Joseph Ryan

About Me

I'm a college student pursuing my passion for computers. When I'm not programming, I enjoy competition in the form of video games or sports. Outside of school I play Viola and Piano, as well as mentoring my highschool's robotics team, the RoboEagles.

My Code

Most of my projects are hosted on GitHub, where you can browse my hastily written and poorly maintained code at your leisure. I'm really not a front end person, so most of my stuff is heavily focused on function over form (this is my excuse for nothing looking polished). Feel free to contact me if you are interested in anything I'm working on.

My GitHub profile


I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering major at UT Austin (class of 2021)

Cockrell School of Engineering

Featured Projects

In my free time I like to learn computing concepts by building things. My interests range from compilers and operating systems to machine learning and graphics.

Physics Engine

Simple 2D physics sandbox

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Handwritten character recognition (school project)

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