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傳統藝術中心細部規劃 1993-1995
Detailed Plan for The Center for Traditional Arts

委託單位:宜蘭縣政府/計畫主持人:劉可強, 邱坤良/專案顧問:華昌琳, 郭城孟, 江漢全, 郭振泰, 郭耀程, 王偉民, 蔡萬益, 林文彬/專案負責人:高樹仁, 侯志仁/主要工作人員:高慧雯, 吳莉莉, 趙日新, 林素春, 卞艾芸, 賴仕堯, 蘇志民, 陳怡君, 施如芳, 張立伶, 楊宗陶, 黃靜惠, 梁純菁
Client: I-lan County Government/Project Principal: John K. C. Liu/Project Consultants: Chang-lin Hua , Chen-mong Kuo, Han-chuan Chiang, Chen-tai Kuo, Yao-cheng Kuo, Wei-min Wang, Wan-i Tzai , Wen-pin Lin/Project Managers: Shu-jen Kao, Jeffrey Hou/Major Planners: Hui-wen Kao, Jih-hsin Chao, Li-li Wu, Su-chun Lin, Ai-yun Bien, Shih-yao Lai, Chih-min Su, I-chun Chen, Lu-fang Shi, Li-ling Chang, Tzung-tau Yang, Ching-huey Huang, Chun-ching Liang

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Traditional arts tn Taiwan, with changing economic conditions and a withering of traditional social relations, are now in rapid decline. The proposed Center for Traditional Arts has been envisioned by the Council for Cultural Planning and Development for the purpose of conserving to rescue and conserve this invaluable but quickly disappearing heritage.

The center is given both long-term and immediate objectives. In the long run, the Center will serve as a national-level administrative unit in charge of training, conservation, and other organizational affairs throughout the country. A school of traditional arts and crafts will also be established to train for new talents and provide opportunities for the experienced artisans and performers to teach their skills and knowledge. On the other hand, as an immediate objective, the Center will provide a setting for performances and exhibits, to attract the needed audience and promote their appreciation for traditional arts.

This project responds to the above objectives of the Center by encompassing plans for the administrative and training facilities and a “Folk: Arts Campus” on the same site. The former is responsible for conducting and coordinating the various training and performance programs. The Folk Arts Campus will be a place where traditional arts will be showcased and visitors will again have the opportunity to participate in the process that make the form and spirit of traditional arts a part of our culture.

With these objectives in mind, the following planning concepts and approaches have been initiated:
1. To develop the center as a living community.
2. To exhibit the spatial and material background in which folk crafts exist and to allow their inter relationship to become a focus of the visiting experience.
3. Ecologically sensitive planning and design.
4. Multiple patterns of recreation and “activity rings”.
5. Design guidelines that respond to the complexity of the project.
The first phase work on this 22 hectare site next to the Tung-Shan River recreation area in I-lan County is currently under construction.

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