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Back Orifice Windows Remote Administration Tool
Back Orifice is a remote administration system which allows a user to control a computer across a tcpip connection using a simple console or GUI application. On a local LAN or across the internet, BO gives its user more control of the remote Windows machine than the person at the keyboard of the remote machine has.
BO is small, and entirely self installing. Simply executing the server on any windows machine installs the server, moving the executable into the system where it will not interfere with other running applications. To ease distribution, BO can also be attached to any other windows executable which will run normally after installing the server.
Once running, BO does not show up in the task list or close-program list, and is rerun every time the computer is started. The filename that it runs as is configurable before it is installed, and it's as easy to upgrade as uploading the new version and running it.
The Back Orifice Server Contains the Following Functionality
System control

Create dialog boxes with the text of your choice. Log keystrokes. Lockup or reboot the machine.

Get detailed system information, including:

  • current user
  • cpu type
  • windows version
  • memory usage
  • mounted disks
    (including hard drives, cdroms, removable drives and remote network drives) and information for those drives
  • screensaver password
  • passwords cached by the user
    (including those for dialups, web and network access, and any other password cached by the operating system)
File system control
Copy, rename, delete, view, and search files and directories. File compression and decompression.
Process control
List, kill, and spawn processes.
Registry control
List, create, delete and set keys and values in the registry.
Network control
View all accessible network resources, all incoming and outgoing connections, list, create and delete network connections, list all exported resources and their passwords, create and delete exports.
Multimedia control
Play wav files, capture screen shots, and capture video or still frames from any video input device (like a Quickcam).
Packet redirection
Redirect any incoming TCP or UDP port to any other address & port.
Application redirection
Spawn most console applications (such as command.com) on any TCP port, allowing control of applications via a telnet session.
HTTP server Upload and download files on any port using a www client such as Netscape.
Integrated packet sniffer
Monitor network packets, logging any plaintext passwords that pass.
Plugin interface
Write your own plugins and execute the native code of your choice in BO's hidden system process.