Organized Kids’ Closets–Switching out Seasons

So with the season recently changing to fall and the weather definitely starting to cool down around here, I found it to be a good time to switch out my kiddos’ summer wardrobe for fall/winter. (Hubby and I are fortunate to each have our own closets and have enough room to keep all four seasons in each space. I’ll get to those closets in another post. ūüôā
Here is a portion of my youngest daughter’s (summer) clothes. As you can see, she has LOTs of clothes. Between a Mimi who loves to shop for her little girls and getting her sister’s hand-me-downs

as well as kind neighbors’ (these bags were sitting on our front porch the other day- FULL of size 2-3T clothes) we needed to get more of a handle on organizing it all.

Let me just say that before I started this rather daunting project, I needed a couple of my favorite friends…and a few others.

1.¬†Diet Coke–for a little pep.
2.¬†Pandora Radio–for a little more pep.
3.¬†Large trash bag(s)¬†{not pictured}–for a little ruthless-ness.
4.¬†More kid-sized hangers–for a little sanity (I have this thing for matching hangers).
5.¬†Tissues–for my drippy nose as I decide which of my little one’s clothes I will part ¬†with once and for all.

*Another optional tool that may come in very handy would be a timer. It often helps to break up a large project into smaller, more manageable chunks of time.*

As I dove in, I created three piles:

1.¬†Donate Pile:¬†These were clothes that I knew wouldnt’ fit by the time spring rolled¬†back around, had stains or holes, or I knew my daughter wouldn’t¬†wear or like.
2. Tuck Away Pile: These were clothes that could possible still fit in the spring (and
were in good condition).
3. Special Memory Pile (also known as the kleenex pile): These are clothes that
I couldn’t¬†possibly bring myself to give away. This is the trickiest part because¬†¬† ¬†pretty much¬†all of her clothes brought up memories. I had to be very selective¬†because I didn’t want to have to store way too much. Most of the truly¬†memorable outfits I have pictures of the girls in them so I felt a little better¬†about letting go. Bring on the tissues–or a friend!
*Anything else stayed in her closet. I always make sure to keep some short sleeved shirts in there as well because you never know with our crazy Colorado weather. It may be 40 degrees one day and 70 the next. No joke.*
Check out the donate pile. This wasn’t even half of it. Nuts.
So, after I cleared out some room and got rid of a lot, I was able to get the fall/winter clothes out of storage (the guest room closet–I’ll mention in a bit). I always like to wash everything coming out of storage bins to get rid of any possible musty smell.
As the clothes were getting cleaned, I was able to better assess her closet situation. When we moved in, these wire closet organizers were already in. While they are much better than the builder shelf and rod that we often see, it wasn’t quite set up to fit our needs–at least not right now.

Because my youngest only has 1 dresser (with only three drawers) I end up hanging quite a bit. I also do this because she likes to try and pick out her own clothes. This is fine but I would often find her room to be in complete disarray as she would empty her drawers onto the floor looking for something to wear. Although I encourage the independence, I also cherish my sanity. She isn’t able to pull things off of hangers (at least not with much speed) so I figured hanging a lot of it was probably the best answer.

So, I was able to pop out one of the middle shelves. (I left the brackets incase we decided we would need the shelf again one day.) This allowed me to use the middle shelf like a rod as well for more hanging space.


Having a few shelves still intact also allowed room for some different sized bins (these are from Target)– which I’ll talk more about tomorrow. ūüôā
Below is my¬†oldest daughter’s closet. Hers wasn’t quite as tricky just because she doesn’t have all the hand-me-downs and most of her stuff is just tucked away–either for her or her little sis in the spring. No tissues needed quite yet. Whew!
I didn’t need quite as much hanging space for her either because she has two dressers (with a lot more drawers) in her room. And she is not nearly as bad about tearing things out of her drawers (anymore anyway).
So I kept her wire shelving in place and added a few bins for odds and ends. I also added a row of hooks (Ikea) for jackets, belts, etc.
Here is the¬†guest room closet¬†with all the off-season clothes. The top rod is my youngest’s and the bottom is my oldest’s. If I hang them in their closet during the season, than I hang them in the guest room closet during off season. The rest goes into one bin (per girl). This makes the transfer so much easier–since you don’t have to rehang everything.
All-in-all, this only took a few hours. This biggest challenge (and one that I enjoy) was coming up with a plan. Once I figured out where I wanted everything to go, it was just a matter of putting it there. I was able to get rid of a ton and have a better plan in place for future.
Stay tuned tomorrow as I tackle their drawers.
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