1. Alice


    *screechy NC voice* Our pockets are lined in goooooooolddd
  2. caliph95


    they don't even pay them though right lol
  3. tom641


    Unless i've missed something I don't really see the problem with Shadman, unless you're referring to the content he draws. He draws edgy shit and some stuff people get uncomfortable talking about but as far as I know he's never actually supported any hateful causes and is generally a friendly face amongst the general "Artist" community, though especially for NSFW artists. So unless another shoe drops, Shadman is a good egg.
    Sorry for a tangent of a tangent, I just felt that should be said.
  4. chaobreaker


    I mean he draws sexually suggestive art or straight up porn of underaged girls.
  5. tom641


    • User Banned (1 month): Defending the sexualization of minors.
    I just put that into the same basket as guro and the like, it's weird, and the majority of people are gonna hate to see it, but it still doesn't hurt anyone so just leave them to their devices in their corner of the internet.
    But again, this is off-topic as he's not even remotely involved with CA.

    Edit: Basically all i'm saying is that he may be an edgelord but that doesn't make him a bad person.
  6. Red Arremer

    Red Arremer

    Isn't his avatar also a skeleton in an SS uniform?
  7. Kurona


    I'm pretty sure drawing porn of minors is illegal?
  8. MadJakeChurchill

    Banned Member

    Hell, the Jon controversy showed how responsible they are. Once Jon started being a racist POS, they were much more frank about reuniting with Jon -> "considering recently, nah''
  9. Fork


    Shadman is an "ironic nazi"

  10. Westbahnhof


    In many places, yes. I think it is in the US? But I'm far from certain.
  11. Village


    He literally draws pictures of underaged real girls, and when called out on it , didn't stop.
  12. Finale Fireworker

    Finale Fireworker
    Love each other or die trying. Moderator

    Stop talking about online personalities that don’t have anything to do with Channel Awesome.
  13. Kalentan


    Man seeing this thread is still surreal. I remember when it was, That Guys With the Glasses website, watching all the old reviews. I never cared for the movies or even knew they existed but I still watched a bunch of the content, well a bunch from a select few. Then it became Channel Awesome and I actually found new reviewers to enjoy like Sage, Brad's Midnight Reviews, and things like that. So to hear about all this happening? Man, feel so deceived. That the stuff in the background was so shady and horrible is really sad to see. :(

    Another thing I was surprised to learn from this thread was that reviewers on the site thought BlockBuster Buster was sort of a joke? I haven't seen his content in a long time (mainly cause I stopped watching Channel Awesome after a while for no specific reason, just stopped keeping track of it) but I enjoyed what there was. His content was a bit lower budget compared to others at the time and he for sure delved into the corny side of things but I liked it. It felt that he actually enjoyed what he was doing. So to see him getting help from people like Linkara and Angry Joe is good to hear and that he's getting more subbers on youtube is a plus. Will seek out his channel and sub to it. :)
  14. Exotoro


    there's a rumor that doug walked out of channel awesome but aside from speculation this seems to be untrue; just letting people know, because i have been seeing fake pictures of this kind of stuff
  15. tom641


    Pretty sure that's solely stemming from his Facebook saying "Worked at Channel Awesome" instead of "Working", which could just be a clerical error, especially since nobody has found any proof that it ever said anything different before all of this.
  16. Exotoro


    ive been looking into this and it doesnt really seem like thats the case either unless he has two facebooks under the same name? can someone give me more insight into this?


    people are using this as evidence but this facebook profile with that picture doesn't seem to exist unless people can point me to it
  17. tom641


    Now that you mention it I am finding two different Doug Walkers that both seem to be him. Though, one has a picture of the Nostalgia Critic and still says working and the other has a picture of him without a hat and that's the one with the "Worked at" line in his About page. That's kind of weird,
  18. Exotoro


    also people are pointing to the idmb database saying that the nostalgia critic show has "ended", but it also doesnt say that
  19. Alice


    It's there, it's the second result for Doug Walker on FB. But the page seems to be entirely people posting on their timeline, it reads more like a fanpage than hios own. The first result seems a lot more like it's genuinely his.

    Either way, he's not gone from CA, why would he even?
  20. Uzumaki Goku

    Uzumaki Goku

    Depends. I’m reasonably certain drawings of fictional characters is okay. Real people? Yeah, that’s illegal.
  21. Brock Reiher

    Brock Reiher

    It's the first thing that popped up when I searched "Doug Walker".

    Completely with "Worked at Channel Awesome: Suburban Knights"
  22. Exotoro


    Weird, ive been unable to find at all- both profiles didnt even show up on facebook's results

    thanks anyway
  23. Alice


    It's not like it matters, I have a "worked at" status in my FB profile too, even though I never set an end date to my fictional occupation at Mooby's.
  24. sinopiasaur


    Hi. Not gonna stop by very much, signed up so I could keep track of this thread. I have some thoughts.

    Re Spoony: I have a mental illness profile similar to his, although we differ a little in the exact diagnosis of our mood disorders, and I have additionally severe anxiety (which, heck, he may have too) and one of that is complex PTSD (which used to be called chronic PTSD, because it's the kind you probably won't recover from). For folks like us... well, isolation from social pressure is actually a good thing, even if we by nature are extroverts. Sometimes things get worse over time, especially if we've been in abusive environments.

    I don't know how it is for Spoony exactly but I know when I tried to work with others after leaving my abusive work environment, which I'd been at for ten years, I just couldn't do it. My paranoia and mistrust of others had blossomed as I watched others get abused and myself get abused, and I could do nothing to stop it. In the end, I was unable to even work with people I'd been friends with for years who were astonishingly understanding. When I look at Spoony's history, I wonder if this happened to him shortly post-Channel Awesome, as it did for me.

    After a year of trying to work with others and failing miserably, I tried to start a Patreon. Three times. But the social pressure of having to keep it going, my own paranoia of other people, and the fact that an abusive work environment negated what little therapy I was allowed to get during that time, just meant I couldn't run one of those things. It's not just the inconsistent output but just the pressure. And the paranoia. Lots of that paranoia stems for me from survival stuff that was difficult to do in the past.

    So I slashed myself off from social media, off from Patreon, off from forums, and disappeared. And that's helped me heal. But it's been less than a year that I've done that. Even with someone supportive by my side, as Spoony's girlfriend is for him, it's slow going. I could not even begin to tell you when I could ever get to the point that I can socialize with folks again. I suspect it is worse for Spoony because he had a super toxic fanbase, while I had a small fanbase that consisted of people who told me, very kindly, that killing myself would be better for my health. Um, so I guess, different forms of toxicity, but I still think Spoony's was worse 'cause that probably happened to him too.

    Mental illness doesn't make us dangerous. It makes us way open for abuse by others. We may melt down in horrible ways, but we sure as hell don't recover without drastic measures.

    So disappearing from the internet is actually a really good thing. I know when I disappeared from the internet I was able to really dig into my newfound art journey, even though my illnesses knock me out for so many days. It's useful to not have more of my limited energy tied up in the internet. I suspect the same is true for Spoony.

    I'm only here right now for two reasons. One is because Channel Awesome is something I used to like, although I stopped visiting the site some years back. And now CA is an open wound for me--not least because I've suffered not just workplace abuse, but physical/emotional/sexual abuse from my parents. My own father sexually groomed me.

    And I looked up to JewWario because I spent many years fighting off suicidal feelings, which only lifted when I was 38 years old; I've been suicidal since I was in kindergarten. And now? Sigh.

    So. You know. Don't blame me if I strongly strongly dislike him now, even though he is dead. Or you could blame me... yeah, see, that's why I'm not on the internet. I just don't trust people to not fuck me over for saying stuff like that. I've had people "both sides" me about my father's sexual grooming among other things. So like, none of what's going on on Twitter surprises me, not even Malcolm's weird turn. It's a thing that happens. People are people.

    The other reason is because I have some perspective on the JewWario stuff that may help others? I posted it elsewhere on YouTube as a comment but all JewWario-related videos, whether done now or even fucking ten years ago, got such poisonous comments that they are now comment-less.

    Anyways here is thing I wrote. Hopefully it helps. I have this horrible thing where I have been abused by so many people that abuse just doesn't surprise me, I expect it, but at the same time I care so much about other people that I want to help. anyways

    Hey, so, perhaps I'm telling folks something you already know. But I am older (gods, nearly 40 soon) and if life has taught me anything, it's that even people who do awful things contain multitudes. Some people contain only facets of terrible things, but some contain facets that were not terrible, and in isolation even good. But those facets are not in isolation.

    I say this after a very long time of thinking about the various people who abused me throughout my life. I never knew a life without some form of severe, controlling abuse until I was past 35. I've had starvation, physical torture, emotional abuse and blackmail from my mother, stalking, attempted murders, sexual harassment from superiors in college , abuse from managers throughout almost my entire career as a software developer, and what I'm slowly coming to realize was child grooming from my own father.

    It's not that I forgive my abusers. It's not that I forget what they did. It's not that I forget that they had horrible aspects to them, and in some cases were all horrible aspects. It's not that I think I can separate their good parts from their bad parts; they were whole human beings, and it's complex.

    But we have to remember that everything is complex. It's perfectly OK to both mourn a friend who died, even as we acknowledge and support the people he abused, even as we condemn what he did, even as we remember the good he might have done for us as well as remembering that it served as partly a smokescreen for his actions. It's hard to accept what Justin's done. But I think we do a disservice to ourselves, to his victims, and even to Justin himself if we do not accept every part of him as being real, including the dark parts that reached out and ruined the lives of others.

    And it's okay to feel conflicted, and okay for this sort of processing to take years. I myself took nearly 40 years to remember that the father who in turns strangled me, groomed me, physically tortured me, and brainwashed me could also sing songs of home in an earnest and beautiful voice, and for that not to hurt or feel like a betrayal to myself because of all the horrible things he did to me.

    It's not forgiveness. It's not forgetting. It's making a space for myself in the grief and horror and other complicated feelings, and to move as best I can into the future. And to leave him behind---the good as well as the bad. He can't play a part in how I develop as a person anymore.

    And that's what I'm going to do with regards to Justin as well.

    We can only move forwards, and leave behind those who betrayed our principles and even ourselves.
    Sorry for super-long post.

    For right now, I'm riding out this CA wave until the end. I need closure, even if that closure is just a final trend of CA shutting up for a few weeks. And then I'll be back to being off the internet. Even now I use browers and app blockers to limit my exposure to this for a few hours a day at most.

    Note: I do sometimes update my little art blog, which is the only thing I really attach myself to anymore. It keeps people from worrying too much.

    I hope to stay quiet and just observe. Can't promise that, because with the internet, that's just a doomed promise for us all. :)
  25. PenSeph


    Managed to find it only after logging in, could only find his public page before that. PM you a link?
    Certainly says what the screenshot says. Can't verify if the "worked at" is new or not; Wayback Machine has nothing.

    On another note, apparently he's been attempting a hostile seizure of SiIvaGunners channel for his content.

  26. cosmicblizzard

    Banned Member

    • User Banned (3 days): Ignoring mod-post, re-litigating discussion of underage sexualization.
    I know you’re banned, but I certainly think an artist can be a fine person regardless of what they draw. There’s more than a few good people that can vouch for Shad as a genuinely kind person like super best friends and a lot of the non-shit part of the animation community. I also enjoyed his appearance on the Sleepycabin podcast.

    That being said, what he draws is still uncomfortable as well as his continued association with someone like Emily Youcis (an actual Nazi). I don’t know if he realizes how damaging that is in his edgelord bubble if nothing mattering and everything being a punchline. I won’t blame anyone for hating him because of that.

    It’s a legal grey area, at least in America. The fact there are legal avenues for actually buying it like Mangagamer tells me that it’s not enforced at all if it actually is illegal.

    That being said, Shad drew some suggestive pictures of real little girls including Keemstar’s daughter, who I think would have the legal right to sue him over it and probably win.

    Edit: whoops, just saw the mod post. My b
  27. Kinvara


    Sinopiasaur: Thanks for the post.

    I hope things continue to improve for you. I've gone through similar things and I empathize.
  28. Lagamorph


    Given that a new Nostalgia Critic episode was uploaded to the Channel Awesome site yesterday (Don't think it's hit the YouTube channel yet though?) I wouldn't put much stock in any rumours of Doug having left.

    I'm not sure leaving would help him much really. Old fans who've left over this won't come back to him if he goes solo with a new but similar character because he personally was part of the problem, not someone who just got caught up in it. And existing fans might not even all notice where he's gone.
    The only thing it would really accomplish would be getting away from Michaud, but Rob would likely go with Doug and from what I understand Rob has played a big part in exacerbating the whole situation, do that would only do Doug more harm than good.

    It's a shame because from what some people who've met him at conventions say Doug himself seems to be a nice guy, and I wonder if he just basically got caught up in a sudden power trip or being too afraid to go against Michaud and his brother (Is Rob the older sibling? He seems like it from looking at them but I've no idea beyond that). Of course it's also possible that's an image he projects and really the problematic side is the real him.
  29. Brock Reiher

    Brock Reiher

    It seems like he has a huge ego, little self awareness, and may be kind of a dummy.
  30. Uzumaki Goku

    Uzumaki Goku

    From what I’ve seen, he doesn’t come off as malicious just ignorant.
  31. maboroshi


    the impression i've always gotten about doug and rob is that doug is not really able to deal with the real world in some fashion, he's more emotional and...sensitive maybe (on top of being very much in his own world)? i don't know if this is a real thing or if i was always projecting, but i never felt comfortable with rob (who is the older sibling) and no, i have always felt this. watching the sibling rivalries where doug got really worked up, i tended to watch rob's reactions and felt that he was moderating doug's intensity, egging him on enough to keep him worked up, but not enough to put him over the top. you also saw it in the TBF making of where rob was filmed saying they were ahead of schedule, then telling doug they were behind schedule which ended up driving doug mad.

    so i think it's quite possible that doug won't or can't step up to rob, if indeed rob is as much of an instigator and manipulator to the degree i worry he is.

    edit: quickly needed to clarify something
  32. dennett316


    Doug's silence is deafening. Let's compare to a relatively minor flap that happened recently at Rooster Teeth.

    The have a podcast, and one of the sponsors for the show was Hims, a men's health company who deal in a variety of products, from hair loss to erectile dysfunction. They advertised the erectile dysfunction med, and a small backlash occurred, with some viewers claiming it was inappropriate for a show that kids could be watching. Rooster Teeth don't shy away from vulgarity and violence at times, they have a range of shows though. Gus Sarola, one of the founders of the company who read the sponsor copy on air took the time to create a LONG blog post, explaining how sponsors are selected and approved, outlined their position thoroughly while also acknowledging people's complaints. He followed this up on another podcast they do, along with Geoff Ramsey (another founder), and both talked about their personal issues with erectile dysfunction and why they believe in the product of the sponsor.

    They didn't bury their heads in the sand and let others do the passive aggressive sniping for them, they addressed that shit head on. The difference in how a professional company in the same industry has handled criticism vs Michaud and the Walkers is, well, it couldn't be a bigger gulf.
  33. Lagamorph


    As an older sibling I can kind of understand. Growing up I knew exactly how to manipulate my little brother, and was all too aware of how much he looked up to and wanted to emulate me, and ultimately jealous that he didn't have the same performance as me at school.
    Older siblings wield incredible power over younger siblings, especially when there's just the two of them.

    I still kind of feel sorry for Doug, and I honestly wonder if he were to be pulled away from Rob and Michaud how different would he suddenly be.
    I get that he's being silent and that is absolutely a problem, but I do wonder if he doesn't speak out because he's simply scared to. Scared of Rob, scared of Michaud and quite probably scared of his former and current fans.
  34. Uzumaki Goku

    Uzumaki Goku

    I do feel a little pity for him, everything he built is crumpling around him.
  35. Brock Reiher

    Brock Reiher

    Yeah, from what we've seen I agree with that for sure.
  36. Kurona


    While I think it's generally accepted at least here that Doug was a big part of the problem, I wouldn't count out a still fairly large percentage of people who are putting the blame solely at Michaud's feet.

    I think honestly that's a big part of why in this case of thing-i-liked-turns-out-bad, things have gone so smoothly with most everyone turning on CA with nary a defence to be found -- because people can very easily blame Michaud. A faceless corporate asshole most people didn't know existed before. While in other cases there have been tons of people who find it difficult to reconcile someone being an asshole but having produced stuff they liked - jontron, pewdiepie, hollywood scandals etc - I think here it's a lot easier because you can just think "well it's not doug's fault, it was because of this douchebag i didn't know about puppeteering the whole thing". No-one likes Michaud. No-one has any reason to like Michaud. He has never produced anything of worth or popularity himself or even had his existence be made aware to people before. And because of that, him being the face of this whole controversy makes it much easier for people to be on lupa, marzgurl, Lindsay, lewis etc.'s side. If it turned out that Doug had been the one doing this, you'd see a LOT more defensive people scrambling to protect someone they love watching against those evil nasty liar feminist cultural marxist insert whatever buzzword is being used now here.

    Basically... because he's not been the face of it, I could not only see Doug getting back some subs if he leaves, but I could honestly see people praising him as a hero standing up to injustice and striking out on his own against Michaud despite his complicity and place in all this. I would not trust the internet to have turned on him just yet.
  37. zainmosni


    Doug always seemed way more friendlier than Rob, who frankly is just a huge douche although Doug is clearly stuck in his own head and doesn't want to hear out criticism although from what Ive gathered over the years that also has a lot to do with Rob. Rob is pretty much the main factor in why the show became what it is today, he makes big decisions based on what gets views not caring what fans like or dislike so I would not be surprised if Rob will put his foot down on all this controversy and claim what CA is doing is justified because "business" , it really feels like to me Rob and Michaud have a hold on Doug, who is still to blame for this as well.
  38. Uzumaki Goku

    Uzumaki Goku

    Distancing himself from Michaud is one thing, but Rob is his brother.
  39. Buckle


    Kind of feel like the time for giving them the benefit of the doubt or excuses that they're total innocent and forced to say this stuff is running out.

    Malcolm just keeps running his mouth.
  40. zainmosni


    At this point Malcolm and Tamaras careers are over, if they wanted to keep their credibility they should have exited days ago, I don't understand why they are staying. Are they just misinformed from the higher ups or do they just think this is all a non issue, all they've done so far is show they don't really care I guess the same goes for (the good boi) Brad, but that seems to be because he doesn't want to betray his friends he rightfully may have some issues after how many times "friends" on his show have kinda just stabbed him in the back.

    I would hope that very soon these 3 will announce their departure from CA but that seem unlikely at this point.
  41. Sami


    From the way Doug treated Lindsay I'm not really looking to give him any benefit of the doubt but I'm just some guy so whatever. Everyone still there can go down with the ship if they want.
  42. Nakadai


    What did Malcolm and Tamara do that is so terrible?
  43. Uzumaki Goku

    Uzumaki Goku

    Ah, James’s new AVGN is Earthbound, that’ll be interesting.
  44. Alice


    Why are we suddenly acting like Doug is a victim? He's a 100% complicit in this shit.
  45. SilentRob


    Basically calling the accusations lies, standing 100% with CA and, in the case of Malcolm, continuing to paint himself and CA as warriors of truth fighting against the hordes of liars and foulmouthed accusers. All the tweets have been linked here and are accessible via their Twitter. It's bad.
  46. Sami


    Apparently being stupid makes it ok to mistreat employees when you're on a position of power
  47. Lagamorph


    I think it's more that he seems like both, not one or the other.
    Yes he's absolutely complicit in all that happened and absolutely did his share of shitty things (like being the deciding vote against Holly), but it comes across like some of the reasoning behind it is less clear cut than him just being another arsehole. Like he's afraid to step out of line because of his brother and Michaud.

    I'm not saying that's absolutely what's happening, it's just the impression I get myself from looking at everything going on.

    They started out with simple statements that they hadn't been victim of anything, hadn't been aware of anything and many of the accusations come from before their time.
    If they'd just left it at that they could have kept themselves relatively off the radar and could likely have come away from all this pretty much intact.
  48. Alice


    Yeah, I don't get what's going on with that line of thinking at all. Doug is not innocent, he's directly involved in 99% of the things that happened here. The shitty potshots at Lindsey, especially.
  49. MigrantOwl

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    It's really interesting how much attention this thread is getting. I had no idea Channel Awesome was still so prevalent.
  50. jacob.armitage

    Alive and well but living only in theory Moderator

    Less so that its still so prevalent and more so that over a decade a lot of people have become familiar with their work or fans of various producers and at one point or another were invested in various aspects of it all. I stepped out years ago, though stayed up with some of the former contributors, but following all this has still been interesting, a bit shocking, and rather heartbreaking.