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BREAKING: Sheriff Joe Drops MASSIVE Bombshell About Obama’s Birth Certificate! (VIDEO)

Sheriff Joe Obama

President Barack Obama, after pressure from President-elect Donald J. Trump, released his birth certificate in 2011, after allowing a controversy to grow for years.

Questions have been raised about the authenticity of the document, but they were just rumors. No one provided actual proof.

The discussion has lead people to believe that Obama’s real father is communist Frank Marshall Davis. This is a theory that Malik Obama has suggested is true, as he doesn’t believe Obama is his biological brother.

Now, we may know the truth!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (Arizona) has released shocking new evidence after an extensive investigation, showing “nine points of forgery.”

Now we know why the Obama White House wanted to stop Sheriff Joe. Joe is fearless!

From ABC 15 Arizona:

During a Thursday press conference, Arpaio and [Chief Investigator Mike] Zullo said their five-year-long investigation revealed new evidence including “forensic analysis showing the characters on the document were pieced together from secondary sources.”

According to Zullo, the certificate released by the White House in 2011 appears to be a “created” document that sources an official Hawaiian birth certificate belonging to a Johana Ah’nee.

A video played during the press conference showed nine elements that were lifted and placed on the Obama certificate in “an apparent attempt to make it appear authentic.”

“My concern was not where the president was born, but whether the document presented to the people was a fraud,” Arpaio said of his office’s investigation.

Zullo said the aim of their investigation was to “clear” Obama’s birth certificate, but two forensic experts were unable to do so.

Could it be that Obama’s birth certificate is the ultimate “fake news?” These are serious accusations.

Twitter reacted immediately:

Here is the shocking press conference. Watch, before they take this video down!



With his battle against the White House, Sheriff Joe just got the last laugh.

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