Dave Pasternack of Did-it.com How to Fix Your Problem

The SEO space is a buzz with “SEO is/isn’t Rocket Science” and “SEO is/isn’t like Baking a Cake” and every other silly analogy anyone can come up with. Here’s the thing it’s stupid argument, not worth the effort and really worth polluting your the SERP’s for your name over. Since I offer reputation management as a service I figured I’ll give a few quick pointers on how to fix things.

First off I can tell that you’re concerned, playing with your name is a dangerous thing. How do I know you’re concerned you’re the only person in the company who has their name as a link in the footer on your company’s website


Secondly you’ve also gone to the trouble of creating two different pages for yourself (see 1 and 2). Here’s the first tip for you that’s really not what Google is talking about when they say create unique pages, you may want to have a look at When Unique Content Is Not Unique to get a better understanding on the concept. However the point of this post is not to dis your “SEO-FU” it’s to help put an end to the Dave Pasternack SEO Contest.

Here we go step number one come out and say “I made a mistake SEO is Rocket Science”, “SEO is Harder than baking a Cake”, “SEO is a skill”, period. It’s not really a debate about if SEO harder then PPC, because I do both and can tell you there is skill required to do either of them well. Do that and you’ll get some press.

Number two pick up the phone or send an email to work out a deal to get the contest called off. Donate any and all prize money to charity. Of course for step two to work you will have had to do step one.

Step three spread some love back to the SEO community. At SES NY in April why not sponsor the most kick ass party you can, call it the “SEO is Rocket Science Party”. Don’t try and be clever and change it to “SEM is Rocket Science” you’ll undo any good with one letter, and your office is a few blocks from St Agnes Cathedral where I went to High School and I’ll have to come by kick your butt in person if you do. Instead of girls with red hair go for sexy rocket scientists (to be fair get a few hunky guys in costume too). Heck as a fun stunt why not light off a fake rocket that sends streamers flying around the room or something.

Step four have the “take your picture with Dave Pasternack” event at your booth. Why would someone want to take their picture with Dave? Well they would if he was wearing a big frog costume. What think you’re too cool to dress up like a frog, if Danny Sullivan can wear lederhosen you can dress like a frog.

So what ends up happening instead of a bunch of negative, attack slanted SERP’s you get some funny pictures and you at a party. More importantly you don’t have waste company time, money and energy doing damage control and you can get back to work. So how ’bout it Dave are you big enough to rise to the challenge, admit you made a mistake, and move on or do you enjoy all this nonsense?


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