How Website Owners and Publishers Can Use Foursquare

While some people consider Foursquare to be nothing more than the latest shiny cat toy for social media gurus and badge collectors, I’ve recently found a few uses for both business and pleasure.

I recently took a trip to Disney World in Florida. After checking in at the Orlando Airport, I got a pop up from Rae Hoffman about the expert travel lane. Foursquare’s assumption is that I am more likely to trust information that comes from people I trust and who are my friends. As I traveled around Disney World that week, I got tips from Chris Brogran, Jennifer Laycock and others and, in most cases, I found the info useful, helpful, and interesting.

Foursquare Tips from Orlando

A few weeks later I was traveling through Midway Airport. When I was looking at tips, two of the places that stood out as places to eat were Potbelly’s and Harry Carry’s–both were places I had eaten before and both were good

Foursquare tips from Chicago

If you’re looking to build a website and don’t have any on the ground, first hand expertise, using the tips from Foursquare is an excellent idea…

So as a publisher how can you use this? When you are building a website about a topic you aren’t an expert in or are looking to capture natural language queries for, one of the place you look is Yahoo answers (“how do I do X”, “what’s the best way to do Y” and “Is X doing Y” type of stuff). If you’re looking to build a website and don’t have any on the ground, first hand expertise, using the tips from Foursquare is an excellent idea. For example here’s a list of tips from people who stayed at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Now you’ll have to do the obvious spam filtering and reality check, but to be honest I haven’t seen a lot that in Foursquare tips, especially tips that have been done by multiple people. For now the social proof seems to be holding. runs on the Genesis Framework

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