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Hillary Refuses To Condemn The Left Becoming ‘Uncivil’ — Calls For ‘Strength’ To Resist Trump

Daily Caller | “‘Give me a break, really,’ she growls, rolling her eyes.”

Poll: Most Americans Think U.S. Border Most Porous in the World

Breitbart | “Voters still think it’s easier for illegal immigrants to get into the United States and stay here than in much of the rest of the world.”

Report: FBI Refusing to Give Congress Material That Alleges Loretta Lynch Interfered in Clinton Inve

Real Clear Investigations | The FBI had little problem leaking “unverified” dirt from Russian sources on Donald Trump and his campaign aides – and even basing FISA wiretaps on it.

How To Survive The Civil Unrest That’s Coming To America

Daisy Luther | It seems to most media pundits like we are too far down the path to Civil War 2.0 to turn back now.

Prank Caller Patched Through To Trump For 3-Minute Conversation On Air Force One

Zero Hedge | The White House is scrambling to figure out how Melendez was so easily transferred from the White House switchboard to Air Force one.

“Girl From The Bronx” Ocasio-Cortez Called Out In Fact Check; Actually Grew Up In Wealthy Enclave

Zero Hedge | Not exactly Jenny from the block…

Michael Moore Admits He Cries “Every Day” Over Trump

Paul Joseph Watson | Liberal tears never tasted so good.

Video: Mob Of Reporters Angrily Yell At Trump About Maryland Shooting


CNN Blames Trump For Newspaper Shooting That Had Nothing to Do With Him

Paul Joseph Watson | Gunman’s vendetta against newspaper stretched back 7 years.

Milo Yiannopoulos: My call for shooting journalists was just a ‘troll’

The Hill | “You’re about to see a raft of news stories claiming that I am responsible for inspiring the deaths of journalists,” Yiannopoulos wrote in a Facebook post.

  • Left Stirs Pot

Friday, June 28th: CNN blames Trump for the Annapolis shooting even though the gunman had a bad history with the company for years. Furthermore, left-wing activist Michael Moore calls for people to “rise up" and put "bodies on the line." Even Obama said in his first public comment in months that people “are right to be concerned.” Be better and start your weekend informed. Call and tune in now!


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