• Search engine optimization (SEO), in most instances being in the first place helps people find your products and services.

    As a leading search marketing expert I analyse, review and makes modifications to websites so they are optimised for search engines.

    Who am I?

    I'm a SEO freelance consultant based in London.

    This means increasing the traffic to a site by boosting page rank within search engines (serp's).

    To learn and test new backlink and keyword strategies, my job, of course is also to report these findings offering tips via my WordPress blog and YouTube videos and explain to my clients how they can apply these methods.

    I’ll check your site and offer practicable points to help promote and boost your traffic and earnings. Clientele attain first page search results with my knowledge, experience and skills.

    I have been advising existing and new businesses across the UK and London since 2004. As a leading provider of quality SEO (find out more >) for companies who favour a successful agency; my main operations involve developing contextual webpages with a high degree of topical semantic relevancy for your industry.

    I have scientific and technical SEO based expertise in research related to the holistic SEO process, my client’s brands benefit from my integrated approach to drive traffic and conversions and improve ROI with SEO analytics (find out more >).

    You dont need an agency of In-house experts with a proven SEO skills bio in search & Google.co.uk keyword phrases.

    To get found on the 1st page when people look for your products or services online, maybe you want to hire the right 'SEO professional, consulting that is perfect and approved to help you advance your site analysis (find out more >).

I provide SEO consultancy services in London and the UK

  • Google SEO consultant, SEO Expert & freelancer is what I am, the benefits of organic visibility is the main thing with me.
  • Whatever you want to know, with me major results are the only significant statistic.
  • Lots of regional firms (limited or freelancers) material is just regular research full of terminology.
  • My own is complete with results and analytics you can realise easily.
  • I offer Google penalty removal, many local agencies either don't do enterprise ecommerce SEO, don't know my SEO strategies or do bespoke technical SEO audits.


Perfect understanding of data to identify systems to beat Google's algorithm to get discovered.


Do you need someone, a leading consultant who can help boost site visitors and UK organic SEO solutions?


First page of Google search with a winning team, SEO advice and help with website design.


The company I run can increase organic traffic with website digital marketing.


I provide for manufacturing and service businesses in the UK, experienced London consultant get on the web & appear first in Google's search results.


Are you looking for search engine optimisation or E-commerce shops guidance or advice?

Consulting Services I provide produce strong results

  • See how SEM and long tail marketing for your firm is more affordable than short term PPC.

Search Engine Optimisation content creation, talk to me to discuss creating fresh content for high search engine ranking in local / national search.

If you want to make a mark and breakthrough in your target market with SEO, team up with me an experienced London consultant, I will build and track progress with monthly written reports, dependable (review my work - Mineralstate) trustworthy reappraisals and tips.

Organic search engine placement that will yield more sales and leads for my clients brand or division.

My approach covers many different factors. The way to gain online authority, brand awareness and exposure has changed quite a lot in recent years with the advent of Google hummingbird, RankBrain, TFIDF and phrase based indexing the focus has shifted away from backlinks.

Are you looking for SEO services provided by a leading consultant with an online reputation and presence to handle, view, and monitor and interpret models and not just off the shelf local SMEs packages and plans? Then I am a provider that offers solutions for you.

If you want to get a .co.uk 100% traffic and leads increase in months + top, #1-page rankings work with me, I always know exactly what I'm doing.

Consider me, the best SEO consultant trusted to carry out work, including the necessary industry knowledge and coding skills to fix problems if you have experienced a drop in site visits. I have the ability to test and update site's to achieve first page on Google.

I do not work on many client websites, my portfolio is small so I can work on one at a time, and this allows me to focus on each company, writing material and providing a product and personal service that meets the requirements of your audience.

The most important point is that I deliver incredible results, with monthly reports, I take care to keep you fully informed of progress made, providing massive consulting SEO value in extremely competitive markets for companies.



Last updated: July 17, 2018