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This is a list of all the episodes of Hawaii Five-O that we have currently seen and summarized. Select the season you would like to browse, or just start with season 1 and read the whole thing.

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Add Your Own Comments!
You've seen all the web sites out there, you've watched lots of episodes, and now you feel your opinion deserves to be shared with the rest of the world. Visit the latest addition to the Five-O site: the comment board! Here you can see what others have said about an episode, or you can speak your own mind. Since this is so new, you have the opportunity of being the first to add commentary to an episode. Come join the fun.

Search The Guide
You can now search our quick reference guide! It's still in its infancy, but there's some ability here -- the search string you specify is broken into individual words and then any episode which matches any word is displayed on the results page. Give it a shot & tell me what you think. I want to make it as useful as it can be.

Hawaii Five-O links
The show is more popular than you think! Here are some other places it can be found on the net. If you learn of others, or you have created a site that fits this category, please let me know.

Booking Hawaii Five-O
Karen Rhodes' book about the series, the characters, the actors, and all the behind-the-scenes stuff you could possibly want.

A TV Guide Cover
Several times, the ubiquitous ``TV Guide´´ magazine had articles or covers done for Hawaii Five-O. Here's one we've found.

Regular characters
This is a first cut at listing characters which have appeared in the show more than once. I'd like to believe it's accurate, but if you see something you can help out with, let me know.

If you're in the mood for some fun, vote for your favorite, or make one up!

Red Cross Supplemental
Five-O must be the most hazard-prone police outfit in the country. Here are a few reasons why McGarrett and his team have such high health insurance premiums.

Governor's Reasons
In the first season, the writers weren't quite sure what to do with the Governor so, of course, we poke fun at it.

Directors (15.3k)
Here is a list of the directors who worked on the show and the episodes they've done.

Julie and I aren't the only ones who have contributed to these pages.

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