The Diddy Guide to Constant Creativity and Relentless Marketing

Is Diddy the Entrepreneur Version of James Bond?

Guest post by Greg Rollett of Rock Star Lifestyle Design

Love him, hate him, or just watch his antics on reality tv (like when he made some hip-hop wannabe’s walk across Manhatten to get him some cheese cake), Diddy knows how to keep his name in the limelight and drive traffic to his businesses.

As an Internet Entrepreneur, blogger or someone looking to break into this lifestyle, we all try really hard to build processes and systems and leverage technology to spend our days living passionately about something and spending as few hours on traditional work as possible.

Diddy is the opposite. He never sleeps, in fact he recently stated on ABC’s Nightline that he is an insomniac because he is always thinking of his next move, the next big thing and what he can be doing at that moment.

He works like no one on the planet, moving from media outlet to media outlet, shifting from clothing designer to movie star to musician to fragrance mogul to political campaigning, running an entertainment company and being a dad. All the while blogging and Tweeting his every move.

What does this have to do with driving traffic to your blog, product or site?

Well, everything.

Creating The Diddy State Of Mind

What Diddy is doing in every moment of his life is creating and then promoting that creation. No matter the medium, he is always using his creativity to make something that he envisions giving other people value.

As a blogger or Internet Entrepreneur, you should be spending your time making the best possible blog posts, reports, videos, audios and anything else you can get out of your head that gives value to the people you have already in your tribe and make the content so good that others will talk and get into your tribe.

Diddy’s niche is very much in the urban market. Your niche can be anything from personal development to writing about UFC fights. What you need to do is be the best in your niche and then don’t stop. Keep delivering content. Get the interviews first. Make the best products. Expand. Do features. Lend a hand to others’ projects. Own your niche and have everyone else in your niche look up to you, envy you and even have some of that hip-hop hate for you (that hate is really jealousy).

Diddy Marketing

The last and most important part of the Diddy Mindset is promotion. He is a walking billboard, a modern day door-to-door salesman. From photo shoots to magazine covers to movie posters to interviews and everything in between, Diddy is using his ridiculously strong personal brand to continue to expand his empire.

He is the perfect example of someone that can use countless superstars and outsourcing firms to handle much of his day-to-day duties, and while he has a staff and plenty of trusted advisors, when his companies are ready to make a move, Diddy is the face everyone sees.

While building your own online empire you need to be everywhere and everything to everyone. I know all of our time is valuable, but as an up and comer, the people you connect with, the time you spend saying hi and answering questions will come back to you ten fold.

In my own path to destroy the music marketing niche, I have written over 30 guest posts, been featured on Mashable, spoken at numerous free conferences and seminars, wrote 3-5 posts a week, write newsletters, create videos for 4 large music companies behind the scenes, travel the country to meet with labels and artists and still keep taking in as many projects, appearances, interviews, and requests as I can. All of this drives traffic back to my businesses. Just like Mr. Mo Money, Mo Problems.

I sit behind the camera, take the photos, work the long days and here’s the kicker – I love every minute of it.

So does Diddy. If you can’t love every minute of what you are doing, you might be in the wrong game. Driving a ton of traffic to your blog is the coolest thing in the world. It means people are interested in what you are thinking about and you provide value to their life in some way.

What do you think about the Diddy Mindset? Is it too much of a 360 from typical online advice, of do 1 thing and do it good? Let’s chop it up in the comments.

Greg Rollett is an Internet Entrepreneur and music marketing guy from Orlando, FL. Tell him your favorite Diddy song on Twitter, @g_ro.

22 thoughts on “The Diddy Guide to Constant Creativity and Relentless Marketing”

  1. Hey Greg, thanks for putting together this guest post. It is really remarkable when you find out just how hard people like Diddy and other wealthy big names really work. Sure, he has a huge team of people working for him, but he makes so much of that team. I’d be hard pressed to even know what to do with a team of that size.

  2. Very fresh post Greg! I’m liking the Diddy’s mindset. They’re times when I can’t sleep because ideas are storming in my mind and I have to get up and write them down. One thing Diddy does is he executes and expands his empire with every move. I respect that – Have you read The 50th Law? Its a great book about 50 Cents life and how he hustled his way in the music industry.

  3. Greg

    This SO rocks. Man, what a GREAT article…!

    Walking Billboard, indeed.

    Thank you, seriously for the BEST post I have read this week so far.

    Keep rockin’, my man…!

  4. Great Post! People forget about value… Value needs to be in your eblast, your blog post, your twitter page and more!… Walking BillBoard!

  5. I second tony’s comment, fresh post! I’ve always admired Sean Combs’ work ethic, But, to answer your question, I would actually argue the opposite. I believe that Mr. Combs IS doing just one thing and doing it well. If you’ve ever read the tipping point, there is one term that I believe applies to Diddy and can explain the method to his madness. That term is “connector.” After studying the business of hip hop as well as personality types it’s easy to see that Diddy is a visionary that does extremely well at building and maintaining relationships. You see him in movies, on magazines, in songs, etc. all because, in my opinion, Diddy forecasts opportunities & has just the right number to call to make things happen. This formula of visions & connections is dangerous as you can tell by his large bank account!

  6. Yo Tony,

    You are everywhere man. The expanding thing is so true. Every move is calculated to take over another market within the urban niche.

    Haven’t read 50’s book. He is a smart business man, but his music lately has really turned him off to me. Was the book any good?

    I love Russell Simmons’s books. He is someone from the urban market that has really exploded in a way that many can only dream of.

    1. Greg, music, for 50, was just a way for him to get his foot in the door so he could pursue other things, movies, clothing, etc. You know, empire-building stuff. He explains that in the book. Having read that, as a HUGE 50 fan, it softens the blow from the wack music he has put out in the last five years. I understand now that it was a means to an end, and that his heart is not really in it anymore.

      BTW, “The 50th Law” is a great read. It will turn your world upside-down!

  7. @Damone – You brought up a great point, being a connector. Ideas (and Internet Entrepreneurs are never short of those) are only ideas till someone takes action and knows what to do with them. Diddy has that kind of mentality. Thanks for pointing it out.

  8. Awesome article, Greg!! Love it, love it, love it!

    I totally ascribe to this lifestyle. I’m passionate about the music biz, and I do my best to be everywhere. But for anyone else reading this post, please do not underestimate Diddy’s ability to delegate the smaller details to his staff, which enable him to be seen everywhere.

    There are still only 24 hours to a day. Diddy has multiple teams at his disposal, and he leverages them like the rockstar that he is. He does not use his precious time to change diapers or create his own click tracks for artist demos.

    You wanna be like Diddy? Build your team and learn to delegate!


    Can’t wait till your next AGL post drives Diddy like superstars to our site!

    Let’s get this Latter Life Conference on POINT like the Tipping Point!

  10. What a great analogy! I’m not a fan of that guy, but I do respect his work and business ethic. I take more of a ‘Gaga’ approach with my blogging, haha!

  11. @Hear Mum Roar – The Gaga approach eh? Either way, its about continuing to drive your business, maintain a consistent brand and value to your fans/clients and continue to do great things in your life and the lives of others.

    I think both Diddy and Gaga do that and so do many online entrepreneurs that have a clear vision and excitement around their business. Thanks for the comment.

  12. Haha, burnout here we go.

    I’m also a heavy worker myself, but sometimes I’m trying too much stuff that I end up doing nothing at all.
    I’m changing my tactics nowadays – work less but therefor more intense and keep my focus. Working your ass off in a smart way; the productive way.

  13. No sleep for Diddy, eh? I’m almost totally out of the pop culture loop, but I catch just enough to know this guy is rocking everybody’s face off in many outlets. Thank you for the insights.

    Here are my big take aways: stay hungry, work your arse off bringing your visions to life, and outsource. I resonate with all that. I’m just coming to terms that my insatiable drive and endless stream of ideas are actually GOOD things. Being a “workaholic” feels exhilarating when it’s something I am PASSIONATE about.

    Still, gotta find your “off switch” so you can get a few well-needed hours of sleep and then wake up hungry for more…

  14. I think this article is great. One of the bests I’ve ever read from an understanding standpoint but one thing I dont understand is how you can say “Hi Im Diddy, and I want to promote (blank) now” how can you use your self to just make people buy stuff you endorse. I know it happens but I dont understand the psychology of how it works. If you or someone can explain that I would be extremely grateful.

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