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The SOI & ARM Venn Diagram

Sphere of Influence (SOI)

Masterclass by André Chaperon

META: SOI is a step-by-step methodology (framework) on how to ATTRACT amazing “world-class” customers into your business using empathy lead story-driven marketing.

MACRO: The core (spine) of the SOI methodology is a narrative-driven “filtering system” I call a Multi-Page Presell Site (MPPS).

The system works to attract (PULL) the right people into your fold, and REPELS (filters out) the people who don’t represent the people you choose to do business with.

SOI will teach you how to become a better marketer. It’s where you start the journey of attracting “True Fans” towards you and over the line.

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AutoResponder Madness (ARM)

Email Marketing Masterclass by André Chaperon

“ARM is the best thing you’re ever going to buy if you’re sending emails.” — Perry Belcher & Ryan Deiss (DigitalMarketer.com)

Stories have a unique power to move people’s hearts, minds, and wallets in the story teller’s intended direction.

Lean how to use strategic story-driven email marketing to create rapport, build trust and attention, and nurture an army of True Fans.

A “True Fan” is a customer who will buy (almost) everything you put out. And they spread the word to others.

True Fans are created over time, through trust. There’s no shortcut. ARM is a step-by-step methodology on how to do this.

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FAQs about Sphere of Influence (SOI) & AutoResponder Madness (ARM)

QUESTION: What’s the difference between SOI & ARM?

ANSWER: I’ll keep this very simple. ARM is all about email (everything that happens AFTER someone adds themself to your email list).

SOI is everything that happens BEFORE the opt-in (all the marketing leading up to someone joining your email list):

The SOI & ARM Venn Diagram

ARM and SOI solve two very different problems — but they work TOGETHER like a hand and glove, to create a full ecosystem for:

  1. attracting the best people into your “sphere of influence”,
  2. shaping their beliefs, worldview, and perceptions,
  3. then using email to deepen and extend that relationship over time.

Both SOI and ARM are strategic methodologies that I developed after been exposed to Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence back in 2004/05.

In a nutshell, SOI is all about creating marketing that affects what people NEED to BELIEVE, REALIZE and AGREE to in ADVANCE before they can ACCEPT the NEED for the product or service you have for sale.

The YELLOW intersection of the Venn diagram above is where SOI and ARM overlap, in the sense that email is the perfect delivery vehicle to use (extend) SOI, to “reshape” what your audience needs to believe in moving closer towards you (your ideas, products and solutions, etc).

QUESTION: Which course should I invest in first, ARM or SOI?

ANSWER: SOI is the “front-end” engine — everything that happens BEFORE the opt-in.

The SOI & ARM Venn Diagram

It covers the entire front-end, from attracting people into your “sphere of influence” through organic and paid traffic channels, to instilling new beliefs that reframes their worldview, and how they see you and your products as the ONLY VIABLE PATH to helping them solve the problems which matter to them.

It’s how you attract new people into your world and filter out everyone else. So that when someone adds themselves to your email list, they’re hyper-targeted and you own (because you have earned) their attention.

ARM is the “back-end” engine — everything that happens AFTER the opt-in.

It covers how to use story-driven email and marketing automation to build trust and deepen the relationship you have with your audience.

It’s the combination of SOI + ARM what closes the loop on an end-to-end marketing methodology.

As to which training you should invest in FIRST?

That depends on where you see the most significant opportunity for leverage right now.

If you already have a sizable email list, but your email marketing efforts (and results) are underwhelming, then perhaps get ARM first.

However, if your lead quality is low and too broad, then SOI is probably the better leverage point to focus on first so that you can work to attract BETTER people into your business.