Grant County program offers down payment help, rent assistance for workers

Stock photo/Getty

GRANT COUNTY, Ind. – A program in Grant County is trying to attract prospective workers by helping with a down payment on their home or giving them a major discount on rent.

The program, called “Grant for Grads,” offers a down payment of up to $5,000 or a discount of up to 20% on rent. In exchange, workers agree to live in the community for at least five years.

The program is intended to help with a labor shortage at existing companies in the county, according to Victoria Herring, the director of business development and operations for the Grant County Economic Growth Council. It’s also designed to encourage people to live and work in the county.

Herring said helping existing employers find workers can create new jobs and attract new companies.

According to Herring, there are no age requirements for the program and you don’t have to be a recent graduate to apply. However, workers must have a four-year college degree, associate’s degree or relevant technical certificates.

The program has been in existence for five years. Herring said about 100 people have taken part so far.

You can learn more about the program and the application process at this website.