lost my house. I sold it & made enough to hire an attorney. Please support my GoFundMe campaign: Please Repost

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  18. Mar 30

    Does anyone on the entire planet still think that is an unbiased and objective "news" source? If so...

  19. Mar 29

    I am deleting my account immediately.


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