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Free Book Friday Romance!

Our Final FBF Giveaway – An Awesome Summer Grab Bag!

You read that right – it’s Free Book Friday’s LAST week of giveaways. *SIGH* But we’ve combed our FBF Library one last time and have chosen 5 amazing titles for you, our dedicated readers. (And let’s not forget more FBF Swag!) Plus we have a special message from FBF Founder Jessica Brody. So read on for more…

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The Last in Love by Terri Osburn

Abby Williams lost her husband to a roadside bomb in a foreign land, so a kitchen fire is no big deal. When the local firemen show up to put out the blaze, the army widow finds herself attracted to one hot volunteer firefighter…until she realizes it’s Justin Donovan, a man five years her junior. Justin has always had a thing for Abby, and is determined to prove that age is nothing but a number.

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Betting on Paradise by Lizbeth Selvig

Grace Crockett is ready to break free from her old life and explore her independence. Ty Garraway,the new handyman at the Crockett family’s Paradise Ranch has a secret agenda: to take back 7,000 acres of the ranch’s land he believes belongs to his family. Neither Grace nor Ty intends to fall in love–but love never follows rules. When the truth comes out they may find they’ve bet too much.

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Love, Special Delivery by Melinda Curtis

Third-generation firefighter Captain Ben Libby is sworn to keep Harmony Valley safe. But a recent series of fires points to arson. Not that Ben really suspects Mandy Zapien, who’s back in town to reopen the defunct post office—a potential fire hazard… Amid secrets and family dramas, do Ben and Mandy have what it takes to go the distance together?

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Tempting the Sheriff by Kathy Altman

Lily Tate didn’t expect city cop Vaughn Fulton to come swaggering into her sheriff’s office, making her feel things she has no right to feel. Not since she lost what she loved most in a tragedy she should have seen coming. Vaughn may be hard to resist, but she’s already handled enough heartbreak. What kind of fool would make the same mistake twice?

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Her Hopes and Dreams by Terri Osburn

A recently returned soldier moves in next door to a struggling single mother and finds the salvation he so desperately needs. But can a woman who’s been through an abusive marriage ever trust again? Together, Noah and Carrie learn that love isn’t always enough, but it’s always worth fighting for.

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