Hey Robert Scoble and Seth Godin Did You Forget Something

So Seth Godin and Robert Scoble talk about a video by Fred. When you look at all the views of his videos he has over 45 million youtube views

Scoble and Seth go on to say how the traffic numbers aren’t important and it’s the quality of the viewers. Umm hey did you guys miss that his show has a sponsor Zipit Instant Messaging, which he uses twice in the video. Think I made it up … check out the LATimes

“They just think he’s the funniest thing ever,” said Valerie Moizel of the L.A.-based WOO ad agency, which found out about Fred after it conducted kid-centered focus groups for its ZipIt instant messaging product – which later showed up in Fred’s videos. “We watched them watch him – they fall on the floor hysterically laughing. They’re just mesmerized.”

Seems to me the zipit product placement is exactly in front of who it wants to be and the kids don’t consider it offensive, intrusive, or useless like 99% of all the other advertising out there. Lets not omit the facts just because they don’t agree with your world view next time … kthanksbye

… oh and for the record I am over 40 and I find Fred pretty funny

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