Projects and Lab Reports
Image Processing
Tech Note
Manipulating Pixels with
Delphi's ScanLine Property 
Test Charts
USAFTestElement.gif (1536 bytes)
USAF 1951 and Microcopy
Resolution Test Charts and Pixel Profiles 
Image Feathering  
CryptImage.jpg (868 bytes) Image Encryption:  BMPs and JPEGs
Rotate bitmap with Scanline  
Flip and/or reverse bitmap
Rotate bitmap 90 degrees
Tween: fade from one image to another
SlideShow.gif (1054 bytes) Slide Show
Magnify.gif (969 bytes) Digital Magnifying Glass
PixelProfile.gif (1269 bytes) Pixel Profile
HistoStretch.gif (959 bytes) HistoStretch Gray Scale Images
Aspect Ratio
Complete List of Image Processing Projects

Color Mask  
View selected bits in 24-bit color image
Chromaticity.gif (2862 bytes) CIE Chromaticity Diagrams
(1931, 1960, or 1976 diagram using either
2- or 10-degree standard observer)
MaxwellTriangleSmall.gif (1250 bytes) Maxwell Triangle
ColorMix.gif (1017 bytes) Color Mix:  Additive & Subtractive Colors
Coordinates, Planes & Histograms;
Count Colors
Combine pf4Bit Bitmaps
with Different Palettes
Color Charts
ColorRange.gif (1115 bytes) Color Range   Segmentation of an Image
RGBColors HueSaturationByValue.gif (5695 bytes) Hue-Saturation-Value
yvu.gif (989 bytes) YUV: YV-12 / YVU-9, UYVY, Y8,  411 
Palette Lab
Complete List of Color Projects
Smoothing Algorithm Using Bézier curves
(by Jean-Yves Quéinec)  
Brush Bitmaps  
Cursor Overlay  
BOMB.gif (1109 bytes) Very Large Bitmap Experiment  
PolygonArea.gif (957 bytes) Polygon Area and Centroid 
z = f(x,y)
3D Lab
ksupaw.jpg (1358 bytes) Football Field Basketball Court
Simple Graph and 
Simple Bar Chart
(Kylix version)
JPG to BMP and BMP to JPG
Line Stretch
SphereInCubeMovie.jpg (1686 bytes) SphereInCube and "Movie"
Complete List of Graphics Projects


Printer Projects

Other Projects


Hershey Font  (Kylix version)


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