Google Needs to Stop Being a Crybaby About Paid Links

The following post is a response to Matt Cutts blog and the Official Google Blog, please stop being a bunch a cry babies …


Dear Google it’s 2007 that educational nirvana you all graduated from is over and it’s time to live in the real world. Image

For example in Casino Royale, Aston Martin paid a lot of money to have James Bond drive their car, but you don’t hear Hyundai complaining that they are “polluting” the minds of consumers because 007 isn’t driving a Kia do you? So why do you think it’s ok to tell other people how they can or can’t advertise when you sell advertising yourself?


Designers like Versace and Dior are willing to give their dresses away to celebrities to wear on TV awards shows, but Target doesn’t complain when they don’t show up in something from the bargain rack do they. So why do you feel they should have personal assistants wrapping them up in police tape labeled rel=nofollow when they exit the limousine?


American Idol Judges are almost always shown at the table with their Coca Cola logo cups in true product placement style, but Pepsi isn’t crying over spilled milk about it. So why do you think they should direct the viewers through some redirection so no one can figure out what’s going on?

The problem is you figured a way to make money off of a link based analysis, and now you’re upset and ridding the waaaaaaaaambulance when other people move in on your cash cow. You feel like you have some god given right to be the only one who makes money off of it.

We don’t live in some communist inspired egalitarian society where you have been given exclusive rights to all link based profits, especially at the expense of all the people actually publish the content. You created the link problem, you need to stand up, like a man take responsibility, and fix it yourselves. You are one of the most profitable companies in the world, stop looking for free handouts from people reporting links to you or not utilizing link advertising because it messes with your business model. You don’t want people tinkering with factors in your link based algo, then stop relying so heavily on it. You have more PHD’s than any other company in the world, stop letting people waste 20% of their time on nonsense and get them to focus on solving problems that affect your bottom line, and ultimately their paychecks. Grow up and stop acting like a bunch of petulant spoiled children, who now have to share their favorite toy with the rest of the kids in the playground. Here’s a newsflash real businesses adapt to changes in the world around them, they don’t dictate that the rest of world capitulate to their whims just because they say they are warm, fuzzy, and “do no evil”.

Oh and lastly please stop with the “It’s better for everyone” BS when what you really mean is it’s better for your stock options and your bank account, cause most of us are smart enough to see right through that malarky. runs on the Genesis Framework

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