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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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Burning Man3

                                        Burning Man

Burning Man Black Rock City
Magic Square of the SunArtemis 5G, (Artemis/Diana is the goddess of Witchcraft; Temple of Artemis in Ephesus Turkey is recreated at the Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC, directly across from the Jesuit "Militia of Zeus" HQ in the US Georgetown University) brought to the world by Space X (X=Christ=Jupiter) StarLink (Chaldean STUR=666=Star of Saturn) "Burner" Elon Musk (really US taxpayers), OneWeb, financed by Burners Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson and Blue Origin (Blue=Zeus=Jupiter). 11 other Coroporations are also deployng satellites such as LeoSat (Leo=Sphinx=Osiris=Saturn) and IntelSat (Boeing-Apple; Apple=Apollyon/Abaddan Rev 9:11 "Destroyer") Worldwide, real time Spying? Yes. Sterility of Humans and Animals? Yes. Worldwide Oxygen deprivation? Yes. What on Earth attracts people like Google's Sergei Brin, Mark Zuckerberg (Rockefeller), Richard Branson, Elon Musk (Nikola Tesla=Altruistic Inventer; Musk=paid shill using taxpayer financed Cape Canaveral promoting ridiculous and impossible Mars Missions)? The Quest to become a God. 
     First off, Celtic "Wicker Men" are of Chaldean aka Culdee origin; in Chaldea "Konn-Torrs"; in Egypt "Hyksos" (Foreign Shepherd Kings) and "Priests of On" (On=Osiris=Saturn); in Ephesus "Priests of Cybele"; in Greece "Philosophers"; in Britian-Gaul "Druids". Bacchanalia, Saturnalia, Dionysiacs, Liberalia, Hell Fire Society may all ring a Baal; all are Saturnian Gnosticism.
          2017 Burning Man Aug 27-Sept 4, 2017 "Radical Self Reliance" 2018 Burning Man "I, Robot" Black Rock City, Nevada; The Black Stone is Saturn/Satan. Jesus' followers are totally dependent on Him; Satan as the Serpent promises Freedom from God and Heaven built on Earth. Celtic-Druid "Wickerman" were Slaves used as Holocaust (Fire) Sacrifices, the future foretold in their writhing, screams and entrails. The US is the world's largest Debtor Nation whose Citizens have no legal rights to anything. "Burner" sacrifices are exactly as the more Elite "Bohemian Grove"; "Grovers" sacrifice "Care" to Molech aka Saturn. "Burners" symbolize the same thing, a Carnivale of Flesh. 2015 theme was "DaVinci's Workshop" (DaVinci was Saturnian Black Nobility) as followed by "Carnival of Mirrors" and the 2017 theme "Radical Ritual". Baccanalias and Dionysiac Rituals were finally ejected from Rome and Greece; in America,  they just keep expanding.
       Saturn is the Black Rock aka Black Star. The 2017 "Radical Ritual" surrounds the Omphalos "Navel/Center of the World", an Octogon shaped Temple just like the base of the Statue of Liberty and Golden Dome of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Omphalos Shrine is topped by a Golden Spire symbolizing the Golden Spike Zion (Salt Lake equivalent with the Salt Valley, the Canaanite Slime Pits used to build the Tower of Babel "Gate of Saturn"), connecting the Trans-continental Railroad between 2 Engines, the 119 and Jupiter (Son of Saturn). The Spire is the Spine of Burning Man where Serpent energy Kundalini rises to the Crown. Burning Man City is surrounded by a Pentacle; the 5 elements of Witchcraft: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Quintessence or Ether.
    Attendance is capped at 51,515; surrounding the Burning Man City Omphalos is an ampitheater comprising 66.6% of a circle; the Inner Circle comprising 25,920 Sq Meters matches the Egyptian Great Year of 25, 920 Years; the Outer Circle 111,111 Sq Meters matches the "Magic Square of the Sun", a 6X6 Square adding to 111 across totalling 666, the number of miles from the Golden Dome to the Black Stone of the Kaaba in Mecca, the "Stone of Jupiter" in Acts 19:35. Kabbalists will recognize this as Yetzirah "World of Formation". The cental axis points to Santiago de Campostela a pilgramage site similar to Catholics as the Hajj is to Muslims; originally a Celtic gathering called "Field of Stars" which symbolizes the Christian versus Islam fight; WWIII is planned to pit Zionism versus Islam to the point of Luciferian rule. 
   Jupiter exited the womb of Virgo under a the Double Crown of Pharaoh (Leo) on Sept 23, 2017, 3 days after the Christ Angle forms connecting Bethlehem and Mt Sinai, Arabia. I'd be in covenant with Jesus by then. 

Related image
Image result for pictures of wicker man rollercoasterWicker Man projected onto the London Eye and Roller Coaster opening Spring 2018. Wicker Men are Druid human sacrifices, burned to the Celtic "Cernunnos" aka "Herne" (Horned One), most often on May Day "Beltaine", the Celtic New Year. Not coincidentally, the Netflix movie "The Ritual" was released Feb 9 featuring human sacrifices to Cernunnos hung in trees; Druids called these forests "Thor's Oaks". You man also recall the 1973 and Knight of Malta NIcolas Cage remake of "Wicker Man". Knights of Malta aka Hospitallers or Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Cyprus, Malta and Rhodes carry the banner of the Knights Templar; Donald Trump's ancestors are KT and he is SMOM; don't think for a second he cares anything about the US other than as a sacrifice. 
      2018 is coincident with year after the 10th Jubilee "After the 10th Jubilee, Prince Melchisedek shall return" 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll. This was clarified in 1217 by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel who declared it was the 10th Jubilee after 1517, the year Black Nobility (Saturnian) Pope Leo X and the 5th Lateran (Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the unclean spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet) Council proclaimed the Gnostic Lie "Indestructibility of the Soul" as Catholic (Universal Dogma); it is not, Jesus will judge every Soul "Fear not those who can destroy the body; fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell". Gnostic Cathars believed Baptism by Fire "Holocaust"
                                       Catharsis on the Mall  
     Gnostic Cathars were holocausted in 1244 at Montsegur; the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, the Gnostic Military Bankers Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake in Paris in 1307. Catharsis means "Discharge of Pent up emotion"
       Nov 2017 Burning Man came to the Capitol Mall, complete with the Dragon (Devil, Satan, Serpent of Rev 12:9), R-Eve Olution, the naked Whore of Babylon who first ate the Apple, giving herself to the America Obelisk "Baal's Shaft" (Penis of Osiris/Saturn) and Shiva aka Apollo, Abaddan, Apollyon of Rev 9:11 aka "The Destroyer".
Image result for picture of catharsis on the mall

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