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As owner/operator of Kristi’s Senior Solutions, my passion is for Seniors, helping them in all the different stages of the aging process by guiding them and their families to the right “next step”. My work experience has given me the knowledge and resources to be able to help my clients navigate this sometimes overwhelming time in life. I will personally lead the way, making the decisions much easier for all involved.

My “toolbox” contains connections with Doctors that are taking new Medicare patients, Pharmacists that do compounding, Elder Law Services that can assist with VA Benefits, Long Term Care Insurance, Advanced Directives, Medicare Insurance options and supplemental insurance. I can assist with getting enrolled in Medicaid, finding transportation to and from appointments, and even Real Estate Brokers that specialize in helping Seniors sell their homes.

My best advice is to be proactive as you or a family member gets older, instead of having to make rushed, reactive decisions. My services are provided at NO COST to the Senior or their family. Please allow me to assist you with finding the answers to your questions and putting your mind at ease.
Kristi Vance Signiture
Kristi Vance, Owner of KSS

Kristi Vance
Owner, Kristi’s Senior Solutions

Our services

Providing assistance to Senior Adults looking for a new place to call home.

North Texas, Wichita Falls and Northwest Arkansas are home to hundreds of Senior Living communities, so finding the right location for you or a loved one may be difficult. Kristi Vance, owner of Kristi’s Senior Solutions can provide you with guided tours of communities in your preferred area, with the amenities you desire. Kristi’s personal service comes at no charge to you. Kristi’s Senior Solutions can assist you with finding the following communities in your area:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Residential Group Home
  • Memory Care
  • Home Health Care
  • Hospice
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Making life easier for Senior Adults living on their own.

In addition to providing the right location to live, Kristi’s Senior Solutions has a list of qualified business partners that can make living in your own home a little easier. These vendors have passed our strict business guidelines, so you can rest easy knowing they will provide you with the best service.

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  • In Home Private Duty / Sitter Services
  • Independent Caregivers
  • Mobile Dental Services
  • Transportation Options
  • Handyman
  • Senior Centers
  • Car Repair
  • Doctors – including Specialists
  • Rehab Facilities
  • House Cleaning
  • Visiting Doctors

What sets “Kristi’s Senior Solutions” apart?

I believe that creating a strong “on going” relationship with the communities that I have an agreed partnership with is important and takes time and effort. In order to achieve these relationships I will not only be bringing referrals to these communities but I will also be doing the following throughout the year:

• EDUCATION: I will be bringing (pre-approved) speakers into your building that will help educate (pre-approved topics) the residents and their families as well as help to bring awareness of your building to the surrounding neighborhoods.
• ENDORSEMENT: I will be acting as another marketing resource in your area by including your business in my conversations with my clients and my speaking opportunities. I will know your place of business as well as your marketing team by investing time with your team to educate myself on your building so that I will be able to adequately represent you to my clients.
• ENTERTAINMENT: I will be bringing to you parties, games and sponsoring entertainment throughout the year and be supportive of your pre-scheduled events.
• EXERCISE: I will be bringing some various forms of exercise to your building (physical and or mental).

And lastly, I will be scheduling an appointment and accompanying my clients for a tour that I believe will be a good fit for your community.
I see this as a true partnership based on mutual support. I will be working our leads and updating you continuously. I will not depend on your staff to keep up with my client.
I look forward to the future… TOGETHER!

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Kristi Vance, Owner of KSS

Kristi Vance

Owner, Kristi’s Senior Solutions