One Page Wonders

Jeff Libert, CEO,
Ted Ulle, Partner, The MEWS Group
George Kepnick, Co-Founder,

First up George Kepnick, what is a one page wonder, the most common example is one of th really long sales letter you usually see with ebooks or get-rich quick, however they also are just small sites that immedeatly have a call for action. The key to succeed are knowing as much about your customers as much as possible and getting them into the sales cycle. What are you selling, clicks, cookies, leads, products, and services. A google serp is an example of a one page wonder. Another example is a an adsense arbitrage page of contextual ads. Shopping comparison engine is another example of a one page wonder. it’s important to measure everything to not waste money and control your ROI. Use channels on adsense, and SID’s for affiliate pages. Do lots of A/B testing and on the fly optimization with products like Google multi-variant testing tool. A good reasearch tool is looking what are are heavily advertised terms.

Next up is Ted Ulle who takes a different approach looking at products. The origin is in the long sales letter that comes from direct mail who had a long history of measuring and tracking results. It’s counterintuitive but the longer the letter the more you can target your best prospect. You aren’t writing for a broad audience. It doesn’t succeed because it’s long it succeeds because it’s focused. You want write so that the person reading your page sees themselves as the person this page was written for. By converting your best targets they can help you connect to other people in a viral way. Go to the wayback machine and look at You have to have something that’s engaging to say. You write about your reader, not your product. Get the prospects to visualize themselves using your solution to their problems, you are writing one to one. Get the connections between paragraph, don’t end with a completion end with a question. Rhythm and and balance are important, get their attention and then break the flow of what they are expecting and stop glancing over the copy. Use the near cliche not the exact phrase, instead of “the path of least resistance” try the “path of least objection” or “the path of least work” you break the rhythm and get the readers attention. Write for the screen not for print, use a good respectable font size. Use normal sentence length. Paragraphs are a decorative to create whitespace. Used a fixed page size to control look and feel. Frequent subheads, and don’t use the passive voice, use bullet points, and be redundant. Use results to prove things, don’t make the reader carry things around in their head, be direct and succinct. Never fly solo get other people to review and critique your work.

Next up is Jeff with the $100,000 click (sorry jeff still typing) he talks about domains as one page wonder. Assumptions, you are interested in making money, you can assume the small risk of buying a domain and hosting, and think it’s a good idea to have multiple income streams. If you have domain name issues this is not for you. He got sick of paying the yellow page company for ads that got more expensive and more competitive. He started to experiment with geo-targeted attorney websites. He shows some domains he owns with direct navigation and conversion rates. For direct navigation the most undervalued domains are “.org”. You need to get rid of the low quality default links and target the links directly. Focus on the value of the leads that convert. Target business leads that highly valuable. Domains should pass the billboard drive by test. Use adwords search volume tool to gauge search volume. You want to look the trend analysis for long term. State, county, city, or regional names are great opportunities. Local search is an emerging market. Look for commercial phrases that are in emerging markets. Use overture to see how many other people are bidding, and decide if you want to get ahead of the curve. The domain after market does not understand the consumer end value of clicks. Use keyword tools find keyword popularity. Use bulk registrar tools to see which domains are available. Take the ones that are available and see what the volume and bids are for the terms. Build short small tight mini websites. Use adsense, use affiliates, sell leads. runs on the Genesis Framework

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