The following information is taken from a small booklet, published after the First World War, and is an abridged diary of events involving the Battalion.

8th (S) Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment



This small momento of the 8th (S) Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment has bee produced in the hope that it may be of some value to all members of the Battalion, past and present. Its chief purpose is to wish the best of luck to all who have served in the Battalion, speedy promotion to those staying in the Army, and happiness and success to those who are resuming civilian occupations.

It consists of an abridged form of the War Diary, which may be of use for two reasons - firstly, as a guide to anyone revisiting the battlefields of France and Belgium; and, secondly and chiefly, to keep alive and fresh the memories of a Battalion which has played its part in the Army of England for over three years in France.

The following figures of casualties, etc. are given, not as being strictly accurate, but they are as near the truth as available records allow : -

Strength of Battalion, September 10th, 1915 ...............28 Officers 995 Other Ranks

Strength of Battalion, November 11th, 1918.................36 Officers 782 Other Ranks

Total Battle Casualties....................................................103 Officers 2,841 Other Ranks

Total Members of Battalion.............................................200 Officers 4,700 Other Ranks

JUMET, March 14, 1919


1915 - 1916 - 1917 - 1918 - 1919 - List Of Commanding Officers


Sept 10 Battalion crossed to France via Folkstone and Boulogne , staying the night in Rest Camp

11 Entrained Pont-des-Briques for Watten; billeted at Bayenghem-les-Eperlecques.

24 Bivouacked at Fours-a-Chaux, one and a half miles from Noeux-les-Mines, having moved via Racquinghem, Norrent, and Cauchy-a-la-Tour.

25 Warned for firing line at 10.30 am . Moved up Vermelles at 2.30 pm under artillery fire. Relieved 15th Division at 7.10 pm , with 8th Somerset Light Infantry on the right.

26-27 BATTLE OF LOOS. Casualties : 22 Officers and 471 Other Ranks.

28 Left Vermelles and proceeded by road and rail to Linghem

Oct 1 Left Linghem and billeted at Steenbeque.

2 Marched to Borre, two and a half miles north-east of Hazebrouck, and billeted.

15 Moved to Strazeele.

24 Left Stazeele for La Beque.

26 Moved to billets in Armentiers.

Nov 3 Half the battalion went into trnches for instruction under 6th Durham Light Infantry, and 5th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

5 Second half battalion relieved first half battalion for fourty-eight hours instruction.

8 Whole battalion in trenches for instruction.

10 Battalion left the trenches and proceeded to new billets near Armentiers Station.

13 Battalion relieved 12th West Yorkshire Regiment in trenches. Period of trench duty; relief carried out with 4th Middlesex Regiment at four-day interval.


Jan Trench duty in Armentiers sector.

Feb 13 Battalion relieved Durhan Light Infantry in trenches at Houplines, still in Armentiers sector. Further period of trench duty.

Mar 19 Relieved by 8th South Staffordshire Regiment (17th Division), and returned to billets in Armentiers.

21 Moved to Steenwerck.

22 Moved to billets in farms three-quaters of a mile north-east of Stazeele.

31 Battalion entrained at Godewaersvelde.

Apr 1-2 Arrived at Longeau; marched through Amiens to Allonville, where battalion billeted.

8 Battalion marched to billets at Buire.

14 Went into trenches at Meaulte.

22 Relieved by 12th Northumberland Fusiliers. Battalion marched to billets at La Neuville via Buire and Corbie.

May 2 Trenches at Meaulte.

23 Battalion relieved by 1st Lincolnshire Regiment, and marched to billets at La Neuville for period of training.

June 1 Battalion moved to camp at Bois des Tailles. Training and work on railway at Bray.

12 Returned to trenches at Meaulte.

20 Billets at La Neuville.

30 Returned to trenches.

July 1 BEGINNING OF THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME . Battalion attacked at Fricourt. Casualties - Officers - killed 4, missing 1, wounded 7 Other ranks - killed 30, missing 12, wounded 197

4 Battalion relieved. Entrained at Dernancourt for Ailly-sur-Somme. Marched to Vaux-en-Amienois for three day's rest.

7 Marched to billets at Talmas. 63rd Brigade transferred from 21st to 37th Division.

8 Marched to billets at Mondicourt.

11 Relieved 5th Lincolnshire Regiment in trenches at Hannescamps.

14 Relieved by 2nd London Regiment. Billeted for one night at Humbercamps.

18 Arrived at Camblain l'Abbe, having marched via Houvin and Bailleul-aux-Cornailles.

25 Relieved 8th London Regiment on Berthonval sector.

Aug 3 Relieved by 10th Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment.

13 Moved to billets at Dieval.

24 Billets at Villers-au-Bois.

Sept 3 Moved to Fresnicourt for training.

17 Moved to billets at Sain.

18 Relieved Nelson Battalion of Navel Division. Period of trench duty in Souchez area.

Oct 16 Relieved by 29th Canadian Regiment. Billeted at Cuopigny for one night.

22 Arrived at Raincheval, having marched via Frevillers, Denier and Amplier.

30 Moved to billets at Beauval.

Nov 8 Moved to Lucheux.

12 Marched to camp in Acheux Wood.

14 Marched to camp near Martinstart at 1pm ; moved on in the evening and took over position captured by 63rd Division, including Beaucourt. Battalion in action until 20th. Casualties - 3 officers and 172 other ranks.

26 Battalion finally relieved by 21st London Regiment. Billeted in Mailly-Maillet.

Dec 1 Arrived in billets in Sarton, marching via Acheux.

18 Billeted in La Pierriere, having marched via Mezerolles, Conchy, Huclier and Amettes.

31 Battalion moved to billets in Vieille Chapelle.


Jan 1 Billets in Vieille Chapelle.

8 Trenches in Neuve Chapelle sector. Period of trench duty. Billets inLocon, Bethune and Magingarbe areas.

Mar 4 Battalion marched to Boerecq via Robecq and Bethune.

10 Billets in Neuville-au-Cornet, moving via Tangry. Period of training.

Apr 8 Moved to Arras area, billeting one night at Duisan.

9 – 13 Battalion in action at Arras .

14 – 23 Billets in Beaufort.

23 – 29 Battalion in action at Arras . Casualties - 8 officers and 516 other ranks.

30 Battalion in billets at Beaufort.

May 21 Battalion moved to Arras via Simencourt and Dainville.

Jun 1 Battalion moved to Beaufort by bus.

7 Marched into Fruges, having billeted for one night each in Heuchin and Croisette.

9 Moved to Radingham and bivouacked.

25 Marched to Brulooze via Rely, Steenbeque and Caestre.

29 Took over trenches in Wytschaete sector. Battalion headquarters at Zero Wood.

July 2 Camp at Mount Kemmel . Period of trench duty in same sector.

31 Attack at Riffle Farm. Casualties - 7 officers, 170 other ranks.

Aug 1 Relieved by 13th Rifle Brigade; night at Kemmel Hill.

2 Moved to reserve area near Bailleul.

8 Chinese Wall.

15 Relieved 11th East Lancashire Regiment in Denys Wood and Green Wood sector.

22 Chinese Wall.

26 Reserve area, Westoutre.

28 Bois Confluent.

Sept 2 Relieved 4th Middlesex Regiment in Hollebeke sector.

7 Rossignol Wood.

10 Reserve area, Berthen.

27 Battalion moved into support in Shrewsbury Forest .

Oct 1 Front line. Battalion headquarters at Het Papotje Farm.

4 Attack on Jute Cotts, Bury Cotts etc... Casualties - 8 officers, 181 other ranks

6 Relieved by 6th Bedfordshire Regiment. Withdrew to Kemmel Hill camp.

10 Relieved 10th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment in Tower Hamlets sector.

15 Stafford Camp.

21 Reserve area round Strazeele and Merris.

Nov 10 Moved to Bois Carre, spending one night at Dranoutre en route.

17 Murrum Bidgee Camp.

25 Relieved 10th Royal Fusiliers in Hollebeke sector.

Dec 5 Spoilbank Tunnels.

13 Murrum Bidgee Camp.

21 Relieved 13th Rifle Brigade in King's Castle sector.

29 Relieved by 11th Royal Warwickshires and withrew to Tournai Camp.


Jan 5 Murrum Bidgee Camp.

11 Mic-Mac Camp.

21 Moved by train to Wallon Cappel. Period of training.

Feb 15 Relieved 7th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry in Tower Hamlets sector, having spent one night each at Strazeele and Foresters Camp.

21 Scottish Wood camp.

23 Canada Tunnels.

25 Relieved 4th Middlesex Regiment in Dumbarton Wood sector. Period of duty and reliefs.

Mar 27 Proceeded by bus to Fletre.

29 Proceeded by train from Caestre to Pas area.

31 Marched to Henu.

Apr 1 Relieved 5th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in Gommecourt sector.

5 Attacks on Rossignol Wood. Casualties - 5 officers, 193 other ranks.

6 Relieved by 13th Rifle Brigade. Support area in Gommecourt.

15 Billets at Henu.

16 Camp at Authie Wood.

23 Support area at Gommecourt.

27 Front line south of Bucquoy.

May 1 Reserves at Essarts.

5 Valley Camp, Souastre.

9 Bucquoy.

16 Camp in Bois du Warnimont.

24 Relieved 2nd Canterbury ( New Zealand ) Battalion at Bus-les-Artois.

30 Returned to billets in Authie.

Jun 5 Embussed at 9.30pm to go S. to French Army.

6 Arrived Fourdrinoy at 9am .

10 Moved to billets in Loeuilly by French busses.

15 Moved to Oresmaux , and finally Rumigny.

21 Entrained at Prouzel and returned to Pas area. Billets in Couin.

25 Support trenches in Essarts.

July 1 Relieved 4th Middlesex Regiment in Ablainzeville sector.

7 Souastre and Chateau de la Haie Switch.

10 Support trenches at La Brayelle.

13 Ablainzeville sector.

17 Close support in Pigeon Wood area.

21 Bucquoy-Biez Wood sector.

26 Valley Camp Souastre.

29 Support trenches at La Breyelle.

Aug 2 Ablainzeville sector.

8 Support area at Essarts.

13 Bucquoy sector.

17 Souastre and Chateau Switch.

19 Support area, pigeon Wood.

20 Battalion moved to assembly positions.

23 Beginning of final offensive. Attack on Bucquoy and Ablainzeville.

23 Capture of Achiet-le-Grand and Bihucourt.

24 Capture of Biefvillers.

25 Capture of Bapaume. Casualties - 21st/25th - 5 officers , 172 other ranks.

26 Wihdrew to Achiet-le-Petit.

Sept 3 Moved to Beugny.

5 Relieved 1st Hertfordshire Regiment at Havrincourt Wood.

11 Relieved by 42nd Division. Withdrew to Lebucquiere.

16 Reserve trenches near the Spoilbank.

19 Havrincourt Wood.

22 Camp at Thilloy.

Oct 1 Battalion moved to Gouzeaucourt Wood.

6 Marched through Gouzeaucourt to trenches near Gonnelieu.

8 Marched to Slate Copse near Vauchelles. Advanced to line in front of Briseux Wood at dusk.

9 Advanced to Haucourt.

1 0 Advanced by Ligny Caudry and Audencourt to west bank of River Selle.

11 Rev. T.B.Hardy, VC, DSO, MC, fatally wounded whilst visiting advanced platoons on east bank of River Selle.

12 Withdrew to billets at Caudry. Casualties - 7 officers, 86 other ranks.

23 Battalion marched to Briastre via Viesley.

24 Marched to Beaurain for dinners. Moved to Neuville in afternoon and relieved 1st Hertfordshire Regiment round Saleches after dark.

27 Relieved 1st Hertfordshire Regiment in front line at Ghissignies.

Nov 1 Took over extra company frontage fron 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment on the right.

2 Raid by'A' Company on railway cutting.

4 Attack by 111th and 112th Brigades. Battalion withdrew to cellers in Ghissignies and Saleches before zero. Battalion advanced to Louvigny in the afternoon, but withdrew to Gissignies again at night.

5 Battalion marched to billets at Neuville.

11 News recieved at 1am by wireless from Eifel Tower of imminent signature of Armistice. Battalion marched to billets in caudry. Armistice signed.

Dec 2 Battalion billeted at Villerspol, having stopped one night at Montrecourt.

15 Billets in Sous-le-Bois outside Maubeuge and one day's rest, having spent one night at Bavai.

20 Marched into billets at Frasnes-le-Gosselies, having spent a night each at Grand Reng, Binche and Coucelles. Demobilisation commenced.


Mar 9 Moved to billets at Junet, near Charleroi . Demobilisation completed.

14 Cadre left Charleroi by train for Antwerp , and proceeded to England for final dispersal.


Lieut.-Colonel H.E. 9/9/15 to 26/9/15.....Missing

Major H.Pattinson Assumed command to 10/10/15

Major R.H.Wilson 10/10/15 to 18/11/15 ..Wounded

Lieut.-Colonel R.H.Johnson 18/11/15 to 9/12/16 ..Transfered to England

Lieut.-Colonel E.A.Cameron (Brig. -General) 9/12/16 to 14/1/17 ..Wounded

Major D.Davies Evans 14/1/17 to 12/2/17 ..Returned to 8th S.L.I

Lieut.-Colonel T.Astely Cubitt, C.M.G,DSO (Brig.General).12/2/17 to 31/3/17

Major F.W.Greatwood 1/4/17 to 10/4/17 ..Wounded, to England

Major H.Hussey 10/4/17 to 16/4/17..Returned to 8th S.L.I

Lieut.-Colonel D.Davies Evans 16/4/17 to 10/10/17 ... To England

Lieut.-Colonel R.T. St John 10/10/17 to 29/1/18

Major R.M. Phelps 29/1/18 to 28/2/18

Lieut.-Colonel W.I. Webb Bowen , DSO (Brig-General) 1/3/18 to 8/3/18..To temp comd.of 112th Brig

Major R.M.Phelps 8/3/18 to 25/3/18

Lieut.-Colonel W.I.Webb Bowen,DSO (Brig-General) 25/3/18 to 31/3/18

Major R.M.Phelps 1/4/18 to 4/6/18

Lieut.-Colonel A.T.Hitch, DSO 4/6/18 to date

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