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1. Nicola Agius, married to Agata N, with issue.

1.1. Tommaso Agius, married 1569 in Act. Notary Giuliano Muscat to Marietta Ciantar, with issue.

1.1.1. Gio Maria Agius, married 1629 Zebbug to Argentina Bonello, with issue.  Grazio Agius of Zebbug Malta,  married 1658 Zebbug to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Tommaso Agius, married 1695 Mdina to Matteola Fenech, with issue. Francesco Agius, married 1730 Valletta to Teresa Ellul, with issue. Tomaso Agius, married 1767 Valletta to Ursula Busuttil, with issue. Antonio Agius, married 1793 Valletta to Nobile Saveria Vassallo, with issue. Pietro Paolo Agius, married 1816 to Maria Teresa Pace, with issue.
.1.1.1. Tomaso Agius, married Felicity Calleja, with issue. Adriana Agius, married 1864 to Arcangelo Manetta. Walter Agius, married to Maria Antonia Falson, with issue. Joseph Edward Agius, married to Maria Rosa Borg, with issue. Carmelina Agius, married to Henry John Gatt., with issue. Joseph Edward Agius, married to Teresa Fava, with issue. John Charles Agius. Rosemarie Agius. Maria Victoria Agius, married to Geoffrey Saunders, with issue. Cecil Walter Agius, married to Joan Felice, with issue. Thomas Agius. Albert Walter Agius KM, married to Phyllis Tanti, with issue. Donald Agius, married to Mary Pace., with issue. Rev. Tommaso Agius. Luigi Agius, married to Maria Antonia Borg Carbott dei Baroni di Grua.dsp. Maria Agius, married to Giuseppe Wismayer, with issue. Filippa Agius, married 1903 to Alfonso Ugo Peralta, with issue. Alberto Agius, married to Maria Ferrante, with issue. Thomas Agius Ferrante, married to Ann Pullicino, with issue. Albert Agius Ferrante. Cora Aguis Ferrante, married Prof. Arthur P. Camilleri, with issue. Dr Corinne Camilleri MD. Michael Camilleri. Evelyn Agius Ferrante, married to Dr Ferdinand Calleja MD., with issue. Joseph Agius Ferrante. Anne Agius Ferrante, (1914 -2014), “Nun”. Anthony Agius Ferrante. Adelaide Agius, married to Francesco Camilleri. Emilia Agius, married 1857 Valletta to Paolo Rocco Peralta. Lorenza Agius, married 1845 Valletta to Paolo Rocco Peralta. Tancredi Agius, (d. 1872), married 1848 Alexandria Egypt to Saveria Sammut of Birkirkara, with issue. Rosa Agostina Agius, (d. 1846). Paola Carmelitana Agius. Caterina Agius, married 1818 Valletta to Salvatore Borg, with issue. Salvatore Borg. Serafina Borg, (d. 1857). Orsola Agius, married 1822 Valletta to Gian Stanislao Mallia, with issue. Antonio Mallia. Enrico Mallia. Paolo Mallia. Calcedonia Mallia. Maria Agius, married (1) 1807 Qormi to Carlo Baldacchino, amrried (2) 1825 Valletta to Aloiseo La Rosa. Anna Agius., married 1814 Valletta to Vincenzo Grech. M’Giuseppa Agius, married 1818 Valletta to Mederico Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia. Carmelo Agius, married 1823 Valletta to Lorenza Galea. Francesco Agius. Carmelo Agius, married 1823 Valletta to Lorenza N, with issue. Ursola Agius, married 1844 Valletta to Samuele Marquerrat. Michele Agius, married 1802 Curmi to Caterina Camilleri. Tomaso Agius, (d. 1854)., married 1830 Valletta to Arcangela Gatt. Giuseppe Agius, married 1806 Coscpicua to Veronica Caruana, with issue. Sig. Tomaso "sives Santo" Agius-Caruana, married to Marianna dei Baroni Gauci, with issue. Francesco Agius-Caruana, (d. 1872). Lorenzo Agius-Caruana, (d. 1866). Pietro Paolo Agius, (d. 1836), migrated to Imperia Russia and Created Baron Agiusky and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1799 to Baroness Ann Marie Palmen., with issue. Baron Tommaso Agiusky, 2nd Baron, (1800-76), married 1831 to Princess Anna Andomsky, with issue. Baron Paolo Agiusky, 3rd Baron, (1833-88), married to Princess Olga Sceberrasky., with issue. Baron Tommaso Agiusky, 4th Baron, (1867-96), married 1890 to Countess Nathalie Podhorizczaki, with issue. Baroness Sophia Agiusky, (1894-, 1915 to Baron Nicholas von Seefeldt, with issue. Baroness Sophia von Seefeldt, married 1912 (Cousin) to Baron Edgar Palmen. Baroness Georgiana Agiusky, (1899-, married 1917 to Baron Ivan von Seefeldt. Baron Antoine Agiusky, (1868-86), married 1881 to Countess Richelle Podhorizczaki, with issue. Baron Paul Agiusky, 5th Baron, (1884-1919), dunm. Baroness Olga Agiusky, (1886-, married 1908 to Baron Paul Palmen, with issue. Baron Edgar Palmen, married 1912 (Cousin) to Baroness Sophia von Seefeldt, with issue. Baron Tommaso Palmen, (1930-., married to Antonia Nicolaiev, with issue. Baroness Alexia Palmen, (1969-, married 2000 to Baron Antoine Agiusky. Baroness Marie Agiusky, (1870-), married 1888 to Count Victor Podhorizczaki. Baroness Tatiana Agiusky, (1871-), married 1889 to Count Ahlefeld-Laurwigen. Baron Michael Agiusky, (1873-1918), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia., dunm Baron Stefano Agiusky, 6th Baron, (1875-1926), fled to Denmark, married to Countess Victorie Potuliecki, with issue. Baroness Carla Agiusky, (1905-, married 1930 to John Fenson. Baroness Freda Agius, (1906- , married 1938 to Frederick Neilson. Baron Peter Agiusky, (1835-74), married to Duchess Tatiana Delicatasky., with issue. Baron Edgar Agiusky, 7th Baron, (1865-1948), married 1892 to Countess Beatrix Stadnicki, with issue. Baroness Charlotte Agiusky, (1898-., married 1923 to Basile Brzostowski. Baroness Catherine Agiusky, (1868-), married 1890 to Count Victor Tarnowski. Baroness Usula Agiusky, (1838-), married 1860 to Prince George Maurokordato. Baroness Sophia Agiusky, (1802-), married 1820 to Prince Giorgio Adomsky. Baroness Marie Agiusky, (1804-), married 1822 to Baron Giovanni Assenzaov. Barone Edgar Agiusky, (1807-94), married 1831 to Baroness Sophia von Toll, with issue. Baron Grigor Agiusky, (1834-1902), married to Countess Tatiana Carabottsky., with issue. Baron Paul Agiusky, (1860-1925), fled to Germany , married 1882 to Baroness Sophia Mahs, with issue. Baroness Tatiana Agiusky, (1884-1980), married 1911 to Baron Grigor Agiusky, with issue . Baron Edgar Agiusky, (1862-1936), fled to Germany, married 1889 to Countess Alexandra Alexandrowics, with issue. Baron Grigor Agiusky, 8th Baron, (1893-1959), married 1911 to Baroness Tatiana Agiusky, with issue. Baron Edgar Agiusky, 9th Baron , (1931-75), married 1963 to Princess Marie Xuerebsky, with issue. Baron Antoine Agiusky, 10th Baron, (1965-., 44th President of the Chamber of Nobility in Exile 1989 -1994, married 2000 (Cousin) to Baroness Alexia Palmen, with issue. Baron Grigor Agiusky, (2002-. Baroness Marie Agiusky, (2005-. Baron Stefano Agiusky, (2007- . Baroness Tatiana Agiusky, (1865-), married 1884 to Count Henry Brzostowski. Baroness Marie Agiusky, (1836-), married 1855 to Baron Nicolo Desierov. Giovanna Agius, married 1766 Valletta to Gaetano Grech. Modesta Agius, married 1760 Valletta to Vincenzo Grech. Michel'Angelo Agius, married (1) 1790 Valletta to Maria Attard, married (2) 1802 Qormi to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. (Second Marriage) Tomaso Agius, married 1830 (Contract) to Nobile Arcangela Grech Delicata, with issue. Paolo Agius Grech Delicata, married 1867 Vittoriosa to Dona Maria Carmela Fernandez, with issue. Carmelo Agius Grech Delicata Fernandez, married to Annetta Bonnici, with issue. Reginald Agius Grech Delicata Fernandez, married to Lilian Fenech, with issue. Gaston Agius Fernandez, married to Margaret Warrington, with issue. Dr Ralph Agius Fernandez LLD. Dr Marc Agius Fernandez LLD. Caterina Agius Delicata, married 1851 Valletta to Zeffro Zahra Clinquant. Michele Agius Delicata, married 1864 Birkirkara to Giuseppa Borg. Francesca Agius, married 1855 Valletta to Giovanni Farrugia. Maria Agius, married 1769 Valletta to Gio Battista Pace. Gioannella Agius, married 1693 Zebbug to Domenico Attard. Sapienza Agius, married 1697 Zebbug to Tomaso Grech. Andrea Agius, married 1690 Zebbug to Sapienza Muscat. Gio Maria Agius, married 1690 Zebbug to Domenica Saliba. Gioannello Agius, married 1693 Zebbug to Domenica Attard. Gio Battista Agius, married 1697 Zebbug to Eugenia Vassallo. Maruzza Agius, married 1677 Zebbug to Grazio Pace. Anna Agius, married 1689 Zebbug to Simone Muscat.

1.1.2. Geronima Agius, married 1633 Attard to Giovanni Sammut.

1.1.3. Caterina Agius, married 1641 Attard to Salvatore Schembri.




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