What are these NBA 2K19 locker codes for ? The latest edition of NBA 2K series, the NBA 2K19 is all set to release in the month of September of this year and there is already a world of speculations surrounding on the possibilities that the game will bring and the features one will get to toy around with. Being part of a franchise, that has been successful for nearly two decades, the NBA 2K series is known for bringing new and improved virtual gaming every year with every new version of the game. It is expected to get more real and more hands on for the lovers of basketball.

Get free NBA 2k19 vc

What can add more excitement to this game?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. The only fact that can bring the smile on to the players of this game is having unlimited VC, the Virtual Currency, used in the game for many different reasons.

NBA 2k19 locker codes

What is the Virtual Currency in NBA 2K and how to make it?

The Virtual currency, referred to shortly as VC, is the in-game currency for the NBA 2K series and when you have this in hand, you can buy more player cards, more stamina, participate in tournaments and even add on extra features to your game play. In short, the VC in NBA 2K series of games opens more venues for an exciting game play and lets you in on an even more interesting world of basketball in the virtual realm. So it is important that you have enough VC in your game account to make a clean and a better headway in this game.

So how do you make the VC in the game?

There are multiple ways for those who would want to make a lot of VC for themselves. Easiest one is to get free NBA 2k19 locker codes for PS4, PS3, XBOX one and 360 here. Some of them include,

  • Signing deals of endorsement playing online in the MyCareer mode. Of course, you need to play continually attending more practice sessions and trainings to improve your gaming and increase the difficulty level for getting the VC.
  • Finish the games in the Hall of the Fame and do it well, so that you can get your hands on nearly 1000 VC every time you do it. But do remember that Hall of Fame could be quite a difficult level to cross.
  • There are tasks that are assigned to you which upon completion will grant you the necessary VC.
  • Simulations in the MyLeague mode can save you the time in trainings and yet get you the VC you yearn for.
  • There are also sniping where you buy and sell players for a profit.
  • Or you can always pay your way out with real cash.

All of the above options require you to play the game and play it well or spending cash out of your wallet.

Are you wondering if there is a way that doesn’t require any money or effort from your end?

Well, there is. The locker codes are your solution. These are codes which can help you make enough VC every time you redeem them in the game. These are alphanumeric codes that are sometimes given away as free giveaways by 2K sports and using them can get your hands on some interesting features and of course the much needed Virtual currency (VC).

What is the catch? You don’t get these free giveaways as many times as you want them. These are very rare and part of some promotional deals or offers provided by the 2K sports company.

That is not reason for you to feel let down as we have the perfect solution for you in the form of the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator. An online generator, designed to bring your dreams come true in the virtual reality, in the world of the most popular game. Read on to know more about this generator and how it can aid you in making the most out of the upcoming NBA 2K19 game.

What is the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator?

As the name implies, it is a generator of locker codes for the upcoming NBA 2K19 game series. As you have already seen what the locker codes can really mean to a player of your caliber, this generator gives you an option to get these locker codes for free at any time you want and as many times you want. The generator runs from your online browser and it is designed with multiple lines of complex algorithm built in by most talented programmers.

The NBA 2K19 locker codes generator is a simple online program at the outset, the main objective of which is to get genuine locker codes from the game server of the NBA 2K19 and provide them to you for use at any stage.

Why is the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator to be used?

Apart from offering you the locker codes, the gateway for an uninterrupted and exciting game,  the locker codes generator also provides you many other benefits that lets you rest free of worry.

  • The most important fact that is of utmost benefit to you is that there are no charges to be paid or any fee that is levied on you for using this generator. It is absolutely free of cost.
  • The generator runs through your online browser so there is no need for you to download a file or run a software program. This additionally saves you from the threat of a malware getting downloaded onto your system.
  • The generator doesn’t demand you to give out any personal information like your contact information or your bank account information that can be possibly used in future to hack into your account or steal information.
  • It doesn’t require you to be an expert in programming or possess any experience in computers. In fact, while the generator itself uses the latest programming language and a complex algorithm in its make, the users/ the players do not actually need to be well versed with them. You just need the thirst to play more and the intention to get your locker codes.
  • Program that is compatible with the different devices, including the Nintendo Switch and the iOS or Android smart devices.
  • You can use it as many times you want and from wherever you want. There is no restriction of time zone and hence there is no restriction on the country from which you are running the generator.
  • The transaction is passed off as a genuine one and hence keeps you safe from getting extradited from the game by the game security server.
How to use the NBA2K19 locker codes online generator?

As we mentioned earlier, using the NBA locker codes generator is anybody’s game. Anyone with the intention to play basketball in the virtual world, can access this generator and get their hands on the much valued locker codes in a jiffy. All you need to do is follow the steps as mentioned below.

  • The website for the generator can be accessed through the link provided in this page.
  • Upon entering the website you will see an option for generating locker code.
  • Now you have to select the console on which you play the game. While major part of the coding is common, there are slight differences based on the console that you play the game. It is therefore necessary that you provide the right console from the options – PS3, PS4, Xbox one, Switch, etc.
  • Now you are provided with the option to generate the locker code based on the number of VC you need. For instance, if you need only 1000 VC, you have to click on a particular tab and so on.
  • There will be a verification to ensure that you are indeed human.
  • Now click on the button marked as “Generate” and you will be presented with the locker code on screen.

Some generators might ask you to complete an offer or a survey to get the locker codes. These are simple surveys that you can easily attend. These surveys don’t take any time or effort more than a couple of minutes and doesn’t cost you any money either. Some websites might also require you to share an email id to which the locker codes will be sent.

The locker codes work almost instantaneously and you can redeem them immediately upon logging into your account in the game. If there is a delay it is probably owing to a heavy load on the generator or the game server and you can be rest assured that you will get the code in a few minutes. You can always write to the consumer support to raise any queries or complaints and they will assist you wherever you are and at anytime you want.

How do these 2K19 locker codes help you?

Whatever be the gaming console you play from, having unlimited VC can really make the game turn in your favor. There are many items that you can unlock and enjoy with the locker codes including a variety of top player cards and unlimited VC. With this free generator, you can get locker codes that will help you,

  • Get unlimited access to unlimited number of VC which can further be used for getting you more gaming items.
  • You can even get your hands on the rarest of the player cards, including the gold or diamond player cards.
  • A better performance and an enhanced gaming experience is guaranteed as you surge ahead in your games.
  • Tested effectively innumerous times, these locker codes are not generated by the generator but are taken directly from the gaming server only making them 100% genuine.

How risky is using the NBA 2K19 free VC generator?

 If there is one thing that drives every online gamer to worry, is the fact that their account is banned from playing any further. This happens whenever the game publisher detects you to be hacking into their server. But with the NBA2K19 locker codes generator, you don’t have to worry about this possibility at any instance. The generator uses the latest in encryption technology while transmitting information to and from the game server and because of this there is no compromise on your personal information at any point. This further ensures that your account does not come under the hammer of a ban from the gaming company, which in this case is the 2K sports.

The other threat is in the form of malware on your device or hacker getting to your personal details. Both these risks are mitigated by the mere fact that the generator makes use of the online web browser for running and there are no personal information sought at any point of time during the entire process keeping you oblivious of the happenings in the back end.

Know the genuineness of your generator

The next question that arises in your minds is on how genuine is this generator. This is a valid concern for there are many fraudulent sites that are trying to hack your personal information for their benefit. You need to be wary of these sites. What should you do to determine if the generator you use is of the genuine kind?

Well, avoid any generator or website, that,

  • Requires you to download a program or an application to get you the locker codes.
  • Requires you to provide personal information and other details of your bank account etc.
  • Requires you to pay a fee for using the generator.

As a precautionary measure, you can use a different email id for receiving locker codes, if required than your usual mail id used for all your personal and financial communications.

If you have been an ardent player of the NBA 2K series of games, then you will be part of the throngs of people waiting for the 19th edition which promises many interesting new features. Make your gaming more exciting and set a faster pace with the free VC you gain from the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator.