Keep Your Articles Narrowly Focused and Keyword Centric

One of the mistakes I feel many people make is that they write articles or posts chasing very broad topics. IMHO it’s much better to write narrowly focused posts, pages, or articles and tie it together later on. This is a concept I call head and tail content that I touched on in my How I Manage a WordPress Website.

In my experience converting long tail phrases is easier, especially if they answer a question or solve a problem …

So what is an example of content that IMHO is too broad? Something like “how to plan a Disney World Vacation.” While this is a good topic for a an article it’s far too broad for you to cover it in depth with one article.

My preferred method is to attack this from the other end by creating much more in-depth, narrowly focused “tail” articles first and backing your way into the main or head article. So what are some tail articles I would prefer to start with? How about these …

  • Best hotels in Disney World for families with infants
  • Best hotels in Disney World for families with teens
  • Best hotels in Disney World for large families
  • Best hotels in Disney World for families with grandparents
  • Best hotels in Disney World for families with disabilities
  • Best hotels in Disney World on the monorail
  • Cheapest hotels in Disney World

While this list is by no means all inclusive, I think you can get the idea of how I am going very narrow. These articles don’t have to be long. You can be quick, direct, and keyword centric with links to individual hotel booking pages for conversions. Now you certainly could combine all of these aspects into one article and it would be very through, but it would also suffer from TLDR . However, more importantly, it’s doubtful you would rank for any of those head phrases without significant site trust and authority. In my experience converting long tail phrases is easier, especially if they answer a question or solve a problem.

Once you have all/most of the tail content written, you can write the head and make sure you have spots to link to the tail content in the posts. One of the reasons I think people shy away from this approach is because of the time/money involved in creating all the content. I suggest creating a master list of everything you need, breaking it down into head and tail, and prioritizing the list. Decide which content requires your best writers or has to be flagship quality. Take the rest and outsource it. I have found I can get good results very quickly from textbroker (see review). Remember IMHO not everything on your website needs to be flagship quality. If it turns out one of your tail pieces ranks really well and drives a lot of traffic but doesn’t convert and you think it should, that may be worth rewriting.

So what are the takeaways:

  • Write pages that are narrowly focused on specific keywords
  • Tie the narrowly focused articles together in a summary or head article
  • Make a master list of all the content you need and prioritize the list
  • Outsource based on importance
  • Rewrite as needed based on traffic, performance, and conversions

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